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    The Coming Disclosure
  • Disclosures will also make possible the public proclamation of our existence by the new provisional governments. Moreover, they will be able to introduce our planned "pre-First Contact" broadcasts. Initially, these series of transmissions will clarify our role in these events and prepare Mother Earth's peoples for 'First Contact'.
  • Many of you will be contacted (through telepathic messages or other means) in one way or another when it is time to begin our work together. It is almost time to launch the next phases of operation. These phases will entail many of you acting as ambassadors of Earth, and you will then be asked to bring back to Earth with you evidence of our existence. This will be the disclosure long discussed and anticipated.
  • These representatives will meet with us onboard our ships and document as much video and photographic evidence as they would like, to take back home with them this evidence to share with the people of your world through your newly liberated media outlets which have already agreed to cover these proceedings.
  • The next series of disclosures is ready to go, as are the actions which will slip your world ever closer to its grand shift. Heaven has decreed that this is now to proceed and all impediments are to be removed. Many individuals, who are not widely known, are to make the announcements that usher in the transitional governments and liberate humanity from its eons-long involuntary servitude.
  • This coming week is one that is a last chance for your leaders to respond to our demands. If we are ignored yet again, we shall go forward ourselves, and make ourselves known in such a way that our presence can no longer be ignored or hidden. Yes, we have the deadline Saturday the 4th. of August in mind and no longer, before we take matters into our own hands.
  • Our brothers on Earth, whom we call the groundcrew, will cooperate in establishing those first contacts. They have a direct link with us and with other civilizations and they contribute their part in this whole project. They will see to it that everything proceeds swiftly without causing too big a shock for humanity. They are on Earth to soothe troubled hearts and assist them when necessary. Those belonging to this group know this by now or will be informed in the coming days. They already know it subconsciously, they cooperated actively in this project during their astral travels. Besides them, we too have the Galactic groundcrew coming from our civilization who dwell amongst the humans of Earth and who participate in matters of security and in negotiations. All in all we are talking of a huge project which cannot be underestimated in its scope.
  • We have opted for the Pleiadian civilization to be the first one to establish first contact as they have a humanlike appearance and so, they are least likely to trigger fear and shock in humans. After this initial contact with the Pleiadians, other civilizations will follow. Before First Contact will take place, the sightings of our ships will increase further. Gradually bigger ships will decloak and show themselves to you for longer and longer periods of time. Much anticipation is placed upon the Olympic Games for us to show up and we tell you that it is most probable these games will be used for decloakings of our ships. We are presently still elaborating on that.



Greg Giles





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At this time, there are several projects that are prepared to get underway, and we ask all of you to remain vigilant and look and listen for our signal to you that we wish to communicate with you.

We will come for you at a moment’s notice, as due to safety concerns we cannot make our plans known to you in advance. Please have your home situations prepared in such a way that you can leave for a least a few hours and very possibly longer with no additional time allotted you to prepare. ~ Greg Giles

    The Arrest
  • In the last few days bankers and media personal have been resigning en masse.
  • George Bush Senior and Bill Gates were arrested last week for sabotaging the new financial system after being fingered by Timothy Geithner, pentagon sources say.
  • A March 31st deadline has been delivered to the committee of 300 by the gnostic illuminati" faction.
    1. # Banking & Financing - 326
      # Governments - 176
      # Companies etc. - 271

  • Arrest warrants have now been issued against the international branches of the Federal Reserve -- the European Central Banks, BIS, Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy and Japan.
  • The preliminary orders for these mass arrests have been completed, and what remains is to issue the legal warrants for their detainment. They are to be held in special purpose-built facilities. Our liaison teams are in contact with those in charge of these activities, and they will be one of the groups that will formally declare the end of the executive administrations of most western nations.
  • According to the latest report from Benjamin Fulford, these arrests will include those at the very top of the pyramid including within organizations as powerful as can be found on the planet. These groups that will be targeted are: the Committee of 300; the Bilderberg group; the Council on Foreign Relations; the Club of Rome; the Trilateral Commission and the European Commission.
  • We are approaching the lockdown stage for the removal of the dark cabal. Arrest will be made shortly across the board and will include: Presidents, Prime Ministers, government cabinet members, judges in the court system, members of national legislatures, as well as heads and officers of major banks and multinational corporations.
  • Pentagon and military insider Drake has announced, tonight 6/27/12 at approximately 8:30PM, that the long anticipated green light has been given and the military and law enforcement alliance known to the people as the 'Earth Allies' will now move in within a time frame of 72 hours to begin the world wide sweep and mass arrests of thousands of members and associates of the criminal organization known as the 'cabal'.
  • The dark cabalists have refused the eleventh-hour offer made by our Earth allies to surrender and allow an easy and peaceful transition of power...Our liaisons have spent the last few days putting together the arrest strategy with those who will be physically carrying it out.
  • It is now the time that these arrests of the members of your criminal cabal and their associates are broadcast through your major media outlets. These arrests are now in full swing, we are very pleased to report to you. What is needed is for the people of your world to take note of what is transpiring all around them. Your media outlets are a very important component of this entire operation, as it is important that as many as possible experience this event and understand that it is freedom from their oppressors that they are receiving in full bloom and blossom like a beautiful bouquet gifted to them from their Creator.
  • The heads of state of several western nations are being made aware that their resignations will shortly be expected and we are poised to use our technology to ensure that these detentions proceed exactly as planned. The purpose of these detentions is to separate the dark cabal members from their positions of power and thus create an opportunity for corrupt banking and financial institutions to be reformed.
  • You can expect your new financial system to take root in the months ahead. We understand that we talk very much about the months ahead and many of you want changes and you want them today, but we tell you that nothing can get underway until the men and women of your criminal cabal have been rounded up, for they are one of the obstacles that are preventing all these changes and your new systems to begin.
  • Interpol and associated agencies are stepping up their investigations into the LIBOR scandal which now appears to have no clear boundaries, and indeed this operation is starting to threaten numerous governments in Europe and Asia with collapse.
  • You have seen in your papers reports everyday of a hedge fund manager, banker, reporter, judge, crime syndicate and others being arrested, tried and sentenced. You have a notion of the “big arrests” of the Bush Cheney, Blair, QEII, Mrs. Clinton, the Pope and others '911 was an inside job' group. I hope you can hear the truth today. These ones are in prison. Their counterparts including our technology of solid holograms and clones with a fragment of the DNA of the original are in place in their homes and at their jobs to force an illusion. This illusion helps us move forward with more arrests. We also use actors and actresses as doubles wherever the illusion is required.


    The natural process in the evolution of any soul, be it human, animal, plant or planet, is that of clearing away the darkness and the lower residue that kept one within the lower dimensional experience, and this is simply what Gaia is performing.

    We are entering a period of rest when everything is reformed into something new. This is why you are watching the banks dissolve, the countries governments dissolve and religions dissolve. Even the Pentagon and all war with its nuclear weapons dissolve whether seen or unseen. This type of dissolution has been predicted in the Ancient Texts and is called Prakritika.










David Wilcock





Sheldan Nidle



Sheldan Nidle



Greg Giles


Sheldan Nidle



Greg Giles




Greg Giles



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A 117-nation alliance is working to free the Earth from financial tyranny. The trillion-dollar lawsuit that could end financial tyranny ~ David Wilcock 12 Dec 2011

They will now face the justice that has always been inevitable for them. We told them this clearly from the very beginning, but their arrogance got the better of them and they believed they could avoid all attempts to bring them to trial for their crimes. They were wrong. They also conceitedly believed that nothing or no one could stop their New World Order from manifesting in your world. ~ Greg Giles

According to the Galactic Codex, section IV/2, The Galactic Confederation has an unalienable and unconditional right to the implementation of the Galactic Codex and of conquering the areas of Galactic Codex violation with military force if necessary. ~ Cobra

The Cabal cannot exist on your planet as it is, beyond 2012, so it’s all or nothing for them. They will do whatever it takes to hang on. There is nano-technology that can stop them in their tracks..Assistance is coming to you from many quarters. The Spirit World and several other planets are poised and ready to come to your rescue. It is just an evil few who are holding your planet to ransom. ~ Montague Keen 24 June 2012

The purpose of the surrender of the dark which was supposed to take place at the end of the current month you are in, was that they would surrender their plans to instill a One World Government, as the blueprints for such plans had long been drawn up before even the turn of your century. In return for the abandoning their plans, they would be given more lenience but still be given trials, so that it could be explained what they have done to your world for so very long. ~ Wes Annac 27 June 2012

We see these arrests as the catapulting event that will send your world over the walls that have kept you locked inside and locked within a system of antiquity, imbalance, injustice and unfairness...These arrests will finally put an end once and for all of all wars, conflict and skirmishes across your entire planet. There will never be another reason for a human to pick up an arm against another human and point it at them. This is a behavior that was ignited by the ruthless and cunning minds of your criminal cabal, as they tricked and conned you into believing you had enemies across seas or across imaginary borders drawn in the sand. ~ Greg Giles 30 June 2012

We are confirming a super concentrated high vibrational light wave is building on the surface of Gaia! The super light wave on earth this glorious day is being further amplified through the heart fields and intent of Gaia and its sentient beings. All darkness (negativity) is being forced from every crevice becoming temporarily trapped so it can be gathered (contained-arrested) and disintegrated by the light! ~ Pleiadian Channel Micah 3rd July 2012

The energies underlying and supporting this collective and planetary evolution are also supporting the events that are pushing the exposure of the collective dark and densely-fed energies of humanity up to the surface. This [densely-fed] energy is now to make itself known through the exposure of the elites. ~ Wes Annac 12 July 2012

Those of a lower vibration will either choose death and reincarnation, or they will be transported to another location where they may continue their fear-based existence until they eventually awaken to the light. ~ Adrial, celestial of this universe/Bren-Ton of Andromeda 6 July 2012

The LIBOR scandal has started the Great Revealing of Financial Tyranny. Mass arrests must begin with mass charges, and mass court cases -- and that has now arrived. Disclosure of many great hidden truths will follow ~ David Wilcock 20 Jul 2012

    The Coming Official Announcements
     New governance -
  • The secret sacred societies have so far forced the resignation of a number of major leaders in international banking. Agreements are being implemented that are securing the new financial system. Several major governments have been given a schedule for how and when to transfer power to the new temporary governments.

     New Financial System -
  • NESARA - Originally an act of the American Congress, NESARA is now a term being applied to the global program that promises to bring peace and abundance to Earth.
  • NESARA has a history which dates back to the Early Middle Ages. Its origins lie in a series of arrangements apparently put in place by four ascended masters, arrangements that were due to mature at the end of the second millennium of the Christian era.
  • A new financial system will rise up which will be based on new gold-backed currencies - a new global currency will emerge.
  • One global currency creates a level playing field and ends competitive dominance of separate currencies.
  • One global currency will require a very high level of transparency, which will put a stop to deception and fraud.

     New Banking System -

  • The new banking is rooted in the unprecedented injunction that banks be the divine instruments of the Light. They are to be used to manage various corporations (special partnerships) charged with specific and temporary mandates: to distribute technologies and related services to benefit the health and well being of your global populations.

     Re-distribution of Wealth -

  • From states as well as from individuals, every person, whether large or small, will receive a large sum in order to enjoy a life of contentment and without lack. The aim of these measures is to enable mankind to prepare for Ascension at the end of the year.
  • All assets seized belonging to the Cabalists, their total actual wealth will be evenly redistributed to the people of the planet in the new, global currency. And having one global currency will make this process much smoother and faster when the time comes to redistribute the wealth.

     Global Debt Forgiveness -

  • This entirely new system will cancel out all old systems. A global reset means a complete and total reset for everyone on the planet. That means all debts currently owed to any lender of other currencies are completely null and void.




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The funds were first posited by Saint Germaine in the early 18th century, and by Quan Yin in the 7th century.

Many powerful groups have tried to stop the announcement and implementation of the NESARA law. 18 months after NESARA became law, the Justices had the current Congress pass resolutions "approving" NESARA on Sept 9, 2001.

On Sept 10, 2001 George Bush Sr. moved into the White house to steer his son on how to block the announcement.

The next day NESARA was set to be announced at 10 a.m. EDT on Sept 11, 2001. Groups opposing NESARA arranged for the attacks to occur on 9/11 to keep NESARA from being announced. ~

Iceland is being used as a testing ground for the rolling out of financial strategies for the betterment of your planet. It would be wise to follow their progress in this respect, as it will be the fate of all nations in a very brief period of time. ~ Wanderer of the Skies

Japan has wiped away $3.7-billion in debt owed by Myanmar, part of efforts to help the impoverished southeast Asian country make the transition to democracy. ~ Reuters (21 April 2012)

The ever-mounting debt of most nations is the result of massive spending, brought on by the political and fiscal policies of the cabal. What is needed is a means to rectify this, and debt forgiveness accomplishes this. It also sets the stage for the universal abundance that will quickly follow. ~ Sheldan Nidle 10 July 2012

    The Truth
  • The World Bank, IMF and the US Federal Reserve are bankrupt. They are not being permitted to pass the worthless pieces of paper they print at will, as these notes have no intrinsic value.
  • The US Federal Reserve Bank has repeatedly violated many laws designed to police international commerce.
  • The Vatican is responsible for criminal conspiracy and the most heinous crimes against humanity. Ireland has taken the first step to banish the tyranny of the Vatican from the island of Ireland.






In 2012, Greece, Italy, Spain, Ireland, and Portugal will experience severe economic collapse, and this will fracture the European Union. Besides US, many countries around the world will also experience the collapse of their governments. The Occupy Wall Street movement that has gone worldwide will continue and will gain more and more support as more and more individuals see the incongruity of the power structures that exist now. ~ cosmicawareness.
     First Contact
  • Will occur only in the right divine time. This time will happen when the world's population is sufficiently prepared spiritually and has an awareness in the necessary proportions for the divine contact.
  • First Contact is an operation as a simple directive from the Sirian Regional Council; its scope was expanded when the Main Federation Council approved this action. 'First Contact' will start when a special series of major announcements are made by the world's major governments, which will be almost simultaneous.
  • Mass landing of our space brothers and sisters for a grand reunion.
     After First Contact Time Table -
  • 1st week - Interact with First Contact Personnel and Ascended Masters
  • 1st month - Start of technology transfers & Begin Education Program
  • 2nd month - Begin pollution cleansing and renewal of Earth's Eco-Systems
  • 3rd month - Start Full Consciousness Training and finish reunion with Inner Earth.
  • 4th month - Begin evacuation to Inner Earth and to Fleet (As Mother Earth cleansing reaches her final stage of transformations, all human beings must be evacuated safely out due to reconfiguration of her physical structure)




Sheldan Nidle












Upon the disclosure announcements and after the adjustment period that humanity will be given, you will of course see the decreed arrival of our starships and motherships as well as the arrival of many Ascended Masters on the beams of Light that they so enjoy traveling throughout Creation on. ~ Pleiadian High Council

Earth will receive a complete makeover, and in many ways she will be unrecognizable to you upon her unveiling. She will retain her natural beauty that she possesses today, although her soils and her air will be sparkling and pure. Her forests will be green, and they will be rich in their trees and wildlife. Her oceans, lakes and rivers will be crystal clear blue water, alive with your aquatic species, and your skies will be abuzz with your bird species soaring from treetop to treetop. You will have new homes prepared for you, and you will have libraries and places of higher education assessable to all. You will have new career opportunities where you may offer your services to others and the community, and all this will be available to you upon your ascension into your new higher dimensional home. ~ Greg Giles

The spirituality of the Galactics and their wish to assist humanity in ushering in world peace has accounted for the smearing of their image with propaganda, funneled through nearly-constantly in the form of alien invasion-related television shows, movies, books and other things that subconsciously and quite boldly drill the idea into one’s head that any outside force visiting our planet must be malevolent in nature. ~ SanJAsKa (Pleiadian) April 1 2013

    Release Of New Technologies which have long been suppressed
  • When the ships are able to decloak each Being on this planet will be receiving replicators that will be able to assist with all your needs, including Food, communication, Clothing and Housing.
  • Supplying the world with a series of technologies that can easily clean the air, land, and water. Once the waters of your planet have been cleaned, this will speed up the rate of raising the three lost continents from the ocean floor.
  • Language will not present an obstacle as we have methods that will allow you to effectively communicate with others no matter what language they use to communicate with. We will introduce you to this technology when we begin working with you, as it will be important for you to immediately and effectively communicate with many different beings, as well as members of your human family who may speak a different language than you.
  • Using our technology, we can vaporize and fully erect buildings in a matter of days, and will re-tool your manufacturing network in less than a week.
  • A number of our technologies can convert living Light into food, clothes and other uses, thus ending your long dependence on agriculture and the lumber industry.
  • We will release secret technologies, and even more wondrous devices, including many energy and transportation related inventions, that have been produced around your world during the past century.
  • We will introduce you to technology will allow you to travel more freely. You will be provided with a new form of transportation, and your new personal vehicles will levitate a few feet off the ground and are capable of speeds up to 500 miles (800 kilometers) per hour. Aircraft as you know them will disappear and be converted to a 'magnetic lifter' technology, with Mach 8 capabilities, as well as providing primitive craft that resemble ours. A teleportation system will be available for long range emergency trips. We will also use this technology to build a fully automated highway system.
  • We will provide a technology that can 'download' it directly into your brain's memory and recall systems. You will develop your Science and expand your philosophies in ways yet unheard of, resulting in a glittering union of these now contradictory elements. We will introduce you to the wonders of 'artificial intelligence'.
  • We will provide healing methods generally new to you, that require no use of drugs or the surgeons knife. Healing chambers and cubicles will replace the need to go to present day hospitals. The technologically advanced methods are totally successful and many are able to heal instantaneously. You could say that we make all new again, even where limbs or any other body parts are missing.
  • We can help you restore your youthful appearance and vitality, strength and endurance, health, drive, determination and focus. These are some of the attributes of a younger physical being, and in many cases not an older or aging physical being. We have the technologies to change all that by erasing many years of your lives while, of course, retaining all your experiences, knowledge and wisdom that you have acquired. This is a wonderful gift that we offer you in the days ahead, and it is entirely your choice whether you choose to accept these gifts from us or not.


      All events are liable to changes due to time constraints and plan rescheduling.






Sheldan Nidle
Free energy sabotaged - The illuminati made very sure we used oil from deep within the Earth, because they were heavily invested in this technology which requires huge capital outlays and consequently receives little competition from the plebeians they exploit. ~