Ascension - Ready

Your choice of food is an important factor from the point of view of your health. Try to move away from processed foods and towards fresh produce. This way you will avoid many chemicals that would otherwise be ingested and remain as toxins in your body. Where possible include raw food in your diet and benefit from the energies that they carry. Drink plenty of water to keep the organs of your body cleansed, and avoid carbonated drinks if possible. In the future because your body vibrations will have been lifted up, you will no longer be attracted or need the heavier foods. Your needs will be considerably less, as you will replenish them by taking more of the energy that is around you. It is only in the lower vibrations that you need your meats, and you will find that gradually they do not satisfy you. Eating is a pleasure and we still indulge but nowhere to the extent that you do at present.

Your brain has parts that function like a communications satellite, sending and receiving information from your surrounding area and all throughout the universe, and taking care of your equipment is very important. The foods you eat are the fuels and the fluids that run your communications machine. These fuels and fluids must work to enhance your machine and not debilitate your machine. What kind of fuels are you adding to your machine? We suggest to you to scrap all the junk foods, the sweets, the cakes, the cookies and sodas and fill your refrigerator with fruits and vegetables, as these will significantly and almost immediately raise your vibrational frequency, and this will certainly assist you in your communications with the higher realms, as this will physically bring you closer to the higher realms.

Don’t be surprised if you suddenly find that you no longer enjoy certain activities, foods or beverages that pleased you in the past. It is a natural process - the more Light you absorb, the less interest you have in things, activities, food or drinks which are not of the Light. If you experience problems with this, call upon us for help and ask for a cleansing and detoxification of your bodies. You can achieve this in several ways. You can ask us to bring you on board one of our healing ships during your sleep time. You can work with the Violet Flame of our beloved Brother St Germaine or you can ask Archangel Raphael to work on you with his Green Beam of Healing Light. Ask and we all are eager to help you.













Ashtar Thru' Philipp



6 May 2012





3 Aug 2012





19 Mar 2013
Practices can aid in the ascension destination. Meditate, chant, channel, and draw or journal when your feelings need to be expressed. Be obvious in your diet choices and give up all things controlling you - like caffeine, maltodextrin ingredients, dieting compounds and all chemicals that do not give more life force to the body.
4 Jun 2012
They say, "We can’t make ascension happen for you, you must make ascension happen” and “You are not waiting on us, we are waiting on you." I figured out the secret to life, reality and existence. I rejoiced like I never had before. It was awesome.

So here is what you must do to ascend:

1) Realize how powerful you are and that you can and will create your way out of 3D and into 5D.

2) You must begin to plan your ascension, plan out the timeline for yourself, when you want to see government and economy changes, when you want to see the first ships, when you want to make contact, when you want disclosure to be made. Decide on this now. If we all together decide on one coherent timeline it will be much more powerful.

3) Know that your friends and family are ready to hear this information. Do not expect them to not understand, you must know that some of your friends and family are ascending with you. Anyone that complete rejects you, look past, come back to him or her later when they see the world changing. You must explain to those around you that they are god (creator) and that they have complete control over their reality. And that together with combined efforts of us all we can make these changes happen in our world. We all need to set our minds to the common goal and then it will happen.

4) The most important part is co-creation. Individual creation of reality is powerful but not nearly as powerful as creation with another person. You must convince the other people in your reality, whether they are friends and family or online through social media, that we need to begin creating this reality together. We need to create a new reality and that we are fully able to create this new reality. The more people that understand this and work together to reach this goal the more powerful it will become and the more changes will begin to materialize.

5) We must come together on sites like these and decide how we want our ascension to play out, it is very important. Our expectations must be very similar in order for them to become created more easily.
Nathan Giordano
6 Jun 2012
Neither of the first two waves have disappeared, due to an insufficient number being willing to do what was necessary to join. So now there is just one more opportunity. Are we going to deliver a mass ascension? Only if additional candidates are able to get on with their collective destiny choice. What do they need to do? Become fully Awakened! Considering oneself awake is not adequate. You must act awake in every day of life. Are you awake? Let's see. Here are some signs of being awake:

      1. Giving no concern to material acquisitions.
      2. Choosing love in every circumstance.
      3. Non-attachment to all things.
      4. An ability to lead with the heart.
      5. More concern about all who are alive, not just a few.
      6. Change in conditions are quickly adapted to.
      7. Answers to world problems are not a concern.
      8. Choosing the answers of others over your own choice has no interest.
      9. Control over anyone is not done.
      10. Smiling is normal.
      11. Giving is always done freely.
      12. Presenting truth is common.
      13. No hiding of any details.
      14. Service is number one in your daily actions.
      15. Negativity does not exist.
      16. Practices for aliveness and devotion to God are natural and done often.
      17. Prayer is always gratitude.
      18. Another day comes as a delight.
      19. Money is not more important than consciousness.
      20. Alive and well means another day to celebrate life.
Archangel Michael
11 Jun 2012
With the coming of Ascension some of you are understandably still concerned over the fate of young family members. Let it be clear that in the end times every soul will find itself exactly where it is intended to be, and will have been aware of their destiny before they incarnated. So please allow each persons life to follow its ordained course, and feel blessed that they chose you to be in their lives. There are of course many families that do not have such advanced souls amongst them, but nevertheless love passes between them all and that will remain a link that can bring them together again. Love is the most powerful energy of all and is the indestructible force that holds all together.
10 Jun 2012
Your remaining task is to release all negative and unloving thought forms, attitudes, and behaviors so that you can soar into the New Age on the wings of unconditional Love. Love is the divine field of life, of existence, and of creativity, and outside of it there is not even nothing. Nothing is unreal, totally insubstantial and illusory. Heaven, the divine realm, is all that exists. It is infinite, and contains all that exists within it, eternally. And that is where you have your eternal existence; you are just momentarily unaware of it. And as you awaken, your awareness will return - bringing you untold happiness.
20 Jun 2012
We say to you to take this time and spend it wisely and begin to prepare yourselves and to prepare your brothers and sisters around you for these eventualities that will bring to you challenges for you to overcome in the days ahead. By challenges we refer to global wide Earth changes that will create earthquakes that will result in rising sea levels that will cause flooding in several coastal areas around your planet.
Ashtar Command
21 Jun 2012
We would like to see more of you reading books rather than watching television, as television and its constant bombardment of visual and sonic stimuli leads to a diffusion of your energy and leaves tattered holes all throughout your being, through each layer that is your combined vessel. What you do receive are the negative effects of sitting in front of this device which includes stress, heart problems, mental and emotional difficulties, and damages to your eyes, your ears and to your senses of emotional feel.
Greg Giles
25 June 2012
This tool of the cabal's has been carefully honed by very devious and very intelligent and cunning minds to keep you sitting in front of it while it is used to control your thought patterns, your habits, your tendencies, and feeds you input of what they, the dark ones, wish you to believe, believe you need, you fear, and is your reality.
Each of you needs to take responsibility, hold the light, meditate to find peace and love within your heart. Focus on bringing in the energies of the Great Central Sun from when we all came as pristine sparks of light and where we will all return when our soul's journey is complete.

We ask you instead to turn your beautiful attention toward the pure, Divine Light energies being given to you now, as these energies have been performing the necessary uprooting of the dense energies and you have all been benefiting greatly from this happening.



Ascended Masters
12 Jul 2012


25 Jul 2012
At this moment there are three choices before you. First, you may raise your vibration to the point that you ascend to a higher/lighter density thereby removing yourself from the Earth plane. Second, you may choose to remain in the 3rd Density that currently holds the majority of Earth humans in a fear-based paradigm. Or third, you may choose to remain with Earth as she transitions herself to a higher/lighter density.

An alternative to this path is what we have been calling the path of the Caretakers. The Caretakers of the new Earth will be a special breed of humans never before seen in this universe. The Caretakers will enjoy physical form but with bodies infused with lighter densities. These new humans of Earth, endowed with crystalline bodies that are youthful, healthy and vibrant, will exist for hundreds of years. These new humans of Earth will enjoy telepathy and manifestation, and will resonate as citizens of the cosmos. They will create a new civilization on Earth, a glorious civilization that will become the destination for many star system visitors to admire and to interact with.
Adrial/Bren-Ton of Andromeda
06 Jul 2012
The Love flooding the planet, and dissolving the hardness that has infected so many hearts, has created an overwhelming desire among you to change your hostile attitudes, not only to one another, but to cultures and beliefs that are different and even an enigma to you. It is instead prompting you to work on understanding and respecting all races, creeds, and cultures. And it is this intent that is nudging you all steadily and inevitably towards your awakening.
John Smallman
15 Jul 2012
Start to prepare yourselves for a major change in your perception of time. And start to prepare yourselves for the fact that you will soon have to let go of the concept of a single timeline, and with it, you will also have to let go of so much that has defined your lives as human beings. Because from that day onwards, you will be amongst all of your brethern, able to switch back and forth between the different layers of time, and with it, you will finally be able to switch beween those different dimensions you have all been waiting to access. From that day onwards, the doors will open up to a whole new way of living, unfettered by those crippling limits that has been holding you all back for so long.
aisha north
19 Jul 2012
Take a walk in the sun, bask in the sunlight and take in as much sunlight as possible so that you are energized and light-hearted again. Solar energy is not only a free energy for the current appliances and their technologies but also for your physical body.
21 Jul 2012
Instead of reminiscing with negative, anxiety filled thoughts, instead, meditate and care about those needing your caring. Instead of collecting collaborative data against most of the lesson givers in your life, you can decide to free them from your negative cording and give them no more attention.

Being a good, caring person is not enough. You will remain in a contracted condition if you are negative about anyone who could assist but doesn't, or anyone that acts differently than you want them to, or anyone who comes by occasionally but does nothing to contribute. All of these negative thoughts cause you to contract. Put aside your contractions with caring about what has contributed to your awareness. All who did major cancellations to your light were loving beings fulfilling the life design you agreed to. They are not as they appeared in your drama. They are your next doorway to awakened awareness-when you can give forth love to them. Be the gift to them that they were to you when they delivered their tough love.
Saint Germain
24 Jul 2012
The time has come to attend to your personal healing...and to be energetically clean and physically purified...The wounds of the past are to be tended. Dredge up you must, the secrets which lay hidden in the shadows, and casting each one off into the light. Refrain from the consumption of processed “foods” ...Remove from your energetic sphere everything which is toxic to you. Dispel the illusion that your are trapped here on Earth against your will, forced to suffer behind prison walls of flesh and bone. Rethink the notion that you have no control over the outcome of the Great Event.

Whatever job you keep in your 3rd dimensional lives is temporary, and must now be rendered secondary in it’s nature. We do not say in any way to neglect the needs of your loved ones or to imperil your ability to survive. Oh, never, never that. But what we do advise is that your spiritual advancement must be, within your core, priority number one. A day must not go past without your doing some sort of work to strengthen your divine connection, to upgrade your developing crystalline lightbodies, and to clear and refine your connection to the Higher Realms. Time/space is compressing quickly now, we know very well that you can feel it. You may say that the world seems far too still and there is nothing truly going on; but search inside yourself, look closely and you shall agree this also is not so.
Crystal Dolphin Pod
25 Jul 2012
Forgiveness, forgiveness, forgiveness – this is the key to sanity and inner peace – and still more forgiveness. It dissolves guilt and leads to freedom. Without forgiving yourselves, and anyone or any group who have offended you in any manner, you remain trapped in a state of judging and blaming which causes you constant unhappiness, as you endlessly mull over the words and actions committed against you while wondering how people could be so unkind and hurtful to you.

You are going to awaken! And it is on that approaching event that you need to focus your attention. All suffering, disharmony, and misery will cease, and that is indeed a most joyful prospect! Yes, it often seems that you have been waiting interminably for this wonderful event, and as you wait, doubts and anxieties arise. So just remind yourselves daily that God always delivers on His promises, and continue to hold your Light on high.
27 Jul 2012
Are you starting to remember, possibly a little bit, that your ascension is the finish line, is the escape, if you will, from this portal of time? This is what your ascension is; it is your return home after a long and often grueling but always rewarding and educational experience in this very unique time portal known to you as 3rd dimensional Earth and time.

It will be so wonderful to welcome you back home to yourself, to your real lives, to your real families, to everything that you are and everything that you have ever been, as all of this that you now understand as your one true reality amounts to nothing more than a summer field trip to the beach, to the park or to the mountains to gain a higher education, to socialize with your friends and meet new acquaintances and even sometimes adversaries to help you learn even more lessons than could be possible without such antagonists.
27 Jul 2012
Anyone focusing their attention on seeking out the news for endless hours on electronic devices are destined to fall behind where they are required to be to move forward. Instead, understand, this time is better spent in silence and unplugged. Take a walk in nature and connect your heart light to Earth and be in Service to the highest forces of light by unleashing larger and larger beams of love and light to the Cosmos in contemplation and meditation of what is happening now. Allow yourself rest from constant worry.
Sananda Kumara
28 Jul 2012
Nothing is of more importance to you right now than to evolve yourself spiritually, for it will lift you up to greater heights of awareness on all levels of your being like never before. Please let go of the daily dramas that hold you tightly in your personality self and continue to keep you trapped in what you believe is your true identity.

The time is NOW to turn inwards dear ones and see your true light. Let all illusions fall away and merge with the true essence of divine love. Earth is evolving into a planet where there will be no ego, as love transcends all else. The illusion will disolve into the nothingness from which it came. The level of humanities' consciousness is raising everyday and we ask that you assist her further by opening your heart at this moment. Connect through love and with the deeper part of your being. This small effort on your part will be the catalist to create the heightened levels of consciousness required to assist earth into the next dimensional shift. The power lies within you as you to seed the world through the service of LOVE.

The activation has begun, and it is now up to you whether you step up to all that you are and let go of the old and move into the new way of BEING. There is much power in the choices you make and you truly hold the key to that which you create on many levels of your being.
High Council of Orion thru' Abigail Wainwright
28 Jul 2012
The best thing I can recommend to anyone interested in 5D Ascension is to clear the fears, illusion and judgment of your 3D/4D lifestream. They can’t go with you and weigh down the process. Take the steps, take advantage of the supportive energies, and be the Master you are right here, right now. Think, eat, sleep, communicate, love and behave like the Master - your Higher Self - that you are. That’s not ego, it is your natural state of Unity with all that is. Be *Presence* and take five to reconnect when you feel distracted. Hold this intent as we journey to Zero Point and it will be amplified. To know and not do is to not know at all. Expect nothing from the External.

Don’t be disappointed if you don’t see a huge overhaul in the external. Don’t be frightened if you do. Your creation must be anchored within - the internal shift - in order for you to experience the same in the external.

Sandra Walter
19 Dec 2012
Be patient with yourselves and with this process, then. Meditate, raise your vibrations, and think positive. Try to be free of all negativity, including fear, anger, rage, discouragement, hopelessness, etc. these are all emotions of the lower vibrations and cannot exist in these higher realms. If you are struggling with these emotions, call on me, Archangel Michael to remove them for you, and I will instantly be there. Call on Source who is also ever loving you and ever near to free you of these lower energy vibrations which will prohibit you from existing or being in the higher realms. Practice loving kindness towards yourself and others. Read and listen to spiritually uplifting material. Be around uplifting, positive people. Turn off the tv and the news, and turn away from negativity. Do not fight negativity, simply turn away from it. Raise the vibrations inside your homes by listening to uplifting music, lighting a candle or two, and asking Archangel Michael to clear your space of all negative vibrations. Embrace compassion, forgiveness, and all virtues of loving kindness and light. If there are those you cannot forgive, as us, Archangel Michael and Source, to help you forgive everyone, including yourself if needed. We will instantly be there, every loving and ready to assist you. We of the angelic realm are messengers or liaisons between Source and humanity; part of our mission is to assist you in every way possible. So please take a moment each morning or evening to sit in quiet meditation and ask us to clear anything that is left inside you which may tether you to these lower energy vibrations.
Council of Angels and Archangel Michael
27 Dec 2012
Many ask how they are supposed to clear their Karma if they are unaware of the experiences they have had in “past” lives, and do not know what their soul wanted to achieve in this life. This is a wonderful question although it is based on the assumption that you must “pay” for the wrong doings of another life. This is not so, you will always be met with opportunities to grow and to choose to act from a place of love and compassion rather than judgment, hate or anger. You do not need to know what other experiences you have had, or what your soul would like to work on in this life in order to successfully clear your karma; simply by choosing to respond to all situations which you encounter out of love rather than fear, hate or anger. Know that your higher self will always lead you to a path which will allow you to make a new choice. Where you once reacted out of fear, you can now choose love. This is the overall desire your soul has, for you to learn how to become masters in duality; by learning how to become a detached observer of the chaos around you rather than to sink down into it. Many of you are finding that you are beginning to do this now; you are learning how to master your reactions and choose love rather than to allow the chaos and turmoil to envelope your being. This is a grand step. This is how you are balancing your karma. And as you continue to remain in a state of peace, you will continue to elevate your vibration and there will come a day when chaos will no longer surround you; as your vibration is far too high for its touch.
Angelic Guides
29 Dec 2012
In a very real sense - the Heart Chakra is the key and the gateway to multi-dimensionality. If the heart is not open, you will not be able to ascend to higher levels of consciousness. The three keys to opening the Heart Chakra can be described as:

FOLLOW YOUR PASSION: Nothing locks us out of the sparkling dance of light found at the higher dimensions more effectively than habitually following a way of life because we have always done so, or because it is expected of us.

LISTEN TO YOUR INNER VOICE/ INTUITION: I often think that this is the true meaning of the concept of the "return of the Goddess"/ the feminine energy. In our "old energy" lives, we were taught to listen to our ego, to the rational voice of the "parent". This voice told us to disregard our joy and conform to what was expected of us, in order to "fit in" and be safe.

PRACTISE COMPASSION, TOLERANCE AND UNDERSTANDING: Those with open hearts are always willing to listen to others and understand that others are a "mirror" of our current reality. If we can move pass anger, distrust and aggression, into a place of empathy and understanding, we will truly open the Heart Chakra. The key is to understand that the "other" person is an aspect of you and your reality. And that how you manage and re-act to other people is a mirror of how you treat yourself and your reality. If you are able to treat yourself with nurturing love and compassion, only then will you be able to treat others in the same way. So, be kind to yourself, and the rest will follow.

EMOTIONAL HONESTY AND OPENESS: Be willing to express your feelings. All of them. No manipulative games and hidden agendas. As we become more in touch with our feelings and our Heart Chakras open fully, it will be impossible to play manipulative games anyway. People will intuitively understand the motivations of others without them ever needing to be expressed.

RECEIVING THE TRUTH OF OTHERS: It is equally important, when building this ladder, to be able to receive the truth of others without judgement. To truly listen, which is the receptive or feminine aspect of the act of speaking.

AA Michael Thru' Celia Fenn
28 Dec 2012
One of the first important things anyone on your Earth can do is to withdraw from any Cabal/Dark/Governmental-controlled components in your societies; these government-controlled systems are what has been called by many “The Matrix”. The most important component being used for control is the dissemination of disinformation and the proliferation of violence in your Mass Media, through television, movies, newspapers, magazines, advertisements, or any kind of mass media. These bombard most people constantly on a worldwide, daily basis. 95% of your television is controlled and run by the Dark, the Government, and those who wish to remain in control.

All of us need to commit to moving away from all fear-laden concepts. Stop watching movies, TV shows, newscasts from mainstream Illuminati owned TV networks, playing video games, and reading books that attempt to create fear. Earth humans must move away all forms of violence. Until we do, fear is lodged in our energy field and will attract more reasons for us to be fearful. We cannot have a safe world while fearing violence. And the reason we hear and see fear-laden material regarding “aliens attacking us” is that the Illuminati know that once our galactic family lands openly on this planet, their game of violence and fear is over.

St Germain




Nancy B. Detweiler
4 Feb 2013




4 Feb 2013
Everyone on this Planet has Until December 21st, 2014, To Readjust to the New Reality and The New Earth Energies. All Lightworkers that have Already Stepped out of the dream, Your responsibility is to assist All Your Other Brothers and Sisters that are still in the Dream, in Awakening! And so it is, and so shall be Done. And so it is on Earth as it is In Heaven. And SO it Shall be, as Decreed and Granted.
Earth Allies
13 Feb 2013
The Divine Decrees For Planet Earth=Heart.

Decree 1~ All Hostilities against your Brothers and Sisters must stop NOW, even in illusion this is ridiculous. No more killing of Our Children, Decreed, and So it is on Earth as it is In Heaven.

Decree 2~ All of the religions on this Planet, that have taken from and lied to the People, must give everything back to the People whom they have deceived. They must then Provide them With the Real Truth, Which Will be an OH! My! God! Event!! And SO it IS!, and is Done, Granted.

Decree 3~All corporations being illegal, non-existent entities, Will Be dissolved immediately. Love is all That Exists On Planet Earth=Heart, where WE are all Equal. Cooperations will be installed in their place, effective immediately. This is When NESARA will be released to the People. And So it is on Earth as it is in Heaven, and SO it is, Decreed, Granted.

Decree 4~ No Longer will the Resources of this Planet be exploited to feather the nests of the ignorant. All the Resources on this Planet are Now to Be returned to the People, as They belong to the People. And So it is On Earth as it is in Heaven and SO it is Decreed and Granted.

Decree 5~The Entire 9-11 Truth, as well as The UFO Cover-Up, Must Be Revealed immediately, with all Other Secrets. This will Now Be Revealed to The People, who are the True Government on this Planet. This is The True National Security, The People are the Ones that make the Country Secure. If these are Not Revealed immediately, WE The People have the Right, to Abolish that illusionary Government. And So it is and so will Be Done. Decreed, Granted.

Decree 6~ AS soon as the Corporations are Dissolved and Cooperations have replaced them, The NESARA Funds are to Be released to the People, effective immediately. And So it it is Done, and Decreed, Granted.

Decree 7~ Back in Atlantis, the illuminati tapped into the Dream Machine contained within the Pyramids. They soon found Psychics who were able to assist them. They found this and began misusing it, by implanting dreams and lower thoughts for their own purposes. This has gone on for 13 Millenia. [13 Millenia is like one drop of water in a Multi-Dimensional Universe, an Ocean of Pure Love]. Because of the severe misuse of this Machine, The Planet had Requested it Be Reset to the Highest Possible Thought. Since the Official Reboot in 2009 we have been gently turning On the Lights So To Speak, because an immediate Reboot on Humanity would shock some of the Beings to Intensely it would have fried them. The Reboot was a process, of a Shutdown, and Restart. Everyone on this Planet has Until December 21st, 2014, To Readjust to the New Reality and The New Earth Energies. All Lightworkers that have Already Stepped out of the dream, Your responsibility is to assist All Your Other Brothers and Sisters that are still in the Dream, in Awakening! And so it is, and so shall be Done. And so it is on Earth as it is In Heaven. And SO it Shall be, as Decreed and Granted.

These Decrees have always been Ever Present, Meaning they have Always Been Here. Now, it is Up to all Of you to Put these into your Experience, Creation in Motion. For this is the Precise Moment of Your Complete Freedom, if You So Choose. The Moment is NOW, When the Planet is Returned to the People. The Givers On This Planet Are Inheriting the Earth. And SO it is on Earth as It is in Heaven, and So it is, and So Shall Be as Decreed and Granted.

These Decrees Have Been Decreed, By the Galactic Federation of Light, The Company of Heaven, All The Earth Allies, All of the Angels, All of Your Family of Light, Mother Earth=Heart, The Ground Crew Medical Team, The First Contact Ground Crew , Your Real Parents of Creation Mother and Father God~Amon Ra and All of Creation IN Existence. Granted and Decreed and SO it is, and So Shall Be done.

16 Feb 2013

Severe inner head spinning or vertigo, occasional related nausea, this is connected to the changes in the Thymus (High Heart) gland/chakra

Increased Thymus gland pains, pressures, soreness in the center of upper chest area out the front and back of your body

Periods of physical heart pounding fast and hard while at complete rest, this is connected to the changes in the Thymus

Severe exhaustion and fatigue

Muscle and body weakness

Ascension flu, chills, body aches, brief stabbing pains in certain areas and/or joints

Inner cold flashes

Inner hot flashes

After another few rounds of Kundalini Fire…purging diarrhea unusually severe blurry vision, dry eyes, unusual pressure feeling against eyes weird and/or highly symbolic dreams, dream messages, continued expanding and evolving awareness/consciousness.

Increased conscious knowing and inner feeling that nothing is remotely the same since 12-21-12 and that we’re definitely in a different type of transitional period now severely amplified ( and sometimes distorted) sense of smell, smelling scents that aren’t physically there, smelling scents that last for days or weeks, foods smelling differently to you.

Denise Le Fay
21 Mar 2013
To remain within the higher vibrations, you must put aside all that draws you back into the 3rd Dimension. Put aside anger, judgment, wealth, and power over others. Put aside attachments to the material comforts of the 3rd Dimension. Be in the world, but not of it. Realize who you really are: An individuated expression of Source, a great being of light. Put aside past behaviors and current habits that do not contribute to the manifestation of your higher self in your body. Do not allow yourself to be pulled into the 3rd Dimension while wavering in your commitment to be in the 5th Dimension. Practice self-discipline, but do not forget to live in the joy of creation.
Mark Kimmel
22 May 2013