August 10th, 2019

Divine Decree on The Intensifying of The Incoming Energy

Dearly loved children of Gaia, we, the ascended masters and company of heaven, have an important message to share. Divine has decreed that Gaia and her children are so ready for the advancement of the next step of ascension, and Divine will intensify the upcoming energies and help Gaia and humanity advance.

Yes, intensify is the key word…. Some may already feel the energy is intense, we say yes, it is, and it will be more intense dear ones, getting ready for the tsunami, tsunami of Mother’s love and tsunami of love and light will flood the planet, wash all the shadow free and liberate humanity at yet another deeper level. For that, we welcome the tsunami, we celebrate the coming of the tsunami of love, and we ask you, dear light workers and humanity, to get ready, open your arms and hearts, embrace the tsunami of love wholeheartedly, like a child embracing the mother, the earth embracing the rainfall and the forest embracing the spring, embrace the new, the new life. Indeed, a beautiful tsunami of love.

That is the message we brought today, short and sweet. We also want to thank our channelor for diligently conveying the Divine messages to you and spreading the Divine light and love to humanity. For that, we appreciate her and love her tremendously.

That is all we have today. We love you. We love humanity. At this historical moment of ascension, we, the ascended masters and company of heaven, whole heartedly pray the dear light workers and humanity take this precious opportunity, jump on the ascension band wagon, go with the flow, the flow of change, and flow with it. Ascend with Gaia and ascend with the Universe. Once in a blue moon opportunity indeed, although the blue moon is at the Cosmo level.

We love you dear ones. We wish you a great day, a smooth ride, and a peaceful journey. Our love will be with you as always, so is our peace. And so it is.