May 12th, 2019

Mother Mary on The Christ energy as a balancing force

Mother Mary says, dear heart, I am Mother Mary. I come today with an important message. The Divine has decided to continue the push of the Divine agenda, and let the Christ energy continue to increase. In other words, the Christ consciousness is going to be more prominent, and the Christ is going to gain more support, simply because the Divine has been working with the Christ to make sure all of his disciples come to terms with their Divine missions.

Christ consciousness has been bombarding the planet since the beginning of the year. We have invited all christed hearts to join us and help humanity. The Christ energy is the one that formed this beautiful planet and human race. Once the planet is awakened, humanity will automatically realize that they are the children of Christ. They have the Christ in them, and they need to follow the Christ so that they can come home. It is the design. Our Divine Mother/Father God have designed it this way in the hope that the planet and humanity will always be able to come home. Now, since the fall of the human grace, the planet has been plunged and so has humanity. The percentage of the human race that has been asleep is very high. Even though our light worker community has been awakening at an exponential rate, humanity is still deeply asleep. So, the approach we, the Divine are using now is to awaken the masses. The mass awakening time has come. We want the planet and the human race to awaken and come home with Gaia. The planet is in the process of total awakening, and that is the goal Christ has been striving for. The Christ, himself, has been working toward this goal since day one. He is the Father of the planet and the human race. He wants his children to awaken and come home. He has all of this planned out, and now he is implementing the Divine plan. For the first time ever, the Divine has presented itself on this planet in such a great numbers because we, the Divine, want the planet/Gaia to come home, and we want to help the Christ. He is the beloved Divine Father God, and his mission is Divineís mission, my mission and our mission. We all are here for the sake of helping our Divine Father Mother God and help Gaia and her children to come home.

I love you dear heart. I am Mother Mary. I know some of the light workers have a different mindset about the Christ. They think the Christ is the Jesus and the Christianity. Because their upbringing or for any other reasons, there are some light workers who dislike the idea that Christ is their Divine Father God, and they refuse the mission of helping the Christ and Christ consciousness. I am going to address these beloved light workers and let you know that, dear heart, Christ is your Divine Father. His consciousness is in you. You are part of the Christ. You are his children regardless of what you think you are. He is the one who created this human race, so he is in every human being, regardless of whether you are angelic or not. You do have the Christ consciousness and you are the children of Christ.

Now, the Christ is the Divine Father. Jesus was the incarnation. Yes, Christ had invented Christianity, and he also had invented other traditions. Traditions around the world, you name it. They all have been brought here by the Christ. He is the devoting Father, loves his children and wants his children to practice one form or other so that eventually his children can come home. That is the Christ, and that is why the Christ had invented all sorts of ways for the planet to come home.

Besides religion, there are also different practices the Christ had brought to the planet for humanity to utilize. Traditions like American Indian traditions, and shamanism around the world. The practices deeply involve Mother Earth. That is Christís Idea because he wants his children to remember their Divine Mother and Mother Earth, and know how their bodies are connected to the planet so that they know their Mother Earth is their Mother and they need to respect her. Christ is the Father and he knows the planet. He knows how humans function, how the human psyche works. He invented different ways of practices for human race to conquer the mind and go home. He is indeed the doting Father of the planet and deserves your love.

I love you dear ones. The reason I have come today and share with you the Christ consciousness and how much the Christ loves you, is that I want each and every one of you to remember your Divine Father, love your Divine Father and hopefully realize that you are the child of Christ. The Christ is your Divine Father. He is the one who created this planet and human race. So, next time when you have doubts about the Christ, just remember that the Christ is the Divine Father who represents the Divine masculine, and he is different from Christianity, and he is the Christ consciousness. And that is important. That will automatically balance out your own issues about Divine Feminine and Divine masculine. You have both, and they need to be balanced. Call on Christ, he can help to balance the masculine energy with the Divine Feminine so that eventually you are balanced, and that is what the Divine wants. I love you dear heart. I am Mother Mary. So it is.