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Saint Germain/Linda Dillon: Message for November 23, 2017
Mira of the Pleiadian High Council/Valerie Donner: The Foundation of the 3rd Dimension is Crumbling
Anastacia-Blue Beyond: Past Life Review-Revelation
Arcturians/Suzanne Lie: YOU are "The Galactics in Human Form"
Patricia Cota-Robles: Vlog 40 - We are being Called to a Higher Service (video)
Ashtar: The 3D Paradigm Is Coming Apart
Starlight the Unicorn/Galaxygirl: Message for December 3, 2017
Mother Earth/Natalie Glasson: Returning to Your Original Design of Co-Creation
Sandra Walter: The Becoming - The NOW Embodiment Events
L'Aura Pleiadian: Luminous Divine Light and Glory - Beyond Your Wildest Imagination
Judith Kusel: She and The Beloved...
Mary Magdalene/Aurora: Message for December 8, 2017
Judas Iscariot/Ann Dahlberg: You Have Started Your New Direction, Feeling the Way Forward Through the Heart
Vera Ingeborg: Into New Earth! The Anchoring of a New Reality through extreme Polarity
Brenda Hoffman: Shouting Hooray!
Meg Benedicte: Call to Action
Lisa Brown: Understanding & Aligning the Outer Planes
Archangel Gabriel: No One Has Power Over You Unless You Allow It To Happen
The Arcturian Council/Daniel Scranton: Message for December 10th, 2017
Emmanuel Dagher: Emotional Independence - December 2017
Tiffany Stiles: Energy Shift Update - We Just Had A Major Shift!
Archangel Gabriel, Saint Germain: The Gift of the New Golden Grid for Nova Humanity
Lisa Brown: We Must Go Beyond The Surface & Look Deep Inside
The Arcturians/Suzanne Lie: Learning,Remembering Inter-dimensional Light Language
Meg Benedicte: Just Hours till 12:12 Stargate Activations
Sananda/Kerstin Eriksson: You hold the light!
Lucia Rene: Planetary Shift - The Earth Is About To Align With The Galactic Center!
Caroline Oceana Ryan: A Message to Lightworkers - December 11, 2017
AA Gabriel/Shanta Gabriel: The 12:12 Activation of Unconditional Love
Nancy Oakes: Return of Sophia, Mother of the Universe
Celia Fenn: 12:12 Gateway and 18/19 December Power Point
Jelelle Awen: Energy Update - 12:12 Gateway - Divine Feminine Integration with Metatron and Sophia
Archangel Michael/Genoveva Coyle: Message for December 12th, 2017
Adeana M Slater: The Lonely Path Of The Ascension Process
Diane Canfield: The Light Body Is Forming Through The Heart, Activated Through the Emergence of the Divine Feminine
L'Aura Pleiadian: Shifting Matter - Shifting Consciousness
Lisa Brown: 12/12 Portals Opened on 12/11 for Recoding/Integration Today
The Lap Vigil from Lapland/Ann Dahlberg: Message for December 10th, 2017
Archangel Raphael/Ann Dahlberg: The Kingdom of Heaven is on Itís Way Down to Earth
Lisa Renee: Time Shift Blog - Shocking Realizations
Sandra Walter: Gatekeeper Focus - Stepping away for the Good Work
Tom Kenyon: A Hathor Planetary Meditation - Spatial Cognizance
Mother Gaia: Through The Winds of Time
Ashtar: 2018 Cycles and Potentials
Sananda/John Smallman: Message for December 13, 2017
The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council/Daniel Scranton: Removing Your Restraints
Natalia Alba: New Moon in Sagittarious 12/17/17 Consciousness Integration
Lisa Brown: 12:12 to 12:21 Passageway - We had a day of "holding" New Codes and Observing Anything Unable to Fully Align & Now...
Saul/John Smallman: You Are Each Exactly Where You Are Meant To Be In Every Moment
L'Aura Pleiadian: The Dimensions and Eternity - With ALL As a Holographic Reality of Light
Anrita Melchizedek: The Resurrection Codes of the I Am Avatar Consciousness of Light
Yeshua: You Were Not Born Without Any Input or Choice in the Matter
Judas Iscariot/Ann Dahlberg: Message for December 14th, 2017
Master Hilarion/Natalie Glasson: The Core of Your Inner Sadness
Kara Schallock: Up Up Up
Arcturian Council of Twelve: We Are Not Alone
Steve Beckow: Beyond the Wave of Fire - Part 1/2
Meg Benedicte: Solstice Stargate Ascension Activations
The Council/Ron Head: Time To Begin
Archangel Michael & OWS/James McConnell: The Barriers Dropping, Merging of the Higher Dimensions
Anastacia: Energy Update - Passing Through A Vortex
Arcturian Group/Marilyn Raffaele: Message for Dec. 17, 2017
The Andromedans/Galaxygirl: Message for December 16th, 2017
Denise Le Fay: Multiple Current Convergent Points
The Collective of Guides/Salena Migeot: Activations
Archangel Gabrielle/Linda Dillon: The Time of Decision (from 1997)
L'Aura Pleiadian: Winter Solstice, December 21st, 2017 - Portal of REBIRTH
Patricia Cota-Robles: Something sacred is hidden within your being (video)
Mother Sekhmet/Galaxygirl: Message for December 17th, 2017
Natalia Alba: New Era of Consciousness - Embracing Our True Nature and Essence