July 7th, 2019

Guan Yin on latest happenings

Guan Yin says, dear heart, I am Guan Yin. In this special morning, I come and share what is happening behind the scenes, and what the Divine and Gaia are doing at the moment. Gaia has been working with the Christ and shedding per past furiously. She knows that right now is the time. The Father Christ is here. Her children are safe, and the climate is right for her to release. So Gaia has been and will continue to release intensely. The planet will continue to see the release. Gaia and Mother Earth Have decided to let the past go, let the deeply buried unproductive energies come up and release. Due to the amount of energies buried in the depths of Mother Earth, this releasing process is going to take some serious time. Gaia knows that, and she and her physical body, Mother Earth, Have come to an agreement that no matter how long it takes, as long as the release is helpful for Gaiaís ascension, they then will let the release going till the day the new Earth is being built and Gaia has a new body. It is a team effort. But Gaia and Mother Earth have been doing a remarkable job and for that, we, the Divine, have really a great deal of appreciation for their dedication and love for each other. That is a beautiful team work.

I love you dear heart. I am Guan Yin. What is next for the overall Divine plan for Gaia and the planet. Since the Christ has legitimately taken the throne, the planet now is under Christís Supervision. What that means is that from this point on, the Cosmo Christ, the Father God of the planet will make decisions regarding what to do. We, the Divine will listen and try to help. Of course, Christ always consults with the Mother God and the Divine, but ultimately the decisions are his and we respect that. The whole reason we, the Divine are here, is because we want to help the Christ and Gaia. We want the process to go smoothly and the Christ to have a final successful trip. Now he is doing a great job, and leading with his grand leadership style, and we, the Divine are so proud of the Father Godís Team and so thrilled for the planet. Your Father God is here. He is going to lead the planet and humanity home. He has successfully taken the throne and now he is leading the entire operation, and the effort. What an amazing news. The whole planet is so thrilled to see the Christ. And his children are happy.

Now, what does it mean that the Christ has returned to the planet? From the Divine and the Christís perspective, the entire process will be much easier and less traumatic. The Cosmo Christ has the knowledge of the planet. He has created this planet, with Mother Gaia. He knows humanity. He knows how to work with humans and he has the wisdom which is definitely needed for the planetary ascension purpose. The Christ has been back and forth for eons of time, just for the goal that some day, the planet and his children would ascend. For that goal, he has done so much and now is time to harvest that effort. He has all the reasons to expect the planet to ascend and that is why we, the Divine, totally have faith and know the Christ will make sure Gaia goes home, and their children will ascend with Gaia. The process may take a couple of decades, but the Christ will manage it. And he has the plan to stay on the planet till the ascension is done. That is the overall plan the Christ has. As long as the Christ is here, we, the Divine, will be here as well to make sure that things go according to the plan. The Divine works with the Christ, and tries to help him in whichever way he needs. That is the plan, and we, the Divine, will honor that plan.

Besides that, the Divine is also working to bring the Christ onto the world stage, and make sure the entire planet knows that the Christ is here, he has incarnated in human body. His incarnation will be his representative, on the planet, leading the ascension effort on behalf of the great Cosmo Christ. His human representative is going to be the leader in the upcoming ascension journey till his goal gets accomplished. The Divine has announced his arrival to the planet, and humanity now has the knowledge of his return. Even though in the 3D world, it doesnít seem that way, but that will change. The manifestation process may take a few weeks and months, but nevertheless, the Christ has made such that the Christ incarnated is going to come to the leadership soon. And he has been appointed to be the leader of the entire planet and human race. His tenure started early In July 2019. He has the Divine decree and now he is the legitimate leader of the planet and humanity. He will emerge and that is the destiny of him and the planet. We, the Divine, have made such the Christ incarnated emerges, and will help him to get on his journey and conduct the mission that the Cosmo Christ has bestowed on him. He is going to do a great job. He has what it takes to get the job done. Plus, the Cosmo Christ will be on his side, even though on the other side of the veil. Nevertheless, the Christ incarnated knows that there is no separation. And he has all the love and support he needs to get the job done. He is deeply loved and supported in whichever way he needs. The Divine has the whole entourage besides him day in and day out, plus the entourage of the Cosmo Christ. He basically has the entire Universe on his side, plus the Heavens and beyond. So, whatever he needs on this journey, is at his fingertips and that is what we, the Divine, want to create for the sake of his successful journey so humanity can come home sound and safe. Gaia has a great deal of appreciation for the Christ. Gaia knows how much we, the Divine love the Christ, the Divine Father God, and how much the Divine will do for the Christ. Gaia knows what Christís journey means to us, and the Divine. And Gaia has the absolute confidence that we, the Divine, will do whatever it takes to make sure Christís journey is sound and safe, and he will successfully fulfill the mission, make his final trip to the planet a successful one and that overall sentiment is what we all share. We love the Divine Father God. We love the Christ dearly. I love you dear ones. I am Guan Yin. So it is.