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Judas Iscariot/Ann Dahlberg: Message for August 12th, 2017
Suzanne Lie: Assisting Gaia with Her Transmutation by "The readers of this blog"
Denise Le Fay: It’s Okay If August 2017 Is Difficult
Romeo Baron: How Will Your Body Ascend During The Planetary Shift
Mary Magdalene/Lea Chapin: Message for August 12th, 2017
The Federation of Light/Blossom Goodchild: Tipping of the Scales
Vidya Frazier: Message for Starseeds - Solar Eclipse Energies, Awakening to The 5th Dimension
Judith Kusel: The Collective Subconsciousness - Alpha and Omega
KejRaj(KayRy): Eclipse, The Divine In Action
Selacia: The Eclipse Doorway - Your Opportunity to Step Forward
Lisa Renee: Shifting Timeline - Historical Timeline Trigger Events
Anrita Melchizedek: Elders Transmission for August - The Solar Eclipse energies and World Service Activation
St Germaine: I Am Here To Take Everything!
Sananda/Susan Leland: “You Are Radiant Beings, Here to Help Light the Way!!!”
Suzanne Lie: A Conversation with David K. Miller and Suzanne Lie about the Eclipse (audio)
Daniel Scranton/The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council: Seeing Inter-Dimensionally
Archangel Michael/Leslie Anne Menzies: Message for August 14th, 2017
Vera Ingeborg: Energy Update - Good Bye Linear Time, The Return To Unity Consciousness
Shelly Dressel: Avalon Returns Through the Solar Eclipse
Jenny Schiltz: Navigating the Eclipse Corridor & Timeline Shift
Denise Le Fay: People Fighting for Old Lower Consciousness Beliefs
Sarah/Ann Dahlberg: An Indescribable Dream is Now on Its Way to Come True
Mary Magdalene/Fran Zepeda: Message for August 15th, 2017
Meg Benedicte: Solar Eclipse Portal
Patricia Cota-Robles: Vlog 23 - The Next Phase Of The Divine Plan (video)
James Tyberonn: Astro Overview of the August & the Mega LeMurian Eclipse
Sandra Walter: August Eclipse - Convergence of Stargates
Lisa Brown: NEW Earth is Not Logical, It's Vibrational, Multi-Dimensional and Magically Appears as We Open Up To Magic...
Shelly Dressel: The Central Sun Clears for the Lion’s Gate & Eclipses
Suzanne Lie: Written Transcript of Eclipse Conversation of Sue Lie and David Miller
Sananda/Elaine DeGiorgio: Message for August 16th, 2017
Quan Yin/Linda Li: Message for August 14th, 2017
SolaraAnRa: Particle Convergence Activation
Diane Canfield: Solar Wind Increases Causing Intense GeoStorm Spike While Still in the Eclipse Gateway Leading to the...
Natalie Glasson: Mother Earth - Future Awakening of Humanity and Earth
L'Aura Pleiadian: New Moon in Leo Solar Eclipse August 21st, 2017 - New Beginning
Sananda/Ann Dahlberg: Message for August 18th, 2017
Rick Jewers: 5D Monetary Programs Are Going Ahead
Denise Le Fay: August 2017 Eclipse & Upcoming Equinox & Solstice Ascension Stair-steps
Meg Benedicte: Zero Point Eclipse
Lisa Brown: Our NEW Earth Decree & Declaration as a Cosmic BEing
The Team/Peggy Black: Spiral of Evolution
The Galactic Federation of Light/Blossom Goodchild: Message for August 18, 2017
Goddess Isis: Star Alignments
St. Germain/Linda Dillon: Accept Yourself As Master Alchemist!
The Group: Crystals on the Path
Amanda Lorence: DNA Codes Will Unify Us
Arcturian/Suzanne Lie: Meditation for the Eclipse - Resetting Your Consciousness
Caroline Oceana Ryan: A Message to Lightworkers - Aug 20, 2017
Ashtar: There is No Separation Between Us!
Judas Iscariot/Ann Dahlberg: Message for August 20th, 2017
Archangel Metatron/James Tyberonn: Co Creation in the 2017 LeMurian Eclipse
Lord Metatron: Walking Through The Entranceway Of The Solar Eclipse
Gillian MacBeth-Louthan: This Eclipse Solar Imprint Comes to Give Us a New Hope
Patricia Cota-Robles: Take Advantage Of This Solar Eclipse - August 21, 2017
Lisa Brown: Important Information for this Harmonic Particle & Timeline Convergence - Nothing is REAL right now (video)
Rick Jewers: Timelines are Being Influenced by the 5D Frequency
Jenny Schiltz: The Story of Awakening
Denise Le Fay: Crossing the Ascension Demarcation Line
Archangel Raphael/Ann Dahlberg: Message for August 21st, 2017