August 5th, 2019

Mother Mary says we have the magic number now

Mother Mary says, dear heart, I am Mother Mary. I come today with extremely good news. The Divine has been working hard and now the Divine has seen that the planet is on the cusp of the mass awakening. In other words, we have made it. The tipping point is here. We are at the tipping point dear heart. The point at which humanity and the planet will cross the line of awakening, and mass awakening will be the unavoidable. Humanity has to go home. The point at which all sentient beings will ascend, and the entire planet is going to start ascension process. That is the tipping point I am talking about. As of today, the collective has gotten to the tipping point, and we, the Divine and the company of heaven, have been watching carefully and what we see is amazing.

What we see is that the collective, the humanity as a whole, has just crossed the mass awakening threshold. Since the percentage of the mass awakening has reached a necessary degree, now the mass ascension has officially begun. In other words, the required percentage of awakened souls has met the Divine minimium, now the planet and humanity are going to go through quick and mass awakening. We are going to see mass ascension coming, and that is the great news dear heart.

The milestone moment has arrived. We have the percentage now. The number has been reached. We, the Divine are so thrilled about what we see. And what we see is a miracle. The mass ascension moment has arrived.

So, what does it mean to you and the planet at large you may ask? Dear heart, what we just achieved is tremendous. It is years if not decades of your hard work. What you have achieved is the mass ascension. The planet wide ascension has begun. It is the most single moment we, the Divine and the Christ have been longing for for a long time. Now you made it. With the help of the Divine and the light workers world wide, now we have achieved our goal. We have the mass ascension.

The process is going to take years and decades possibly. But we have it. We have enough souls who have decided to move up the ladder and we have enough numbers so that the percentage has been reached. From this point on, we have the majority, majority of the souls have decided to ascend, and the process has begun.

The process of mass ascension has begun dear heart. That is what you and I have been working hard for, and now we achieved our goal. We have the magic number now. The planet and humanity have reached an agreement that the process of mass ascension has started. That means the next phase has begun. The Golden Age has started. Humanity has reached a new chapter, a new level of maturity, and has decided to go home. We are indeed thrilled dear ones. We are the ones who have made it happen. You are the ones who have worked hard for it, and now is your moment. Go celebrate, celebrate your achievement, and celebrate the new beginning. The mass ascension has begun. The new Golden Age has officially started. The Christ has designed this Golden Age, and now it is here. Go celebrate, and let the world know what great news you have, and what an amazing achievement you, as light workers, have done. You are the heroes dear ones. You are the ones who earned this incredible moment, and all the awards along with it. Letís celebrate together dear heart. We have made it. We have won the battle, and now we made the mass ascension happen. Indeed, the planet and humanity are coming home. We have the quarantee now. We have the percentage. We have the magic number.

From this point on, things will develop very fast. You are going to see things go down hill very dramatically and very quickly. The Divine has given the planet and the regime a short period of time to finish up and surrender. Once that happens, the Christ is going to emerge as the leader of the planet and start leading the mass ascension process. The Christ incarnated is going to start the new Golden Age, the brand new chapter of human existence. That is what we are waiting for. our light workers will lead the planet home. That is the next phase, and that is what to come.

Your days are here dear heart. Get ready dear ones. Find your soul tribes, start to prepare your self. Know once the Christ starts the new regime, you too, are going to be in demand, start your new mission, as leaders, teachers, healers and way showers. You are going to be highly in demand. Your soul sisters and brothers are going to need you and you are going to be busy, very busy to fulfill your Divine mission. Get ready dear heart. Know your next phase is about to begin. I love you dear ones. I am Mother Mary. So it is.