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Ascendant in Cancer

Posted by Adrian Tremayne on January 14, 2011 at 3:20pm in Astrology

(Bernice Grebner) 

First decanate (Cancer-Cancer): These people project themselves with caution, for they fear being hurt. These people know how it feels to be hurt; therefore they tend to overprotect loved ones. There is a tendency to be active in a sporadic way, doing little jobs and then relaxing again until something or someone puts pressure on them. When hurt they tend to overeat; hence they usually gain weight. With Capricorn-Capricorn on the Descendant, they may have marriage partners who are much older or more serious. They will endure unhappy marriages simply because they feel they should remain loyal. However, if Saturn is afflicted by aspect, the marriage may fail no matter how hard they try to keep it alive. They accept responsibility connected with marriage that other people do not. (For example, marriage to a woman who already has a child; or a sick parent to care for). 

Second decanate (Cancer-Scorpio): This decanate gives more physical endurance than the Cancer-Cancer, and they can endure more emotional strain. They seem more secretive and mysterious than Cancer-Cancer and are much more proud in nature. They are apt to keep secrets and have a temper that flares when something goes wrong in connection with love affairs or their children. With Capricorn-Taurus on the Descendant, they may be too conservative with the marriage partner, only to be big spenders where friends are concerned. The marriage partner needs to understand that friends are a basic need and are this person's richest resource. These people are loyal and devoted in friendship as well as in marriage. It works beautifully if the marriage partner is also a friend (or was a friend before marriage). 

Third decanate (Cancer-Pisces): The projection into the 1st house is subject to the reception of spiritual impulses. They carry with them through these activities a strong need to be nurtured; and when all else has gone their self-sacrifice remains. They are consciously aware that their mother influence is instinctively with them, but their goals for self-projection seem to remain hidden. They are insatiable in their desire to learn the eternal truths. With Capricorn-Virgo on the Descendant, they attract ambitious partners. While they can be sentimental, the tendency toward criticism can restrict both partners in emotional expression. They may attract mates who will want to be protected and cared for, ones who either have health problems or are hypochondriacs. 


(Sepharial and Muchery) 


First decanate: A sociable and amiable disposition, generous character, kind and attractive nature; many friends; supporters among women of position; good social standing, and success in the artistic world. A fondness for pleasure and for personal decoration mark this decan of Cancer. 

Second decanate: Gives a strong imaginative intellect; makes a clever writer, a lover of travel and learning; renders the native loquacious and sometimes a tattler, and confers wealth or fame by the use of the pen, but the native makes enemies by too free use of the tongue. 

Third decanate: Love of romance, travelling, adventure, and mystical subjects. Gives public recognition and a certain popularity, honourable or otherwise, according to the position of the Moon at birth; gives many sea voyages and constant changes in life, the patronage of women, and acquisition of property 

Physical qualities: Cancer gives a broad, round forehead, often high on account of the thin, sparse, prematurely falling hair; a wide chest and fleshy, plump or well-rounded body; a laborious walk, sometimes rolling or swaying; a full, rounded face, with a tendency to pendulous cheeks and a double chin in mature years. The stature is medium and the figure is often top-heavy; the hands and feet are small and plump. The veins show through the flesh and impart to it an attractive bluish tint. The native has nice teeth of a chalky color and dull apperance which will decay early in life because they are insufficiently protected by the enamel. The eyes are grey or bluish, watery and prominent; the nose is small and short; the distance between the nostrils and lower lip is inclined to be long. 

Mental qualities: Changeful, roving disposition; ambitious, inclined to public life; prudent, sympathetic; imaginative and romantic. In disposition he is changeable, fickle, fond of travel and novelty, although he does not dislike his domestic circle and his family, to whom he is greatly attached, until the day comes when he realises that his feelings are not reciprocated: he will then escape without hope of ever returning. He is sociable, intellectual, poetical, inclined to be pessimistic and to worry about the future, and this will make him economical. Cancer is a lucky sign. It often enables its native to make a rich marriage and to gain several inheritances. For a man it often brings wealth through women. 


(Frances Sakoian and Louis Acker) 


Cancers tend to be emotionally volatile. They expend a great deal of energy through their feelings and are romantic and dramatic in their emotional expressions. Their emotions are supported by their will, however. They identify with their families and familiar concerns. With Capricorn on the seventh house cusp, there is a tendency to be cautious and reserved in forming partnerships and to be shy in public relations. Since large crowds frighten them, Cancers do not like to remain in a crowd for very long. They are cautious in marriage. They tend to marry late in life and often for status. 


(Dane Rudhyar) 


A Cancer Ascendant will tend to make a person concerned with very definite, perhaps intellectually formulatable or experientially workable goals. The issues are sharply definable and involve individual personalities. What is perhaps more important is that the Cancer Ascendant person will trust more in the use of personal power and of the dynamic power of love. Adler, a psychologist who left the Freudian school, had a Cancer Ascendant, and he emphasized the importance of purely personal reaction to some kind of handicap and the will-to-power which compensates for feelings of inferiority by expressing aggressivity. The person with Cancer as rising sign will also use this process of perosnal compensation but primarily as he establishes associations with other people. He is afraid to meet them in a person-to-person interaction. He may hide under broad concepts and Capricornian social generalizations. He has to build  a social persona, to play a role in which he can appear superior to other people; and clairvoyance may turn out to be quite a remarkable way of impressing the persons with whom one comes into relationship with one's superior faculty of perception, while at the same time one is inwardly painfully aware of one's own individual insecurity. 


(Howard Sasportas) 


With Cancer on the Ascendant, greater self-realization is achieved through a sophisticated attunement to the feeling nature. Some people with Cancer rising (especially if the rest of the chart is predominantly watery, or if Neptune is strongly figured) are so emotionally vulnerable and exposed that they learn to protect themselves by developing a hard outer shell. Their task is to find ways of using their sensitivity rather than being overwhelmed by it. Others with Cancer rising (if the rest of the chart shows a great deal of Air or Earth) may be unaware of just how much is teeming under a cool and collected surface. This type will attract experiences which underline the need to acknowledge, respect and free the feelings. The nature of the crab provides an apt description of the Cancer Ascendant. Besides being ready at a moment's notice to withdraw back into its shell, the crab has a way of approaching situations sideways, reflecting the non-confronting nature of this Rising sign. The crab is not comfortable all the time in the water, so it ventures out onto land, but then retreats back into the water again. Cancer rising also exhbits a two-steps-forward, one-step-backward dance-like ebb and flow. Cancer on the 1st hous should learn to respect and 'go with' an internal and organic sense of their own timing and rhythm. In this respect, they are capable of 'tuning into' the cyclic nature of life. And yet there is a tenacity to the crab; its grasping claws do not easily relinquish what it holds onto. Those with Cancer rising cling to their feelings - be it joy or pain - and won't easily relinquish them until a stronger feeling overtakes. Explanations, reasons and rationalizations, while making perfect sense to an Air sign rising, won't get you very far with the crab, and may even be turned against you. The sign of Cancer is associated with the womb and breasts. The breasts provide the nourishment to sustain new life, and the womb provides the perfect environment in which something can grow. If Cancer is on the Ascendant, the person grows in selfawarenses through developing qualities of nurturing and caring. Whether it's through fostering a family, a business project, or a strongly felt cause, Cancer rising blossoms and 'comes into its own'. However, if they shun any active version of the mother role, then they have a way of flipping to the other side: that is, looking for others to play mother to them. An over-identification with the mother, a tendency to stay too long within the womb of the family of origin, or a persistent search for the Ideal Mother they lost or never had, are some of the issues which may manifest with Cancer rising. The opposite sign of Capricorn will be found on the 7th house cusp, and evokes those qualities which balance the extremes of Cancer. Those with Cancer rising may be flooded and swept away by upsurges of emotion and feeling, but maintaining a relationship demands that they discriminate between which emotions are appropriate and useful and which should be filtered or kept under control. Through partnership, a structure (Capricorn) is built, into which the otherwise random and chaotic feelings of Cancer can flow. They may enact their own need to achieve in the world through helping another person to become successful and established (Capricorn on the 7th). With this placement, a partner who will offer security, strength and stability is sought. At some point, however, Cancer rising will need to find these qualities from within, rather than importing others to provide them. The Ascendant often has the characteristic 'moon face' - round, receptive and pleasing. Often there is a soft, fleshy appearance with a propensity to put on weight or retain fluids. The upper part of the body may be out of proportion to the rest of the torso. Extremes of sensitivity and emotional chaos are associated with this Rising sign.


(Jeanne Avery) 


The Moon is the ruler of Cancer. In a chart, the Moon indicates not only the emotional quality, the feelings, and sensitivity, but the mothering urges and protective instincts. When you spot someone who expresses that motherly concern for your welfare - picking lint off your jacket, asking if you've eaten lately, checking to see that you're all right - you can guess that you're in the company of someone who has Cancer rising. Another giveaway sign is talkativeness, with an emotional quality coming through loud and clear. The Caner rising talks about feelings, rather than ideas, for the Moon works completely through the emotional nature. It is related to the anima part of the personality; therefore, the feminine, sensitive, vulnerable facet. The Moon is the fastest-moving body in the heavens, waxing and waning, going through constant changes, often hiding behind the clouds. Yet when it emerges, it is there to act as a beacon in the dark. Since the person with Cancer rising is ruled by his emotions, the moody, changeable quality of this rising sign is apparent to everyone around. He can change moods drastically every few hours in a day. When he is in control of his emotions, this is the most understanding, sensitive person you could hope to find. He is nurturing, compassionate, and receptive. He is in touch with the emotional reactions of those around him and will always be ready to help. If he is not in control, he can be extremely miserable. When he allows a greater sense of reason to come into play, he begins to take charge of his emotions, rather than letting himself be a victim of those moods. The mythological ruler of Cancer is the goddess Diana. She represents the bursting of life, the dawning of seasons, and ceremonies. Tradition, as related to harvest and hearth, are assigned to Diana. She represents cool, feminine beauty - aloof, yet concerned with germination and birth. She is representative of Mother Earth. Natives with this ascendant are tremendously connected to family and traditions, leaning toward a sense of heritage and warm, homey things. It makes no difference whether the native is male or female, the expression is that of the Mother. Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac, the home described by the fourth house. Cancer rising is particularly invested in his home and family. The symbol of Cancer is the crab. The crab has two phases of his existence: one where he is vulnerable and naked without his shell, one where he is protected by the hard, rock-like covering he grows around his exposed, sensitive body. The crab's habits can shed particularly symbolic light on the personality of a person with Cancer rising. When the crab is frightened or exposed, he scuttles behind a rock or into the sea. When the Cancer rising is hurt or finds his moods too much to deal with, he goes into hiding. He only emerges into the light of day when he has worked out his hurt or disappointment to his own satisfaction. The crab moves sideways toward his prey. He sidles up to the object of his attention and firmly fixes a claw. He clings to his prey and holds on with a vice-like grip. The native with this ascendant can do the same thing. When he has focused on his objective, he approaches it indirectly and grabs hold. His tenacity is unparalleled. He can hold you in an emotional grip that is extremely difficult to get away from. He can become 'crabby' and irritable at times, yet will be the personification of sensitivity and understanding at others. He can seem quite cool and aloof sometimes, yet when he is exposed and without his shell, he is the soul of warmth and protection. He can appear unfeeling and uncaring when he is in one of his moods, yet when he emerges from his hiding place, he basks in the sunlight of friendship and resumes his concern for your welfare. This is the most sentimental sign of the zodiac. He can become attached to possessions that remind him of warm times and special people. Cancer is a Water sign, again emphasizing the sensitivity and receptiveness. Emotion and intuitive qualities are assigned to Water signs in general, but the Cancer rising shows these qualities most easily of all. He is nothing if not fluid in his emotional nature. Cancer rising is also a cardinal sign; therefore, even more receptive, sensitive, and vulnerable. These attributes can be both positive and negative. If there is a preponderance of these qualities, the native will be somewhat like a sponge. He picks up the feelings of those around him too easily. He can be swayed off his path and deterred from his goals by negative influences. He is especially receptive to upsetting conditions, as Cancer rules the stomach or solar plexus area, the point of attachment of the astral or emotional body. If the Cancer rising leaves his home in a happy mood and runs into someone angry or upset, he immediately takes on that emotional quality, unless he knows how to prevent that from happening. He is especially sensitive to jealousies from others and can be stopped from taking action in a rather subtle way. In a negative expression of his energy, he can become guilt-ridden, or can be envious of others' good fortune. It is most important for this individual to pick associates carefully. The magnetic quality of his personality will attract all types of people to his side. Since he is so receptive and sensitive, and tends to pick up others' pain, he can find himself in an emotional whirlpool if he is around negative people. He must guard against those unhappy individuals who need the brightness of his light to see by. He can be susceptible to energy rip-off from others. If he has chosen to mother people unworthy of his attentions, it can be disastrous to his emotional balance. His very mothering instincts can turn against him and prevent him from achieving what he wants to in his own life. He can be the biggest 'rescuer' in the zodiac. The process by which the Cancer rising comes to grips with his life can be very interesting. He may start with vision and a purpose. But with distractions, either from negative people or from life circumstances, he begins to look sideways. Whenever he compares his life with that of others, he starts on a non-productive course of action. If he becomes aware of a situation in someone else's life that appears desirable, an emotional reaction can take hold and he can indulge in self-pity, blame circumstances or 'life', and feel wounded. Then comes a period of hiding out. There may be a refusal to analyze a situation realistically, as this is not an easy thing for a Cancerian to do, since the immediate emotional reaction clouds the real issue. After a period of misery, he comes to the realization that not circumstances, but he himself, is not to blame for his own shortcomings. Then the guilt take hold and the process continues, until he is somehow able to get himself out of this emotional morass. Until that time, no-one can be more miseable than the person with Cancer rising. He is the only one who can solve his problem, but when he is drowning in self-pity, it is hard for him to look at the overall picture with perspective. His pride can be so easily hurt that family and friends may not even know he is wounded. He can be especially touchy, bitter, resentful. He puts up his prickly shell and keeps everyone away. In this emotional condition, he begins to overeat, overindulge in the very foods and drink that make his emotions harder to handle. His digestive system is his weak spot, anyway. He is not known for self-discipline and self-denial, so he feels justified in indulging himself, even if it is self-defeating. When he then begins to feel physically sluggish, he complains and is taken for a hypochondriac. With no pity from those around him, he feels even more wounded, morbid, and willful. He tries to satisfy his oral needs by putting food, drink, or cigarettes in his mouth. He may proceed to sleep too much, neglect exercise even more, fall further away from a healthy routine. It is almost impossible for anyone else to rouse him from this self-indulgent state, just as it may be impossible to rouse him from sleep. His depression deepens, and self-doubt hangs on. It appears there is no end to the round robin he finds himself in. Greater intellectual awareness of his patterns can be his saving grace. Concentrated effort toward self-discipline and healthy habits can make it easier to handle emotional reactions. Actually, he may be very simple to understand if one watches the movement of the crab. When he is protected by his shell, he can be the aggressor. He moves toward his prey with decisive sideways motion. He seizes his prey, and he is in control. It is when he sheds his skin that he is naked and exposed like jelly. The important consideration is that this is the way the crab grows. It is a natural process. If the person with Cancer rising gets in touch with his own natural timing and avoids putting himself under undue pressure, he can analyze which state he is in, watch his movements, and understand why he is acting the way he is. He can then wait out his sensitive time with more awareness. It is through his own emotional pain that he understands the needs of others and emerges once more to do battle for the common man. The individual with Cancer rising who refuses to relate to the pain and suffering of others cannot possibly find solutions to his own problems. The Moon relates to the collective unconscious. The depth of feeling that he can eventually reach will lead him to the attunement necessary for his life's work. Once he begins to be aroused to action, with a fully developed crusty armor, he can do battle on a very sensitive level. If he outgrows his shell, he may have outgrown his usefulness in a particular field. He must then go through that painful growth process once again to find a new level of sensitivity. It is this particular sensitivity and understanding that makes him a natural writer. If he uses intelligence and analysis, his mental antidotes, to put his own feelings in perspective, he is a beacon to those around him. Protective instincts can emerge once more, and he becomes a healer par excellence. Most of the Cancer rising's guilt comes from blaming himself for reacting to other people's moods, creating lack of action on his part. This wasted energy can further paralyze him. Self-doubt and guilt take hold and he's trapped once again. It is easy to see how essential it is for one with this ascendant to get in touch with his own natural, emotional timing. The symbology of the Moon is appropriate. There are times when the Moon is full and shining, and times when it goes behind a cloud. It moves through a different sign of the zodiac every two days or so. It can be eclipsed, it waxes and wanes, yet its effect on the tides is unquestioned. The effect that one with this ascendant has on his public is equally noticeable. He pulls and tugs on your emotional sleeve until you have to sit up and take notice. One of the first things that one with this ascendant needs to be aware of is the meaning of transference. Many times he will get hurt feelings because of what someone says to him. Usually, if that remark is accurate, the Cancer rising is able to slough it off with a shrug. It is when something really inaccurate and untrue is said that the Cancer rising overreacts. If he is able to look past the remark and realize that much of what he takes personally is only what the other person is feeling about himself, he can go into his mothering syndrome, decide what will make the other person feel better, and be saved from a drastic emotional overreaction. He picks up other people's pain and thinks it is his own. This can be too much to bear at times, especially if he is in pain himself. He feels for everyone. Fortunately, he can also pick up others' high spirits, and this can be a lifesaver. If he surrounds himself with positive, happy people, he has gone a long way toward his own happiness. Invariably, there are great hunger needs in one with this ascendant. These can be manifested by oral activities. The Cancer rising has a tendency to overeat, overtalk, overdrink. Smoking can be another manifestation of his oral hungers. Many chronically overweight people have Cancer rising or the Moon in the first house. This individual tends to gain weight easily, no doubt due to the overeating that is directly related to his emotional hunger and to his tendency to retain fluids, reflective of his tendency to hang on to hurt. Food seems to be the pacifier he needs when he is upset. When he is in his thin phase, it is difficult to detect the rising sign by his appearance only, for as with the crab, his arms and legs can remain long and lean, perhaps even spindly. His face will always be on the round side, though with a strong jawline, retaining that 'moon-like' look. If he has a vision to follow, he can make others feel through his imagination. The Cancer rising is essentially a night person, wanting to sleep all day if possible. It is when Cancer rising works through his feelings and begins to express them overtly that he finds success in his life. He has a pipeline to masses of people through his own emotional reactions. Through his sensitivity he understands what mankind has in common, and he knows how to meet its needs. This is really the sign of the writer. It has been proven statistically that the Moon is most prominent in the charts of well-known writers. The quality of writing is less intellectual and more in tune with feelings we all share in common. When Cancer rising confronts his own feelings, he realizes that everyone suffers what he suffers to a greater or lesser degree. By bringing out his compassion, he saves his own life. He enriches his own experiences by assuming the natural role of mother to mankind. Again, Cancer rising is particularly concerned with the family, whether his own or the family or mankind. This individual is not only able to pick up the feelings of others; people pick up his feelings, too. There is great identification by the public with one born with this ascendant. The response is a showering of public love and understanding. The public at large responds to Cancer rising in a special way. Childhood is a tremendously traumatic time for one with Cancer rising. The rising sign is related to the 'orphan' complex. Whether the individual was really orphaned or not is irrelevant; he feels orphaned and abandoned early on, and his emotional coloring starts right then. He feels a distinct lack of mothering and tender loving care from childhood. My Cancer-rising daughter Diane recalled an incident during a regression session that clarified many of her childhood reactions. In that session, she went back to the age of five months, when she was sick and in the hospital. She recalled seeing me standing above her, seeming to ignore her fears by not picking her up and holding her close. She said she was scared and needed to be held. When I kept my distance, she decided right then that I didn't love her. She felt, and decided to act, like an outsider in our family for much of her childhood. The recollection of this incident was a revelation to both of us, and I was grateful for an opportunity to present the 'facts' of that moment. Her grandfather was the Chief of Staff of the hospital and the fashion of his day was not to let mothers stay with their babies. His words were: 'Hysterical mothers have no business being around sick children'. That moment she recalled took place when she was in the nursery undergoing a blood transfusion. I was behind a plate-glass window, with my heart in my mouth, watching her, aching to take her in my arms to comfort her. There was no fighting the boss, however, and I was sent home, knowing it was the wrong thing to do. What Diane didn't photograph was my feelings. She only saw my actions. Her behavior during her childhood certainly reflected the decision she had made about my love. Fortunately she has no doubts about that love now, but her childhood was made more difficult because of this early reaction. I, in my state of unawareness, did not think to talk to her, at five months, to explain what was going on. She said that many times after that, when she felt particularly alone or abandoned, she would think of that incident and feel better almost immediately. The deprivation of touch at that critical and traumatic time of life has affected her whole life. It is interesting to not that the sensitive area for one with Cancer rising is the stomach and digestion. Diane was in the hospital because she was having trouble digesting food and was not receiving enough nourishment. The actual first memory of feeling abandoned could have come with my inability to nurse her for very long. Again, an example of oral needs connected with this rising sign. It is almost impossible to know how to discipline a child with this ascendant. Too much severity and pressure will send him into hiding. He becomes more sensitive as pressure is brought to bear. Criticism won't work, as he becomes depressed if he feels he is a failure. Discipline must be sugar-coated. Otherwise, the child will only appear to obey. Eventually, he gathers his hurt feelings, gets in touch with his natural tendency to armor himself, and is more difficult to deal with in the long run. An injustice is not easily forgotten. A clue to understanding the child with Cancer rising comes with the understanding of Neptune, the esoteric ruler of Cancer. Neptune is the planet of vision, idealism, inspiration. This child can be inspired through his ideals to productive action. He is sympathetic, loyal and devoted to family, and will feel ennobled by working toward ideals in those areas. It is essential that his imagination be given an outlet, as it will provide a release for his feelings. Otherwise that imagination can run rampant, keeping him in dramatic and possibly morbid fantasies. The imagination must be fed with good food or else there is a tendency toward untruthfulness. Later on, he takes up the sword of truth and fights injustice with all his might. The person born with Cancer on the ascendant will go out of his way to give aid and comfort. He will literally give you the shirt off his back if you need it. He cares not that he is cold, for your needs can seem more important than his own. He may sometimes overreact, yet his identification with others' problems is very real. If anything, he should show caution about overextending himself where he is not appreciated. He is a giver without thought of recompense, but if he feels unappreciated, it can be a devastating letdown. He gives what he can, and whatever he does or gives is done or given with love. He may ahve to discover the meaning of discrimination by 'casting his pearls before swine' and having his gifts thrown back in his face. If he 'rescues' and then gets 'persecuted', he begins to learn to value what he has to offer. He must guard against surrounding himself with people he feels sorry for in order to satisfy his mothering urges. He will reach a turning point in his own development and awareness when he begins to 'feel' on a less personal basis. Since his decisions about survival have to do with assuming the protective role, universal mothering brings deeper satisfaction on a much higher level. Marriage and partnership is the area that comes under 'karmic' fire in the life of one with Cancer on the rise. Saturn is the ruler of partnership in this placement, whether business or marital. Since Saturn indicates the lessons we need to learn and the heaviest karmic situation from the past, one with this ascendant must be especially careful in his selection of a mate. It appears that what one with this ascendant is looking for in a marriage is security. His own emotional swings keep him coming and going, so when he finds a person who appears to be stable, reliable, and responsible, that person represents the security he feels he needs. If Saturn is well aspected in the chart, it will be a serene and stable marriage, but if Saturn is badly aspected, the likelihood is that the marriage can be heavy, restricting, and limiting. Many times, a heavy Saturn in the chart can indicate an inherent fear or marriage. It is as if the individual sense the restrictions connected with partnership. It is especially important to examine the relationship to see where the limitation will end and the sense of stability will begin. If it is well-aspected, Saturn is the planet that indicates responsibility, practicality, and steadfastness. It can represent the parent type, who is there to give a solid base, be supportive and responsible. In its positive sense, the one with Cancer rising can act as the mother and the partner will assume the father role, the disciplinarian. If Saturn is not well aspected, however, it represents one who is insecure, overly cautious, and judgemental instead of supportive. The Cancer rising can find himself in a limiting, restrictive partnership with someone cold and unresponsive, hardly what he needs to ensure security. The Kabbalists liken Saturn to the 'playpen' Mother Nature puts her children in. That playpen can be important for the safety of the child early on, but later it can be restrictive and limiting. Safety can also be fun, so the person with a Cancer ascendant must be sure there are plenty of toys in his playpen to keep him happy. He needs to look for someone who is responsible without being overly conservative. A 'proper' person, but fun-loving. He must be careful not to let the prospect of a sturdy family tree keep him from looking at the realistic potential of the individual. He wants a heavyweight, but one that will act as a supportive agent, not a limiting one. The most important facet of the partner to be aware of is a strong sense of self-worth. If that person is sure of himself or herself, the support in the marriage is fantastic. It will be long-lasting and comfortable - a 'forever' situation. But if the partner has insecurities, he will tend to keep the one with Cancer rising tied to the limitations he feels in himself. He will convince the Cancer rising that he can't live without the partnership, whereas in fact it is the partner that can't live without the energy of one with Cancer rising. This person, the partner, will act like a rock, stuck in the mud at the shoreline, keeping one with the Cancer ascendant tied up, rather than acting as a stabilizing anchor. A rock creates its own little whirlpool, pulling things to its own stuck place. Unless he is very careful, the one with Cancer rising is sometimes easily pulled in by negative strokes, negative messages, and negative situations. Since he is so sensitive, he needs to be aware of the first judgemental message he hears from one he is interested in. He will never be able to do anything about anohter person's feelings of self-worth; all he can do is take care of his own. He needs to understand what he has to give in a partnership situation and look for someone who truly appreciates him. He must guard against a desire to rescue; a rock will remain a rock as long as its behavior produces the desired results. The Cancer rising will have to deal with his mothering instincts most carefully in this instance. He may have to consider that marriage may be his own way of keeping himself safe and in the playpen. If he is willing to assume responsibility for his own happiness and life, he ultimately attracts to his side one who is protective and who is desirous of fulfilling the same sense of destiny and duty on a humanitarian level as Cancer rising. Together they can act as 'mother and father' on a profound level, being mutually supportive and nurturing to each other and to mankind. (Lyn Birbeck) You are a carer or a cowerer. The Moon is your ruling planet. Your shadow is impersonality. Other is a worldly one or wet blanket. Saturn is Other's ruling planet. You are all 'feelers', picking up the emotional climate around you with instinctual ease. It can seem at times that you are purely response and reaction to whoever you are with or wherever you are. This can result in your not being at all sure whether it is your feeling or someone else's. In any event, you have to respond in some way, usually giving care or sympathy, or needing it - or you simply withdraw into your famous shell until it is 'safe' to come out again. With such moodiness being the hallmark of your identity, you are inclined to attract an Other who is more emotionally controlled, restrained or repressed even. He / she may also be somewhat older than you, biologically or psychologically, and therefore more adult or worldly. Other provides you with the equipment and technique that make it possible to function in the harsh material workd at which your childlike persona can blanch. If Other's more mature stance appears cold or calculating to you though, you will give a commensurate display of fearfulness and / or withdrawal. Your dreamy, sensitive and sentimental response to life makes you react negatively to anything that appears to be coldly realistic and unfeeling. But that is often all it is - a reaction that interprets a businesslike and objective approach to things as being alien and unfamiliar, and therefore uncaring. Such a subjective response has at its root a feeling of insecurity that has your mother, father and childhood as the reason behind it. Take a step back and see that this impersonal attitude is the very objectivity, seriousness and sober sense of purpose that you need to learn and acquire so as to feel more safe and secure in the world. You require a traditional type of relationship where each of you has a clear sense of his / her role and position in it. This may feel restrictive and limiting at first, but eventually, and paradoxically, this feeling of having and knowing your boundaries and responsibilities is what makes you feel secure and protected enough to go out and explore your potential and make the most of yourself. An open, easy-come-easygo kind of relationship would not give you this. As the Chinese proverb says, 'limitation is the key to freedom'. When you are alone, it is very likely to be because you have not accepted the limitations (or lessons) of a relationship in the way outlined above. Without your doing this, a relationship, or Other, can wither on the vine. Seeking some kind of unrealistic 'freedom' can be the culprit behind this; and the reason behind that can be a very basic and unconscious distrust of finding any Other whom you can rely upon at all. Alternatively, not taking a tough enough 'impersonal' stance with Other can leave you feeling emotionally exhausted, if not on your own. (John Townley) For you, probably the most important aspects of a relationship are integrity and security. You do not rush into an affair helter-skelter, and when you do commit yourself to a lover you expect it to be a lasting relationship. You will persevere through many trials and tribulations in order to make an affair work out, as long as you feel that your partner is equally committed. If there is any problem with this position, it is oversensitivity, a tendency to take remarks made in jest too seriously. You can overcome this difficulty in part by choosing your lover carefully. Then you should watch your emotional reations and be discriminating about what you take to heart. This position makes you a very faithful lover, but in the liberal climate of today, an incident of unfaithfulness will be very traumatic for you. You should avoid being overly possessive in the physical sense; faithfulness belongs more to the heart than to the body. If you can keep this in mind, you can avoid much unnecessary emotional injury. Physically, what is most meaningful to you in sexuality is love and devotion; sincerity in a partner far outweighs technique. For a truly happy and fulfilling long-term relationship, sex and love must be synonymous.

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