June 2nd, 2019

Mother Mary on bringing the Christ and our light workers to the world stage

Mother Mary says, dear heart, I am Mother Mary. I come today with important news. The current atmosphere is very suitable for the expansion of the Divine plan. According to the Christ and the Divine plan, our focus now is on the Christ and how the Christ can get to the Divine position and rule the planet. Even though, since the spring Equinox, the Christ has been sitting on the throne and managing the planetary ascension. But due to the changes and the nature of the planet right now, we need the Christ who actually lives on the planet and rules. In other words, we need the Christ incarnated soul who actually walks in human body, and walks for the Christ. Now, you may say, dear Mother Mary, what do you mean? Do you mean that the Christ has been incarnated and is walking on the planet? I say yes dear heart. The Christ has incarnated in human body. He is currently walking on the planet. We need him to be the leader of the planet so that together, with the Christ, we can carry out Christís Plan for Gaia and bring the planet home.

Now, it is easy to think that the Christ is in every one, and therefore, every body is Christ. It is true to some degree that Christ is the Christ consciousness, and it is in every soul on the planet. That is understandable. Just like the Divine Motherís ray is in every soul, and therefore, Divine Mother is here, on the planet.

But, from a soul and spirit perspective, the Christ is also a soul. He can, indeed, come to the planet and incarnate in a human body. Therefore, if the Divine says that the Christ is here, it means that the Christ actually has incarnated. He, himself, the pure Christ consciousness, has incarnated and he is the one that the Divine and the company of heaven, want to be the leader for the upcoming time. The Christ incarnated soul who has been designated to lead the ascension effort and bring Gaia home. This Christ incarnated soul is going to be the representative of the Christ and he is the next in line with Christ, together, they form the Divine government and lead the entire operation and bring the planet home. That is the Christ incarnated soul I am talking about here today. And I want you, dear heart to have the correct information, and understand mine and Divineís intention to bring the Christ incarnated soul and our light workers to the world stage. Together, we bring the changes to the world, and bring our light workers and Gaiaís ascension to the mainstream.

I love you dear heart. I am Mother Mary. In the time to come, the Divine and the company of heaven, are going to focus attention on the Christ and his human representative. We, the Divine have been working for the Christ to make sure that he has indeed brought all of his disciples close, and to make sure all of Christís Divine missions get accomplished.

The Christ is the Divine Father God. He has been on the planet for the last few months. He has indeed brought the whole Divine with him and now anchored on the planet. Now what is left to accomplish is to bring his representative, the Christ incarnated Divine Father God, to power so that together, with the Divine and the company of heaven, we rule and that day has been coming. It is the design dear heart. We bring that day to the planet. Together, we bring the Christ consciousness to power, to the crown, so that eventually, he, the Christ incarnated, can and will lead the planetary ascension effort. And that is what I have been working toward, and it is happening. Together, you and I, together, we bring that day to the planet. We bring that day to reality. We are indeed so close dear ones. Letís work together. Letís bring the Christ to power. Letís bring our Divine Father Godí plan to reality. Letís bring our dear light workers to the world stage dear heart. Together, we bring the Christ and the planetary ascension to the forefront. Together, we change the world. I am Mother Mary. I love you. So it is.