June 19th, 2019

Mother Mary on the upcoming changes

Mother Mary says dear heart, I am Mother Mary. I come today with important news. The Divine has decreed that the planetary ascension has been going extremely well, and the Divine believes it is time to move forward with Gaiaís further agenda. Gaia wants the planet earth to release the deep rooted old patriarchal energies which means that you are going to see more vital changes. These changes have to happen for the sake of Gaia and Mother Earth. So the Divine has decided to bring these changes to the world.

These changes can be natural changes. In some countries though, the changes will be political, and there are a small number of regions in the world that will experience the changes in dramatic ways. That is why I have come forward to deliver this warning so that our dear light workers will have the sense of what is happening, and how these happenings will impact the climate and Mother Earth.

I love you dear heart. I am Mother Mary. I know some regions are going to experience tremendous changes, either Mother Earth related, or society related. Nevertheless, changes are changes, and they impact human lives. In order for the changes to happen, we have to have the right timing, and we have to follow the Divine guidance. Now, Gaia and the Divine have given the green light, which means it is time. Time for the changes dear heart. The changes you have been looking forward for are here for you to experience. Embrace thyself, and get ready for the changes. In the next few months or so, you are going to see these changes happening around the globe and they are impactful. Be ready for it, and know you are the ones who have brought these changes to the planet. You are the change agents and you have done your duty to bring the changes to humanity. Give yourself a pat on the back and know the job is well done.

I love you dear heart. I am Mother Mary. In terms of when you can expect the changes and where they will be. What I can tell you at this moment is that these changes will be world wide, and the countries which will be impacted most will be the ones which lead the ascension efforts. There are countries that the Divine has appointed as the leaders of Gaiaís ascension efforts, and now, this time, these countries are being called. The first round of the changes will happen in these countries.

Now, you may wonder where these countries are located, and how you will know if you will be impacted. What the Divine wants you to know at this moment is donít worry. The countries which lead the changes are already having tremendous changes. Our light workers who are in these countries, will be the ones that lead the effort and bring the changes to the public, so that our time will come. The world will know that our light workers are here. Gaia is ascending and Mother Earth is ascending as well. Once these announcements are made, the world will know the truth - that we are spiritual beings. Mother Earth is a living spirit. And Mother Earth needs loving tender care. The planet is going through ascension which means all living beings on the planet will go through the process as well. Humanity needs to ascend with Gaia and Mother Earth. The time is now.

Once the announcements are made, our Divine team will come online. It is time. We need to come in and help Gaia and humanity to ascend. It is the Divine which needs to lead the ascension effort. And Christ is the leader. Christ will appear and lead in the next thirty to forty years so that once the ascension process is done, he can call it a success. The planetary ascension will be Christís last effort before he hands it over to the next Goddess who will continue the ascension of the new Earth.

So it is the Cosmo Christ who is here and he is going to manage the next phase which may last decades. The Christ is determined to complete his mission and bring Gaia and their children home. That is the commitment Christ and Gaia have made together. They are the parents of this planet and all beings on the planet, and they are going to bring all their children home. Now, even though the mass ascension still is quite a distance away, but we have reached a point where the planet needs the Divine and the Divine needs to come in and help the planet with the ascension effort. That is the latest decision the Divine has made, and that is the great news for you dear heart. I love you. I am Mother Mary. So it is.