July 5th, 2019

Mother Mary on the critical month of July

Mother Mary says, dear heart, I am Mother Mary. I come today with important news. The Divine has decreed that the whole planet and humanity have been informed about the upcoming changes and Gaia’s ascension. Yes, the whole planet. The Divine has made such that all sentient beings heard Divine’s Order and made sure that humanity totally understand the fact that Gaia’s ascension has been going intensely, and humanity too, is ascending, along with Gaia/Mother Earth, and the planet needs help and care. At the moment, the ascending planet needs a leader and that leader is the Cosmo Christ. He is here, on the planet, has been incarnated, in human form, and he will lead the ascension effort. The entire planet will be under the umbrella of the Christ’s Leadership. That regime change has to happen.

The ascension of the masses needs help. Christ and the Divine are here for that effort, and the Divine wants the planet to know that the reason the Divine has come is solely for Gaia’s ascension, and humanity needs help in the process. Gaia has invited the Divine for help, and that is why the Divine has come, and sent millions of helpers here.

The entire operation is under the Christ. He is the leader, and he has officially begun his leadership role. Since yesterday, July 4th of 2019, the Cosmo Christ, the Father of the planet, has officially begun his tenure energetically. He wants the planet to know that he is happy to be back. He will work with Gaia/Mother Earth, to make sure Gaia’s ascension is smooth. He will bring Gaia and their children home. They have it all planned out. The only thing now is to let these plans unfold in your reality and let the process keep going. The Christ has the confidence that the process will be done in his lifetime, in roughly a few decades, and then he will return to the heavens and rest. The rest of the millennium will be handed over to the Divine Goddesses. All these Goddesses have been chosen energetically, especially the one after the Christ. He will make sure she will be ready when the time comes, and he will make sure all her missions will be completed in her tenure here. He is the mentor of hers, and he knows what it takes to get the job done.

I love you dear heart. I am Mother Mary. In the months ahead, the Divine will focus on bringing the Christ incarnated to the mainstream, the world stage. Our light workers will be called as well. Some of the light workers will be more pioneering than others. But overall, all the light worker community will come online, along with the Christ. It is time for the light workers to move forward and lead the ascension effort. Our light workers, most of them, have been readied for some time. Now is the time for them to shine. Besides the majority of the light workers, the Divine has also arranged a group of light workers who have been tasked in terms of the final disclosure. In other words, we have a group of light workers who will make the final disclosure. Now they are ready. The Divine has made sure they are all ready to do their job. So that has been taken care of.

Now, that being said, we, the Divine do have to pay special attention to this group of light workers, especially the critical ones who have extremely important part of the Divine plan. We, the Divine will make sure they do their job. They have been tested for quite a few times, and now they are ready. The Divine will continue to monitor them till their job is done.

I love you dear heart. I am Mother Mary. July is a critical month. We have a lot of expectations for the month of July, and the Divine has packed a great deal of activities for the month as well. Instead of letting the activities preoccupy the Divine, we have changed our approach. We now let these activities unfold while making sure these activities actually unfold. That way, we have the insurance, and the results will be pretty satisfactory. So, my advice for you, individually, is to use the same approach. Instead of focusing on the results of the unfoldment of the Divine plan, try to focus on the manifestation power. You know you have the power and manifestation skills, so apply that power and skills to the Divine plan, and then allow time for it to unfold. That way, your patience won’t be running thin, and the results come quicker. That is my suggestion dear ones. I love you. I am Mother Mary. So it is.