June 30th, 2019

Mother Mary on the history of 144,000

Mother Mary says dear heart, I am Mother Mary. I come today to bring you good news. The Divine has decreed that the original volunteers who have been sent to the planet by the Father God, are now being called. Divine Father/Mother God want these 144,000 light workers to be shown to the world first. The Divine has deemed that these light workers are the most devoted and stayed on the planet the longest. They have come to the planet with the Father God, setting up the creation process and ushered in the humans. They are the light forces which Divine Father God Christ had when he first came to the planet. They have been with the Father ever since. These souls literally never stop working. They came to planet earth at times when Gaia Mother needed them the most. Mother Gaia was the first creation of the great Mother God. Once Gaia was created, Divine Mother God created these souls for the purpose of accompanying Father God. Mother God asked these 144,000 souls to stay with the Father God no matter what, and they did just that. These souls have come and gone with the Father God ever since. They never stopped their journey to earth, worked tirelessly till now, they have being called, and the Divine wants them to come home. The Divine wanted them to come to the planet one more time, accompanying the Divine Father, and then come home forever. They no longer need to come to the planet after that. Their mission has been completed. And they have successfully ascended, each and every one of them. The Divine made sure all of these 144,000 have successfully ascended. Now, the Divine is calling them to show the world who they are and why they are here.

These souls are Mother Godís League. They were specially equipped when they came to the planet. They have the codes no one else has, and these codes have been extremely helpful for them individually as well as for the collective. Because they have carried wake-up codes, or ascension codes, because of their mere presence on the planet, they have started this ascension process even as this tiny planet was just created. That is why this planet has growing so fast, and ascension comes so quick. These ascension processes have been going on for a long time. It is just that, in humanityís infancy, they have not be able to recognize it. Now, the ascension is at full steam, and these ascension codes have deeply anchored in each and every human soul. And these ascension codes have been activated. It is now just a matter of time. When the time comes, every human on the planet will wake up and go home. That is the design.

I love you dear heart. I am Mother Mary. Now you know the history of these 144,000 light workers, glorified in the Revelation of the Bible. They are indeed great loves of the Mother God. What they have done for this planet is recorded in the hall of fame in the heavens. They are an amazing group of souls who work tirelessly for the planet. Now is their time to shine. The Divine wants the planet to recognize them, give them the over due appreciation and credit they so deserve. They are the true unsung heroes, and they deserve the most glory in this ascension process.

Their time has come. Letís give them a round of applause, and let them know how precious they are, and how much we love them. They deserve the most recognition and the love from humanity. These souls have been through eons of time, and they are indeed the wise ones.

I love you dear ones. In the next few days and upcoming weeks, the Divine is going to continue the reward process. We want each and every one of our light workers to be recognized and rewarded. The reward is based on how long you have been doing the light work, and how much light you have brought to the planet. There are exceptional light workers who will be called in special settings, and the reward for them will be more. The Divine wants to make sure these special group of high achievers receive what they deserve. They have done so much for the planet, we need to give back to them. They are the cornerstones of this grand operation, and the Divine wants to make sure they are honored and rewarded. They are the special ones indeed.

Besides that, Gaia wants to make sure that she, personally appreciates all the work each of the light workers have done. She wants the light workers to be remembered. She wants the planet to know the light workers and how the light workers have helped the planet. Gaia said that each of our light workers deserves the deepest love and appreciation, and she knows that she owns each and every one of the light workers a big thanks. She said that the Divine knows how appreciative Gaia is for the help light workers bring to the planet, and Gaia wants our light workers to know that. Gaia always appreciates what you do, and always loves you.

I love you dear ones. I am Mother Mary. In the upcoming times, when things show on the planet, in other words, after the final disclosure happens, the Divine will have a show for the planet. All the 144,000 will be introduced to the planet and humanity. The Divine will make sure all of them show up and show their glory to the planet. It may take years, but the Divine is determined. The Divine wants these souls shown to the planet to let the planet know who they are and why they are here. That is the reason why they are called today and that is why we have come forward to get this message out. I love you dear heart. I am Mother Mary. So it is.