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Scientists use sound waves to levitate and manipulate matter
Chinese researchers soon be able to 3D print porcelain teeth in minutes
The Crimean Pyramids, built before dinosaurs roamed the Earth
Mystery of giant human skeleton
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Boeing admits anti-gravity work
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Japanese engineers have created the world's first 'car in a bag'
Triton oxygen respirator extracts air underwater
Mystery stone has baffled archaeologists for over 100 years
Robots can cow reproduce and upgrade without humans
The 100-million-year-old fossilized human finger
Breakthrough in battery technology as hemp changes the rules
Artificial leaf harnesses sunlight for efficient fuel production
Tri Alpha Energy reportedly makes important breakthrough in developing fusion reactor
Real-life Jurassic Park - Siberian lab set to clone extinct mammals
Scientists create self-healing material plugging holes in spaceships
British man builds helicopter from a garden chair and 54 drones
Holographic lens printing method could allow printing of telescope lenses in space
Everything we have been taught about our origins is a lie
A Cure for blindness just might come from algae
Research team demonstrates LEDs that use visible light to talk to each other and internet
Scientists create a material that can regenerate bones
New research shows builiding light objects is possible
Scientists have developed a system that absorbs 99.7% of sound
Biophotonics - The science behind energy healing
Real-life Star Trek ‘beaming up’? New distance record set for quantum teleportation
Paralyzed man walks in 1st-ever proof direct brain control possible
Jurassic plant brought back to life after 200 Million Years
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Sinkholes from around the world
Plastic-eating worm might be the solution to global crisis
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Restoring vision with stem cells
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