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Quan Yin/Deborah Faith: The Divine Feminine is Encouraging The Awakening
Archangel Michael/Leslie Anne Menzies: Message for June 13th, 2017
Lisa Brown: You Are Here to Live & Experience Every Dream - Re-Creating You Through Your Inner Visions that Keep...
Patricia Cota-Robles: Vlog 14 - Transcending Your Human Ego (video)
Lisa Renee: Time Shift Blog - Personal Accountability
Meg Benedicte: Energy Update - Biophoton Stargate Upgrades, Solstice Activations
Denise Le Fay: Early June 2017 Alignment Blast
The Star Councils of Light/Solara An-Ra: Connecting With Your True Purpose
Lisa Brown: The "Collective Division" of Lower Vibrational "Old" Earth & Higher Vibrational Lighter Density New Earth Continues
Archangel Michael: Urgent Message - Solstice Energies & The End Game of Separation
Lord Merlin (an aspect of Saint Germain)/Natalie Glasson: Tuition for Spiritual Maturity and Advancement
Parisse Deza: This Solstice, Letís Shake Up The Field Together
Therese Zumi Sumner: The Necessity Now of Being in Our Divine Authority
Sandra Walter: Bifurcation of Realities - Solstice Entry to the Eclipse Gateway
Diane Canfield: Energy Update - Divine Merging of Our Authentic Self Through Soul Fragments Returning Now
Caroline Oceana Ryan: A Message to Lightworkers for 16 June, 2017
Sundeelia: Walk-ins, Body Consciousness and the Last Battle of the Star Wars
The Arcturians/Suzanne Lie: What is Meant by Subspace
Archaeia Faith: The Awakening Part 3
Archaeia Faith: The Awakening Part 4 - The Beginning
Ashtar/Susan Leland: Have Courage to Keep Going through Any Darkness!
Sananda & One Who Serves/James McConnell: As You Raise in Vibrations, You Pierce Through The Illusionary Veil
KejRaj(KayRy): The Event - Lifting The Veil
Babaji: Prophecy - It Will All Happen Very Fast
Sananda: The Intent to Go Within Daily is The Decision to Awaken From The Dream
Archangel Metatron/Victoria Cochrane: Message for June 19th, 2017
Judas Iskariot/Ann Dahlberg: Message for June 18th, 2017
Vera Ingeborg: One Ascension Level Up! What The Different Waves Experience
L'Aura Pleiadian: Summer Solstice, June 21st, 2017 - The Glory of Light
Lisa Brown: Solstice Passageway Conclusion, Crystalline LightBody Templates, Next Phases of Integration & further Unification...
Alexandrian Komos: Donít Turn Away
Jona Bryndis: Energy Update - Summer Solstice Energies, The Opening in the Battle Between Light & Dark
Lord Metatron: Ascension Mastery Message For The Solstice 2017
The Arcturians/Suzanne Lie: Inter-dimensional Communication
Lisa Renee: Time Shift Blog - Lightning Strikes
Mona Delfino: Living From Spiritual Wisdom
The Arcturians/Ute Posegga-Rudel: The Light of Renewal
Archaeia Faith: The Awakening Part 5
Sananda: Prepare The Way for The New Age That is Approaching
Eraoflight: Elevating Your Spirit & The Earth - Transitioning into Spiritual Masterymin
Lisa Renee: Divide and Conquer Tactics
Archaeia Faith: Stay Strong Through It All! - The Awakening Part 6
Denise Le Fay: Saturn & the 2017 Separation Escalation
Gillian MacBeth-Louthan: From your hostess of Light
The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council/Daniel Scranton: Humanityís Ascension Journey
Caroline Oceana Ryan: A Message to Lightworkers - June 23, 2017
Archangel Michael/Leslie-Anne Menzies: The Next Phase of the Evolution of Humanity
Natalie Glasson: Celestial Dolphin Consciousness - The Purpose of Your Divine Innocence Now
Archaeia Faith: Urgent Message - CERN's Awake Project
Lisa Brown: Huge Template Cleansings of Unconscious Old Programming, Strong Pure Source Light & Diamond Crystalline...
Sandra Walter: Embodying the Crystalline Tipping Point
St Germain: Close To The Crescendo
The Arcturians/Suzanne Lie: The Path of Light
Jeshua: Who Or What Is The Soul?
MotherFather God/Ann Dahlberg: Preparations Have Been Made for Your Return Home into The Light
Arcturian Group/Marilyn Raffaele: Peace
Jelelle Awen: Ascension - Upgrades On All Levels Happening Now
KejRaj(KayRy): The Event - Worlds Apart
Vera Ingeborg: Goddesses - Donít Forget Your Inner Masculine!
Judas Iskariot/Ann Dahlberg: Message for June 25th, 2017
Mahala: News Flash June 23, 2017
Arcturian Council: The Quickening of Your Evolution
Babaji: Prophecy - It Will All Happen Very Fast
Jelelle Awen: Energy Grid Update - Focus on The Inner Grids and Gaia's 5D Grids
Jeshua/Pamela Kribbe: The Spiritual Meaning of Life on Earth