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The focus of this workshop is ascension; Archangel Metatron will explain the process of Ascension and its purpose. Through anchoring and experiencing these high vibrations you will allow your energy to become more complete, recognise yourself as the Creator, achieve a greater integration with all that is the Creator and allow Archangel Metatron to quicken your energy vibration so that you may achieve a greater state of consciousness and expansion. Archangel Metatron will assist in lifting you to a new level in your spiritual path to aid your ascension in this lifetime.

Accelerate your Ascension - Deciphering the Multi Universal and Cosmic Level of the Creator's Universe

AA Metatron
27 May 2012
The Violet Flame is Spiritual Alchemy in action. Its purpose is to TRANSMUTE denser feelings, actions, deeds, karma, etc. into a higher vibrational frequency, which helps prepare us for our Ascension. Ascension means becoming a Divine Human, also known as a Christed Being - a level of Consciousness obtainable by any person. You may use the Violet Flame in perfect harmony with any belief system, religion or practice. It is a neutral tool with absolutely no conditions attached to it.

Basic Invocation Of The Violet Flame For Transformation

Saint Germain
As a form of Healing, Star Healing Intergalactic EnergyTM uses tone and frequency to heal both the energetic and physical bodies at a molecular level. As human beings we will go through a vibrational shift, many are experiencing it now. This shift will take us closer to the 5th Dimension.

Archangel Michael And Ascension - Star Healing Energy

AA Michael
In August, 1997 the Ascended Master Thoth introduced to Alton a completely simplified approach to Ascension and Merkaba light body activation. He also brought forward a new holographic healing modality. He called this new/old wisdom ‘THE MELCHIZEDEK METHOD. Thoth impressed upon Alton that these new/old techniques were first practiced on Earth by the cetaceans (dolphins and whales) within the temples of self discovery and higher learning in Atlantis. He went on to say:

"THE MELCHIZEDEK METHOD is much more than a light body activation, healing and rejuvenation technique. It is a whole new formula for body health, harmony and spiritual ascension."

Alton Kamadon's Melchizedek Method

The Melchizedek Method

The Melchizedek Method (Video)
The important aspect here is to be the co-creator in utilizing these Tools as part of your Ascension Preparation Program. If you share the Tools with other people, we ask that you also share this information, so that they will understand the important role they play in using them. However, these Tools are not limited to human usage. You can use them on any members of the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms for healing and also for programming loving messages and wellness.

Ascension Energy Tools
Using these higher dimensional tools together provides you with the unique opportunity to energize your dormant DNA strands, while at the same time, clear, heal, and release the painful memories held within your physical body as illness, and within your emotional body as emotional blocks. But that is not all. At the same time that you are clearing and healing, you are reactivating your psychic glands giving you the abilities of clairaudience (hearing), clairkinescence (feeling), and clairvoyance (seeing) and ultimately clairsentience (full sensory). All together these activities are returning you to your natural multidimensional state.

The Nibiruan Council's Ascension Tools

The Nibiruan Council
Jelaila Starr is the Nibiruan Councils’ messenger and channel. Through her articles, workshops, and lectures, the Nibiruan Council's message has touched the hearts of many people around the world inspiring hope and understanding.
We speak on the term electricity and electric which has been used in this invocation. It is necessary for you to experience the electricity in your light body and the easiest way to experience this is to ask your dear star brother and sisters to place you in a dolphin star-linking chamber of light. Chambers of light are used by this great one, great server of your tribe, Anrita. They are used by her and through her to assist you in changing the frequency of your light body and re-integrating the energies, which come onto earth now. This is the tool, which is made available to you primarily through the Pleiadian tribe and now through others. Simply have the intention dear ones that as you ask for a chamber of light, so it is!

Ascension Tools: Light, Electricity & Downloads

Solara An-Ra
She has been channelling en-lightening information from guides for many years, including Ascended Masters, Earth-keeper ancestor and Star Beings. She works with the ‘Councils of Light’ - a collective of Andromedan, Sirians and Pleiadians who tell us repeatedly "The time is now!" They stress that we are in a critical period of Earth changes and evolution that require us to realise that we are in charge of our destiny. We are creators, whose challenge right now is to heal ourselves and our Mother Earth in order to step into the New Age of Light!
The Pleiadian Light Body DNA Activation Program - This program is designed to bring about remembrance of your multidimensional nature as Master Beings of Love and Light and your Life Task within the Divine Plan of All That Is.

The Melchizedek Ambassadors Training Program (The MAT Program) is a Cosmic ascension journey through Service in Love, which gives us the opportunity to experience our Cosmic Heritage as Melchizedek Ambassadors of Light.

Ascension Tools

The Melchizedek And Pleiadian Network
Anrita Melchizedek is founder of The Melchizedek and Pleiadian Light Network, an ascension network of Light offering numerous programs of Light in the form of ebooks, Mp3's, CD's and audio DVD's, as well as vibrational energy products. Anrita is a master teacher and also offers many training programs via tele/webinar as well as individual consultations, including DNA activations, Light Body/Merkaba activations and channeled readings by the Elders, ancient, celestial Beings and High Council Members to the Order of Melchizedek.
Our main focus is to utilize the 22 Rays of God as shared through the purity of the Unified Whole/Cosmic Source of Oneness as activated through the Sacred Heart Flame of Oneness Within. This collective essence is made up of the Ascended Masters, the Spiritual Hierarchy, the Intergalactics, and the Inner Earth Beings, including the Telosians and Lord Adama (plus many others). We call this process "Spectrum Light Ray Mastery".

Spectrum Light Ray Mastery

Christine Meleriessee
Christine Meleriessee Heliohah is Ordained through the Melchizedek Family of Light and commissioned to do service to others by providing Ascension Techniques and Tools Of Light through I Am University, Dr. Joshua David Stone, formerly Melchizedek Synthesis Light Academy
Through combining spiritual psychotherapy, multidimensional counseling, relationship counseling, meditation training, dream analysis, astrological counseling, and hypnotherapy, Dr. Suzanne Lie will guide you in integrating your multidimensional SELF.

Integration of Multidimensional SELF

Our Multidimensional Operating System


Suzanne Lie
Suzanne Lie's spiritual journey is described in her website, written under the penname of Suzan Caroll. She has been a seeker since she was a child where her active "imagination" took her deep into her inner life.

Suzanne first stepped onto her Spiritual Path in the mid 1970s when she met her first spiritual teacher, Mrs. Reed. Since then, she has had many teachers and initiations. Her inner Path led her through the fourth dimension, where she studied in her night body and in meditation in the Mystery Schools on the threshold of each octave of the fourth dimensional Astral Plane.

The Flower of Life Hologram of Love is THE revered symbol of unconditional love. All the five elements are represented by various sacred geometrical shapes: Fire – Star Tetrahedron, Air – Octahedron, Earth – Cube, Water – Icosahedron, and Spirit – Dodecahedron are all visible and recognized within the flower of life. If it was possible for you to look, you would see in your DNA/RNA this flower of life holographic pattern. Even the finest and minute of your atomic cell construction has this pattern within it.

The Hologram of Love is an active technique to raise your own energies that work with the Heart Chakra. Through your thought intention and working with your heart chakra you will find your body awakening, responding to the higher frequency of energy and of healing light. An instant feeling of rejuvenation will be felt, leaving you free of stress, in turn this allows your body, mind and spirit to continue naturally and heal itself.

The Holographic Healing of Love has the ability to get into and heal initial thought patterns and change your emotion and cell memory to that of the infinite life form. Once you are able to heal through this evolved method, you have changed your cell structure forever.

This method of healing requires no medication, only effort to meditate through your heart energy and steadily working to expand this into the unconditional love element that is the initial core of each of you. Yes you will have to remove old belief systems that involve social, family, past and present life situations and teachings. You will have to learn what it is that is no longer serving you any good, and go through the steps that will bring you into an expansive consciousness of advanced awareness also discovering the Divine being that is within you.

Once you have mastered this method of healing, the routine that is done daily will only take less than five minutes each morning, and can be done more than once per day. What you are utilizing is Perpetual Light, a light with NO beginning and NO end. The more you amplify this light around your body the more immune to sickness you become. Your belief in this Light and with the Light itself, it will dissolve all negative energies and emotional blockages. Another method similar to the Holographic of Love healing method is the Kundalini. Kundalini is healing but with a more gentle love vibration.

The Flower of Life - Hologram of Love

More Videos....

How do we get to that point of conscious creation? We raise our personal vibration, we raise our environmental vibration, we embody the new Paradigm. How do we do it? Find the tools that resonate with you. There are thousands of them out there.

If what I am saying resonates with you, see what you can use at the Tools section. There are tools for you, the planet, the human collective and the entire matrix. The free content at our website has been accessed by over 1,600,000 individuals, who have accessed the pages 3,362,410 times. These individuals will often learn the tools, then teach them to others. Tools

Inelia Benz
Inelia is no longer affiliated to any religion, philosophy, spiritual teachings or guru, and honors the sacredness of all.

Her aim is to reach millions of people through communicating the same energy and vision through courses, words, pictures, voice, music and exercises..

The Silver Violet Flame is a mighty tool that we can all use in our daily lives to transmute lower vibrational energies into a higher vibration. The Violet Flame of transmutation was originally available to humanity during the highly spiritual times of Golden Atlantis, but later withdrawn. During the 20th century is was slowly re-introduced for humanity's use.

During the Harmonic Convergence on August 16th and 17th 1987 so many Light workers prayed around the world that St Germain asked source for a dispensation for humanity and the Violet Flame became widely available and for use by all.

The Silver Violet Flame

Susan Ann Palmer
Susan Ann is an experienced Angel and Ascension workshop facilitator, healer and alternative health practitioner.

She has trained many people to facilitate their own Angel and Ascension workshops in the UK, USA and South Africa and has led numerous events throughout the UK. She has worked with individuals to connect them to their Guardian Angels, to work with Archangel Michael or the Lords of Karma and she calls upon the angelic realms to help in healing sessions.

The High Council of Orion has taught us the 111™ Activation to help you with connecting more deeply with your heart and Soul, assisting you to move forward in your journey at this time. More information about this is here.

Akasha Healing Studio

Akasha Healing Studio is a sacred space attuned to a higher vibrational frequency, dedicated to the healing and wholeness of all who enter. Through a variety of modalities clients have the potential to heal,transform, and evolve on all levels: physical, mental, emotional & spiritual, bringing the potential for a greater experience of health, harmony, peace and joy into their lives, and emanating out to everyone they meet.

High Council of Orion
Tachyon products presented here were developed by New Energy Tachyon, a research and development comany based in Europe. Currently they focus on researching the effect of influence of exotic forms of matter such as non-ionized plasma, gluonic dark matter and neutrino dark matter on tachyon field. They also do research of behavior of tachyon field at extremely low temperatures, for example in liquid nitrogen.

For those needing deeper healing, we have created a special website with best healers available which will also become one of the primary nexus points for healers after the Event:

Etheric Liberation

Advanced Pleiadian technologies available to assist you in your healing process, which include famous Receptors developed by Dr. Fred Bell, a well known Pleiadian contactee:

Advanced Pleiadian Healing Technologies

To create a support field for Lightworkers and Light warriors under attack, we have created the Etheric Liberation facebook group here:

Etheric Liberation facebook group

The Pleiadians
9 Jan 2013
As we are slowly approaching the long prophesized Golden Age, the Pleiadians have asked our core group team at Phoenix Group to start distributing their healing technologies to humanity. For this reason we have gathered the best Pleiadian technologies currently available on the planet and offered them through this website. We are in cooperation with Pyradyne, Dr. Fred Bell's company for advanced Pleiadian technologies. He himself was a Pleiadian contactee and has received the design for the Nuclear Receptor directly from Semjase, a wise Pleiadian woman.
We are Arcturians of 6th dimensional consciousness. We relay to you the meaning and awareness that these graphic symbols can provoke in the viewers being. Each is coded with a particular pattern that aligns with a specific frequency that is encoded in the potential of each human being.

By viewing these images, and reciting the intention meditation, one may activate these frequencies within oneself. These images can be used as tools to awaken the whole self to a higher level of consciousness or inspire ascension to a more aware state of being. All aspects of the image; color, shapes, sizes of shapes and the positioning and number of each shape in the whole image has meaning to the matrix of Earth, and the human being within its sphere.

Not everything works for everyone, so try it on for size and see what happens! Belief is the most important ingredient in manifesting anything—physical or otherwise; that and persistence!

Sacred Geometry

The Arcturians
15 Jan 2013
Energetic shielding is becoming an increasingly important spiritual tool for humanity as we begin to awaken to the multi-dimensional reality beyond our physical senses. This is because the next level “above” where we currently find ourselves is heavily (but not exclusively) populated by parasitic, “dark side” entities that I call “ankle biters.” I call them this because it amuses me, it is a fairly accurate representation of their level of consciousness, and also because it makes them angry.

Higher Self Meditation Self-Clearing System Level 1

Cameron Day
18 Jan 2013
This website is my endeavor to directly share as much of my self-clearing knowledge as I can with everyone who is interested, and of course to offer personalized, one on one energy clearing sessions to directly help more people to embody inner peace and harmony.
Energy work to clear and work with ascension symptoms.

Ascension And You

Energy activations to clear belief systems created by past and current life trauma.

Karma Klear

Judy Satori
16 Jan 2013
Life changed for me one day in March 1997 when I attended a 'Learn to Channel' workshop in Auckland, New Zealand where I lived for many years. We began by sensing the energy of crystals, because sensing the energy signature of beings of light like the ascended masters and the angels is very similar. I began to shake with the energy. Later that day when we had to meet our guides in meditation I met a being of light who told me his name was Balthazar, one of the three Wise Men or Magi, who followed the star in the East to Bethlehem. From the time I began to work with Balthazar I have connected with spirit every day of my life.
The Universal Language of Light communicates through the Omni Mind of Creation using the power of symbols. The use of sacred symbols is a key to exploring mysticism and activating powerful forces that cannot be contained in linear language. These symbols activate your DNA, opening your codes of light in your light body. Participating in meditation and toning with these gifts raises your frequencies, heals old dense energy patterns and contributes to a state of well being.

Ascension Tools

Judith K. Moore
27 Jan 2013
I am an Oracle for the Records of Creation/The Records of RA. I enter visionary states to convey mystical transmissions. I am able to receive all communications that are for the highest good from the other side of the veil while my consciousness transcends time and space. I am assisted by a soul group of over 80 people worldwide called the 13:13:13 Soul Group. Each person has DNA that is associated with this work. The soul group are transducers for the grounding and anchoring of these energies from the multi-verse to the third dimension and into the
Akashic Records.
In order to experience the mastering of Alchemy and accelerate your ascension as a multidimensional being in this human form, the Archangels and the great beings of light have constructed a tangible pathway. This pathway is comprised of a number of steps which, together, form the Mastering Alchemy Program.

The Mastering Alchemy program is designed in five segments. The purpose is to provide you with as much information as possible to assist you in understanding the third and fourth dimensional rules and structures, allowing you to recognize that much of who you believe you are, actually has very little to do with who you are.

Mastering Alchemy

Jim Self
22 Feb 2013
The body healing tones are a set of beneficial sound frequencies created by the founder of, Brad Johnson. They are very similar in format to the solfeggio frequencies. The body healing tones are modeled after the scientific research and positive effects of the Rife frequencies. The body healing tones contain ambient meditative music with the appropriate healing frequency embedded within the track.

Solfeggio Tones: Sound Healing and Frequencies to Expand Consciousness!

Soma Energetics
1 Mar 2013
It is important to keep in mind that some of these tones can be very intense. Please use these tones through your own discretion. Similar to the Solfeggio tones, if you feel that you are experiencing symptoms due to these tones, give yourself time to allow the frequency cleansing to do its work as your body is attempting to purge energetic debris that may cause such results such as: headaches, neck stiffness, sore throat, indigestion, increased blood pressure, increased heart rate and more. What you are experiencing is no different than going through a food detoxification.
Goddess Vortex is an Angelic Presence that goes through our bodies and anchors into the physical plane. You will be able to feel that Goddess Vortex in your body. Archons are allergic to Goddess energy. This is why the Catholic Church was suppressing women. The non-physical Archons are very allergic to this. Every time any woman or man channels that Goddess Vortex, thousands of reptilians are removed forever.

Here are the instructions to anchor the Goddess Vortex:

    1. Lift your hands above your head and begin to rotate your body clockwise

    2. While doing that, sing mantra iiii (pronounced ee-ee) so that it vibrates throughout your body and visualize your body morphing into a brilliant pillar of Light, with millions of rainbow coloured stars scattered within that pillar of Light

    3. Keep singing the mantra and rotating. After a few minutes, drop your hands close to your body and continue rotating clockwise.

    4. While doing that, start singing mantra eeeaaa so that it vibrates through your body and visualize a rainbow vortex of Light expanding from your heart outwards throughout the whole planet. Call upon the presence of your spiritual guides, Ascended masters, Pleiadians, angels, twin souls, soulmates, soul families and other beings o f Light.

    5. Keep singing the mantra and rotating and stay in the presence of all those beings of Light for a while.

    You can activate the Goddess Vortex anytime you feel guided to do so and this will strengthen the planetary network of Light and accelerate the purification process of the non-physical planes that will ultimately lead to the Event.

3 Mar 2013
Goddess Vortex is the ultimate technology of the Light forces which will finally dissolve the Matrix on the astral and etheric planes around our planet.

All Goddess Vortices create a network of Light on the etheric and astral planes which produces a morphogenetic field of Oneness that serves as an instrument of divine intervention on this planet. This network of Light will ultimately transmute all darkness on the astral and etheric plane and remove all negative entities until the last reptilian is gone forever and all non-physical planes around Earth will become realms of Light. This will set the right conditions for the Event.

Using language that activates inner knowing rather than engaging "the treadmills of the 3rd dimensional brain" with scientific terminology, only those who believe in themselves enough to step into their human potential as energetic alchemists are likely to discern the potency of these simply presented tools on their own. Those who are still caught in the quagmires of the old paradigm will likely find the lightness of the frequencies TOO light to take "seriously," alas! If you give yourSelf the opportunity, however, to expand beyond old limitations and take these tools to heart, magic will begin to happen--YOUR magic.

POWER TOOLS for Navigating NOW, Pt 2

The Celestial Team
3 Mar 2013
It is your frequency signature and your gift of discernment that we introduced in our second video in the series of "Power Tools for Navigating NOW" last year. The first, about setting the foundation of Self-Love within you, we introduced a few weeks ago, as you know. We gave you lot's of "time" to practice your mastery in doing so, and we will NOW include the link to the second one.
Meditation4all is a space to create awareness and for guidance into meditational practices. As the name suggests it is open to all regardless of race, background, age, or beliefs. These meditation classes are currently taking place in Leicester, UK.

Meditation 4 All

Meditation 4 All
16 April 2013
The intentions of ours is to assist people in learning the science of meditation in a simple way which can be integrated into our daily life. Meditation is nothing but discovering the depths of who you are!
My intention is to provide clarity, deeper understanding and Light to your path so your journey may be smooth and flowing with increased vibration of grace and ease and may add a stone to step on your path where one may not have been.

Ascension Tools and Resources

Renee Snider
18 April 2013
YOU may be wondering why we have a page entitled "energy tools" and may think that it would be obvious what an "energy tool" is but this is not the case and we have created this space in order to share with YOU how YOU can identify an "energy tool" and more importantly how YOU can use it for expansion and growth.

Energy Tools

Karen Doonan
11 May 2013
There are other environmental factors that are effecting humanity which is far worse than the magnetic chips that are being sent your way from the skies via the Chem Trails.. and yes it is true that they are mostly utilizing such new technology in big cities, however understand that it is spread all over the world.. Now how these devices work, is very simple.. these are microchips.. made from aluminum.. that enter you bodily system.. and/or remain atop of your skin.. metallic and shiny in nature.. you may notice that in some locations (Cities, etc) your skin appears to glow.. as if it is covered with tiny metallic speckles.. and if you do notice it.. know that you have been sprayed.

How To Get Rid Of These Remnants:

Found! Tiny, Shiny Microscopic Aluminum Hexagons, Squares, Rectangles...Smart Dust?

AA Metatrone on Chem Trails and how to get rid of the remnants left by Chemtrails

AA Metatrone
15 May 2013
Another myth fostered by the Illuminati toward their eugenics agenda is that the sun is bad, dangerous, will give us cancer, etc. Those sunscreeens they tell us to slather on liberally are toxic- full of nasty chemicals - like everything else they recommend to cull the herd. It’s those chemicals, in addition to other things, that give us cancer. NOT the sun.

Like everything else the “experts” recommend - fluoride treatments and X-rays at the dentist, a whole grain diet, mammograms - do the opposite! WE NEED THE SUN to be healthy., Dr. Mercola has been an advocate of “safe sun” for quite some time. Check out the articles on his web site.

16 May 2013
Activating your pineal gland helps you restore the power of mind that is yours by birthright. It gives you clarity and mental strength, and the ability to see which choices will make you happy, and which won’t.

By tuning into the pineal gland we enhance its abilities to receive light, and by receiving light we increase its magnetic powers and thus it is activating and magnetizing every nucleus and cell within your entire system. Thus, through pineal focus and sun gazing, you take charge of your own brainpower and make it your best ally. You gain direct access to the center in your brain that receives cosmic data straight from the source, eliminating all traces of confusion.

As with the rest of your body, the things you eat affect the health of this gland. Certain foods improve the health of the gland while others cause it to deteriorate. Fried foods, coffee and fluoride are some of the substances that will calcify and deactivate the pineal gland.

A Fluoride-Free Pineal Gland is More Important than Ever

Mona Bhattacharya
16 May 2013
As we are slowly approaching the long prophesized Golden Age, the Pleiadians have asked our core group team at Phoenix Group to start distributing their healing technologies to humanity. For this reason we have gathered the best Pleiadian technologies currently available on the planet and offered them through this website. We are in cooperation with Pyradyne, Dr. Fred Bell's company for advanced Pleiadian technologies.

TACHYONIS Advanced Pleiadian Healing Technologies

03 July 2014