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New Zealand releases UFO government files
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PRG Update - June 26, 2015
Detailed Space Vehicle Visible
Germany`s Supreme Court Orders Release of UFO Study
Huge UFO Captured On Camera Above Georgia
Metallic Flying Saucer UFO Texas Border June 2015
Bob Lazar: 25 Years After Spilling the Beans on Anti-Gravitational Flying Saucers Inside Area 51
Massive UFO Disc Observed Above Earth By Nasa ISS Cameras
MOD to release UK's top secret UFO 'X-Files' that 'could prove aliens exist'
Area 51 Engineer Talks About Aliens And UFOs
New Horizons Spacecraft Approaches Pluto, At The Edge Of Our Solar System
Stephen Bassett: Disclosure is very close, perhaps this summer
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World Disclosure Day calls attention to UFOs
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Leaked Arctic UFO Pics Taken From US Submarine In 1971 Leave Experts Speechless
Outer Space Massive Cross is Back
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Stillness: British X-Files on UFOs to be released by 2016
Stillness: Angela Merkel Forced to Release Secret UFO Files German Government Fought to Withhold
Dr Michael Salla: Secret Space Military
Arctic UFO Photographs, USS Trepang, SSN 674, March 1971
Rendlesham Forest UFO Sighting: New Radar Evidence Could Finally Prove It Was Real
NASA Releases Stunning Color Images of Pluto and Charon
Talk with Alex Collier and Robert Potter Part 2
Red UFO spotted on ISS Live Feed Camera July 13, 2015
UK alien sensation: MoD covered up pictures that prove UFOs exist
Egyptian History Likely To Be Over 30,000 Years Old
Stephen Bassett: UFO Disclosure - The Rockefeller Initiative
Aerial view of stunning crop circle near Stonehenge
New amazing video footage of a Mothership was captured in Houston
Cabal keeping UFO secrets to blame for world’s woes, says former cabinet minister Paul Hellyer
Whistleblower Tells All About Secret Space Program
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Project ISIS: The KGB found mummified body of a 13,000 year old Alien Astronaut in 1961
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Documentary on top secret antigravity vehicle released
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Curiosity rover finds WHEELS on Mars: Remains of an ancient civilization
Sleeping Giants in Stasis Chambers Ready to Awaken Whistleblower Claims
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A selection of UFO video footage taken from the NASA archives and the recordings of Martyn Stubbs
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PRG Update: World Wide Coverage of Apollo 14 Astronaut's Effort...Nuclear Weapons Tampering Aug 18, 2015
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