June 26th, 2019

Quan Yin on The Steps After Landing

Guan Yin says, dear heart, I am Guan Yin. Today, I come forward to deliver great news. With the Divine and the company of heavenís Agreement, our Divine plan is about to make a big jump and leap. Our Divine plan has been unfolding nicely. Recently, under the leadership of Cosmo Christ, we, the Divine made big moves, and we have accomplished so much so that we have basically done all the predisclosure work. Now we just wait for the announcements to be made. In other words, the Divine has accomplished all the prep work and the only thing left is to let the world know that our light workers are here. Our Divine Mother Father God is here for Gaia and humanity. Gaia and Mother Earth is going through ascension, and her journey home needs a lot of help. That is why the Divine has come. And that is why we have sent millions of light workers to the planet so that together, with Christís Help, we bring Gaia/Mother Earth home. The journey home has already begun. Humanity can see the process by looking at the planet. The planet right now is in a dire situation. Polluted waters and air and land are causing a great deal of harm to humanity and the animal kingdom. We need to stop the harm so that we can preserve the animal kingdom, and humanity can eventually have better living conditions.

Currently, human diseases are so prevalent on the planet. Every where you go, the planet is ill. And humanity suffers the most because humans need food and water and air, and the food, the water and the air on the planet are not healthy to say the least. There are some regions where souls have absolutely no clean water whatsoever, not mentioning the food supplies. The Divine has been trying to warn humanity. But the harm continues, and humanity may have to endure this for quite some time till further treatments. One reason that the Divine so desperately wants to come in is to clean the planet, and treat the illnesses so that humanity will have a healthy living environment. We have it all planned out, and Christ has brought a great team of experts to examine the conditions on the planet, and come up with a treatment plan. The Christ is working diligently on the cleaning effort, and hopefully after the landing, we will have the planet cleaned quickly so that the souls on the planet may enjoy an illness free lifestyle, and Gaia can feel the light and be free from all the pollutions. That is the goal the Divine has and we will implement the Divine plan shortly.

I love you dear ones. I am Guan Yin. In terms of how the process will be carried out and how our light workers will benefit from the landing. What the Divine plans to do is to have the light workers free first, meaning our light workers will be freed financially and spiritually. We want our light workers to be free and feel free to conduct their mission. Due to the current atmosphere, our light workers are no where near having the environment to fulfill their Divine mission, not mentioning feeling the love and appreciation from the planet and humanity. We want to liberate our light workers financially and physically, and we want the planet to know of our light workerís existence. Then we will bring our light workers to the mainstream, introduce them to the world, let the world know what they do, and why they are here. We need the leaders to recognize our light workers, give them the recognition they deserve and bring our light workers the rewards they have earned. That is the first and foremost goal we want to accomplish.

Second, after introducing our light workers, the Divine is going to reward our light workers for a job well done. There are some exceptional light workers who will be on the world stage, continuing their outstanding work. There are also a lot of light workers will be located in areas where the Divine needs them the most. In other words, the Divine will relocate some of the light workers again to make sure Gaiaís potential movements will be sound and safe. That is the plan.

Right after that, we, the Divine are going to focus on the Cosmo Christ and his mission to make sure his journey is successful. We need to bring the Christ to the world stage so he can lead. We need some of the light workers to come with the Christ, and lead together. For Christ, he has planned out who he wants to be on his side and how many he needs. So far, he has all that planned and ready. In terms of how many of the light workers the Divine and the Christ will need at his side, we have estimated. The number is about a few hundred, plus Christ has his own disciples. Together, we look at roughly one thousand souls and these souls will be located in Washington DC, alongside of the Mother/Father God. The rest will be all over the world and traveling will be required from time to time. That is the light workers.

From Gaia/Mother Earthís Perspective, Gaia is going to stay where she is now. For safety sake, the Divine has been protecting Gaia since day one. We want her to stay put. The Christ wants Gaia to stay in a safe place and just focus on the healing. Till one day when the planet is ready, we can bring her to the world stage. But for the time being, Gaia is going to stay anonymous. That is the plan for Gaia.

Besides that, we, the Divine will have to continue the releasing work. Gaia/Mother Earthís Releasing is nonstop no matter what. We will make sure that is the case. Our light workers will have to continue their work no matter what. The work for Gaia canít stop. The Divine is going to make sure that is the case. Any one who neglects the work will be called out. I want to remind our light workers about it.

I love you dear ones. I am Guan Yin. It is time. We have made it. Your rewarding season has come, reap your rewards for a job well done. Celebrate your achievements and make sure you say thank you to each other because at end of the day, it is the United forces, it is all of the light workers who worked together, to win this battle, finish this journey. Say I love you to all the light workers or nonlight workers out there, and thank each and every one of the souls involved in the process. Most importantly, say thank you to thyself. It is you dear heart, who made the impossible possible. I love you dear heart. I am Guan Yin. So it is.