August 5th, 2019

Divine Decree on Upcoming Energies and More

Dearly loved children of Gaia, we, the company of heaven and ascended masters, come today with important news to share. Divine decreed that all the dear light workers are currently on the planet earth will have to be ready for the upcoming new wave of energies and diligently anchor the energies to Gaia Earth and share with humanity.

This new energy has never been exposed to earth before and the significance of it is enormous. Divine wants to emphasize the importance of it so that dear light workers know what to expect and how to manage it, anchor it and handle it properly.

Yes, Gaia has reached an ascension level that she is ready for this intense galactic light, a light will change the core of humanity and change the structure of Gaiaís energy in a way that humanity will only benefit when humanity is willing to open up, otherwise, this energy serves as cleansing and clearing energy. You see, all the energies come to earth with purposes, not the same purpose but individual purposes. Some for clearing, others for upgrading and activations. But this new wave of energy is somehow different, different in the way humanity perceives it. If humanity is ready, it will be an energy for upgrade. But if some are not ready, this energy is going to be very powerful for clearing and cleansing, so take note dear ones. Powerful stuff indeed.

That is all the news we have today. Gaia is doing wonderfully in terms of ascension and humanity is moving perfectly toward its goal. Both light workers and humanity are at a point that are to ascend and stay at the higher level, only thing is that humanity is not physically and mentally aware of the ascension and that takes time and effort on humanity part.

We, the company of heaven, work diligently helping Gaia every minute of every day. Good thing is that we see enormous progress being made every day and we feel our effort is paying off. Thank Divineís interventions and that made our job so much easier and smooth. For that, we thank Divineís interventions on behalf of Gaia and her children. We thank dear light workers and humanity for making great efforts and working with us in this great heavenly endeavor. We thank dear ones who are our ground crew and who work around the clock to make sure our messages are out and far reaching. We thank our dear voice, our channeler for her dedication and diligence so that Divine messages and Divine decrees get to you, dear light workers and humanity, and that is so important to Divine and to us, and we cannot appreciate her and love her enough, great job indeed. Heaven is indeed very pleased.

Now, that being said, we do want to assure you all that there will be more work and more messages coming, simply because we, again, come to a busy timeframe, busy time for humanity as well. We want to make sure our teachings is for reaching and our messages are being received on time so that humanity knows how and what to expect.

Divine decrees are the most important messages you want to hear. In higher realm, that is the only news we listen and reveal, and that is directly from the Mother, our creator, and that is something you should ponder and listen with your heart. As your big brother and sister, we indeed strongly encourage you study the Divine decrees and understand what they mean to humanity as well as to you personally because Divine decrees serve as directions for all realms and all souls. That is the point of Divine decrees and that is what we want to convey to you today.

We love you dear ones. Time to wake up and smell the roses and enjoy your journey. Sometimes you donít feel it, you still get distracted by the 3D dramas. But dear ones, look at the bigger pictures, and look at where you are today vibrationally. You are at 5D level. Imagine that, yes, our dear light workers, there are numbers of our ground crew operate at the 5th dimension level day in and day out, which is pure love, unconditional love, every day and every minute of every day. How spectacular! Indeed, we are so proud of them, our great love indeed.

We love you dear ones. Be the love of Divine and company of heaven. Be Motherís warriors and Gaiaís friends and defenders. Be our great love, walking on earth for us and for Divine. And most importantly, be the love you are, unconditional love indeed. We love you, so it is.