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The Call of the Goddess

Posted by Luminakisharblaze on May 16, 2011 at 3:27pm

The lonely Goddess had walked this incarnation for such a long time. She and the God who had descended with Her had been cast aside so many times in this life that Their hope for finding one who would answer the call had waned. So many had come forth, but once exposed to Her intensity, all those who claimed to be worthy had fallen. It would seem there was no one worthy to answer the call.

She and the God were deeply saddened as there seemed to be no man worthy of this position of honor. What position you ask? Why only the place of the one who will herald the change of all dominance. It is this able and willing soul who will help the Goddess and the God to change the way men and women view each other.

This ritual had plagued the Goddess for the entire time She had walked this incarnation. Many times before had someone come to Her and said, “Look here, Goddess, I am the one you seek. I have seen that which only you have seen and I will follow this path to its end with honor.” However; every time this had happened, the Goddess would accept and offer Herself fully. She would embrace the Potential and let him bask in her power. Then, inevitably, the power would prove too much and the Potential would cease all communication with the Goddess.

Once again She would have to be comforted by the God, and once again He would listen to Her weep. Through Her tears of anguish would She cry, “My Lord, is there no one? Is there not one man in all of this world worthy to serve this position? Is there not one man who can handle My Fire?” The God would whisper to Her, “Shhh… We will send out the call once again. It is all We can do as you know the Potential must choose this out of pure free will and once he submits to you, he must carry on the task with the utmost reverence and sincerity.”

So once again, the Goddess withdrew Herself as the God resent the call for the one who can brave the Fire, the one who will stand in that place of Greatness as the whole of Divine Thought is restructured. The call will go out again on the Eve of the May Full Moon, so if you hear it call to you., answer if you dare. For the Goddess is seeking the one who can handle Her Fire. She seeks the One who will be the instrument for the Great Rite that will bring the Great Change.

Aggravation Meditation

Posted by Luminakisharblaze on May 15, 2011 at 11:15pm in Meditation Group

I sat on the grass with my heart in my hand. I was lost and looking for a way to mend this issue. It is of no consequence to state the issue for this is just the meditation that gave me peace.

Frustrated I walked, or possibly stormed, out of the house to the yard. I had no patience to find a place, a spot of grass in the side yard would have to do. I collapsed to the ground with my legs folded under me. I took a long deep breath that felt more like a sigh of anguish than a cleansing breath. How would I escape the frustration this time?

I began to notice the sway of the trees, only slightly at first, but steadily swaying more and more.  I fixed my eyes on the very top of the tallest one and watched it sway back and forth in a hypnotic trance. I followed it and my heart began to slow. As if connected to the treetop, my body followed in rhythm.  It was then I began to notice the birds.

Singing and pecking and chattering away, they were all around me and yet this mess in my mind had all but blocked the beautiful sound of their song.  It was then I could hear the breath of the wind whisper through me in a slow sweet howl that almost said the words, “Fear not for hope is with you.”  With this I slowed myself and my eyes instinctively closed.

Through my third eye I could see the calm before me.  I had let the energy of this day lull me into a trance state where it finally became clear to me.  All will work out as it is planned and my attempts at rushing things will only lead me back to this place in the grass.  This place all full of confusion and aggravation where I cannot hear or see the path I need to be on.

I exhaled a very deep exhale and opened my eyes.  To my utter surprise, the world of chaos I had began with had settled like dust after a sandstorm and the world was clear again.   I could see that even though I still had the issue I started with, now it was not such a mind killer to wait for the path to show itself.

All is calm again…for now.


Posted by Luminakisharblaze on May 15, 2011 at 10:55pm in Crystals And Crystal Healing

Properties: The stone of transformation. Charoite helps seeing old patterns with new possibilities. It is believed to open the heart, allow inspiration, encourage service, and grants us the ability for seeing more clearly (mentally, physically, psychically). It is believed that this stone brings about faster healing. Some find it useful for entity release work. Most effective on the upper centers of energy, which are the Heart, Brow and Crown Chakra to transmute/lift us out of troubled or stuck emotions and most of all, fear. This brings about vibrational change and therefore stimulates the Aura. Use this stone for transforming negative energies into acceptance. Use Charoite to assist in the foresight and ability to improve your intuitive vision.

Folk Remedies: This crystal is recommended for alcohol and food detoxification. This stone is said to regulate blood pressure, as well as regenerate the body in times of fatigue. Because this stone is closely related to the heart, it has historically been used to treat insomnia in adults and children. Put Charoite under your pillow, especially if you are prone to disturbed sleep or fears which come up in dreams. In combination with amethyst, it will help to release these fears. This stone treats other heart and nervous system disorders such as bi-polar and autism.

Feng Shui: Charoite is used primarily anywhere to help bring change. Used in the Southeast direction, in the Center for balance and spirituality and in the Northeast for wisdom.

History: Charoite (Ca,K,Na)3Si4O10(OH,F)H2O, found in Russia, is named after the Charo(y) River running along the Murun mountains in Yakutia. Formed from alteration of limestones by the close presences of an alkali-rich nephline syenite intrusion. Charoite ranges from bright lavender, violet and lilac to dark purple with occasional veining of white, gray or black .

(Source http://www.peacefulmind.com/stones.htm#C)

Numerology Master Numbers

Posted by Luminakisharblaze on May 15, 2011 at 10:44pm in Numerology

Ever wondered what those Master Numbers for Numerology mean?

Sometimes when reducing a birth date or birth name down to it’s numerological equivalent the result will be a double-digit number such as 11, 22 and 33. Although they would be reduced down to a single digit for the purposes of a reading, the presence of these double-digit numbers are evidence of an enlightened or psychic individual.

These numbers are called Master Numbers because they possess more potential than other numbers. Usually the personality of a master number is problematic in some way, as their behavior can be erratic, withdrawn, highly charged and difficult. This is the evidence of the higher self trying to propel the personality onto a higher path.

As the life purpose of a master number is to transcend the karma of past lives they often lead more difficult lives than most people do. The purpose of these challenges is to clear their slate so they can achieve yet one more level on the path to enlightenment.

Master Numbers and their Meaning
Master Numbers 11 and their meaning

The number 11 represents a deeply intuitive individual. It is indicative of creativity, a clear connection with the subconscious and psychic powers. A dreamy nature, nervous energy, shyness and impracticality often characterize a name that reduces to 11.

11′s are often blessed with imagination and charisma. These potential leaders often collapse beneath the weight of their dual natures. One side strives for accomplishment and the other side strives to be moral at all costs. 11′s are often the catalyst for inspiration in other people’s lives and often don’t receive credit for their works.

A person who is an 11 is always teetering on the fine edge between great accomplishments and self-destruction. The duality of their nature makes them more prone to addiction and phobias than other numbers. The key lesson that number 11s need to learn is to have faith, as opposed to analyzing all the time.

Master Number 22

The number 22 is the most powerful of all of the personal numbers and is often referred to as the Master Builder. 22′s have an incredible knack for manifesting dreams into reality by following through on practical actions. 22 posses the inspiration of 11 personalities combined with discipline and faith. People whose numbers and birth dates reduce down to 22 often achieve renown and glory during their lifetime.

Master Numbers 33 and their meaning

The number 33 is called the Master Teacher Number. A combination of 11 and 22, these individuals has transcended their own desires and usually devote their lives to the spiritual enlightenment of mankind. These unique individuals are often characterized by their sincere devotion to humanity. 33 individuals are extremely rare.

Master Number Numerology

The Master numbers 11, 22, and 33 represent the Triangle of Enlightenment with the number 11 representing vision, the number 22 representing action and the number 33 representing fulfillment of Divine Law.

(Source http://www.numerologyguide.com/numerology/numerology-master-numbers)

Three of Cups

Posted by Luminakisharblaze on May 15, 2011 at 10:34pm in Kabbalah & Tarot Group

Three of Cups - Tarot Card Description

The Three of Cups is a card of celebration and accomplishment. The three young maidens dance in a circle with their golden goblets upraised in a toast of joy. Their arms reach out to each other to connect their feelings (cups). In many settings, women create and nurture the social glue that bonds people together. These dancing women are a symbol of coming together in love. The ground is covered with fruit and there is a general sense of abundance and happiness. Each woman in the Three of Cups has a wreath on their head, each with different coloured eyes. Brown-haired maiden, blue eyes has a wreath of pink pansies, spring. Blonde-haired maiden has green eyes with a hydrangea wreath, summer. The black-haired maiden had brown eyes with a Yule wreath with berries. There is a table in front of them, with three Chalices, and half eaten fruit. They are wearing beautiful robes.

Three of Cups - Tarot Card Meanings

The helping of others in a time of need, a good work atmosphere, a good friendship, accomplishments with the support of such friendship.

To know the Three of Cups is to know new things that regard the emotions. All around a good card where money, relationship, work, and spirituality are concerned. The cups overflow with these qualities. The oneness of friends.

Good fortune in love. Happy conclusion of an undertaking. Querent is sensitive and sympathetic to others.

The Three of Cups indicates the end or conclusion of any problems in the past. A compromise will be found which will serve all the interests of those involved in a struggle. There will be time to relax after the compromise is implemented. Since you will be unable to control external conditions, you will realize that you must change internally, and will want to revise your attitude and the way you react or deal with what is happening. Realize what it is you're striving for or what you want to represent and know the supply will meet the demand. Whatever you choose will be the right choice.

The number three typically suggests the initial completion of a project or venture and in this case suggests a wedding celebration, the birth of a child, or the successful initial fulfilment of a goal. However, despite the completion or satisfaction offered by the number three, this card also suggests a new beginning; the celebration is only the start of a long and possibly difficult journey.

You need to feel filled with gratitude for life's gifts and to celebrate with those you care about. Pay attention to the quality of your food and drink. This is a time when enjoying yourself is as important as working hard.

Success. Friendship. Communication, enjoyment of others, celebration, music, pregnancy. Good fortune. Celebrations, happiness, re-unions, Parties and meetings which lead to love affairs and flirtations. Pregnancy or birth. Ills are haled. Attendance at weddings and christenings likely. Shared experience.

Three of Cups - Reversed Tarot Card Meanings

In relationship readings, the Three of Cups reversed nearly always indicates a third person is involved, and typically, it is the querent who is that third person. When you see this card in a reading, look to the other cards in the reading also - if you see the Seven of Swords, there is a likely betrayal of trust and getting away with something; if you see the Five of Swords, it is likely that the querent already knows about the other relationship but is trying to ignore that it exists; if you see the Devil, think carefully about the nature of the relationships - they are likely to be hedonistic and generally unhealthy to those involved.

Alternatively, the reversed Three of Cups can indicate that creativity is being stifled and instead you are being forced to conform.

(Source http://www.biddytarot.com/card.php?id=32&name=Three%20of%20Cups)

Extended Triangle Pose Utthita Trikonasana

Posted by Luminakisharblaze on May 15, 2011 at 10:28pm in Yoga

(oo-TEE-tah trik-cone-AHS-anna)
utthita = extended
trikona = three angle or triangle

Step by Step

Stand in Tadasana. With an exhalation, step or lightly jump your feet 3 1/2 to 4 feet apart. Raise your arms parallel to the floor and reach them actively out to the sides, shoulder blades wide, palms down.

Turn your left foot in slightly to the right and your right foot out to the right 90 degrees. Align the right heel with the left heel. Firm your thighs and turn your right thigh outward, so that the center of the right knee cap is in line with the center of the right ankle.

Exhale and extend your torso to the right directly over the plane of the right leg, bending from the hip joint, not the waist. Anchor this movement by strengthening the left leg and pressing the outer heel firmly to the floor. Rotate the torso to the left, keeping the two sides equally long. Let the left hip come slightly forward and lengthen the tailbone toward the back heel.

Rest your right hand on your shin, ankle, or the floor outside your right foot, whatever is possible without distorting the sides of the torso. Stretch your left arm toward the ceiling, in line with the tops of your shoulders. Keep your head in a neutral position or turn it to the left, eyes gazing softly at the left thumb.

Stay in this pose for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Inhale to come up, strongly pressing the back heel into the floor and reaching the top arm toward the ceiling. Reverse the feet and repeat for the same length of time to the left.

(Source:  http://www.yogajournal.com/poses/494)

Everyone Please Read

Posted by Darshana Sanrakshak Shambhala on May 15, 2011 at 1:00pm

Discreetly Please :)


Please follow the above link and click on the links indicated. (Read everything thoroughly and carefully) My "expert opinion" on this, is that the material is essentially accurate, although I think the information on the time travel technology is false.

Additionally, there seems to be a direct correlation between the information provided here and the Voyager series of Ashayanah Deane.  I believe the optical discs mentioned are one and the same, along with the Anahazi race she mentions which is providing the information. I also think that this explains alot of the reason she has made these very important materials UNAVAILABLE. It's interesting to note that the Anahazi seem to be directly related to the Pleiadians, which also are mentioned in these web pages.

Love and Light,


Green Pieces of Paper

Posted by Luminakisharblaze on May 12, 2011 at 4:30pm

I saw a swirl across the land. You see, I was standing, or perhaps flying, atop a mountain. I looked down below the few scattered clouds and I watched the storm I had created grow and grow. This was a cleansing storm, but it was not the only one. There will be others, for I remain atop this mountain and I see so many who want to be free, but they have trapped themselves eternally in this illusion called money. I watched how this seemingly harmless thing, these scant green pieces of paper held so much value that men fought and died for them. Men used these harmless little green pieces of paper to hold ransom the simple things like food and shelter and the pursuit of self-understanding. How is it that these little green pieces of paper could obscure the beauty that is nature.

I floated there awhile, or perhaps I was flying, and I noticed that after my storm subsided, the people seemed to care for each other and put the green pieces of paper aside. But then I heard this faint, almost annoying little sound. It was the newspeople, first they spoke of the compassion, but it quickly turned to another discussion of green pieces of paper. I began to wonder how these dirty green pieces of paper could call so much attention away from the awesome variety of green flora and fauna that surrounds everything. I thought for a moment and remembered the first storm, the one they were still cleaning up after.

So I gathered up my strength there as I sat atop the mountain, or was I flying, and I decided to see if I couldn't gather me up some good old fashioned greed. It seemed to attract the green pieces of paper pretty well. Then, when I had absorbed all the greed I could stand, I jumped off the mountain, or perhaps I fell, I mean I may have been flying. When I hit the ground, all of the greed went crashing hard and deep into the Earth and she shook like never before. The fault lines did a dance they hadn't done since the first continent split apart. So many things fell that day, but remarkably, at the end of it all, the people finally realized that the little green pieces of paper were not so important.

So, is it really going to have to come to that before people realize that money is only little dirty green pieces of paper and not really necessary in the grand scheme of things?

Ancient Aliens S02E04 - Underground Aliens (VOST FR)

Posted by Debby Many Nations on May 9, 2011 at 4:00pm

False Galactic Federation - You, Yourself Are the Rescuer You Seek

Posted by Debby Many Nations on May 9, 2011 at 6:25pm

2:45 pm, 10/13/2010 3rd, Mayan day 10 Lord or Light (Enter the journal date, birth date, orany date here for basic info) (Discover today’s Mayan calendar day and its meaning) FALSE GALACTIC FEDERATION - YOU, YOURSELF ARE THE RESCUER YOU SEEK Okay, it’s out on a limb I go, here, but I know some will follow me and at least hear me out.That’s all I ask - just listen before you turn it off. There are many, it seems, who are falling for a lot of channeled tripe and hype. I just tuned in to some of it on a channel I otherwise trust pretty much.We do our best, but it’s so easy to be taken in - that is, until we more fully awaken and beingliving from the heart.This is the change both on the horizonand taking placenow, for so many. I’m going to come out with some thoughts and ideas for you to filter these phony Galactic Federation transmissions through- and see what you find for yourself.Previously I’ve offered several keys to help with discernment - is a Light Being speaking, or is it an impostor. Sometimes it’s a sincere soul channeling who has been misled. Let’s have no resentment for that, for we are all in that same basket in one way or another.The manipulation on this planet is extreme. Okay, you know to watch out for beings who tell you they will take you to supposed safety - off planet.I’m staying put, regardless of what comes.She is not being destroyed, for heaven’s sake - she is ascending!You want to be rescued from ascension?!Tune in to heart.What else can I say? Let go of your beliefs - do the Mantra for Mind.I grow so weary of these beings and their incessant drone about how mankind has made such a horrible wreck of this planet. Don’t you believe it!The manipulators are behind every bit of this, pushing people in these directions, to bring these very things about. THEY are doing the destroying! Please see, dear ones, that they want us in fear and in terror, preferably all of the time. That is how they milk your energy - how they steal it from you. They want you thinking you are a nothing, a worthless piece of useless biology,more harmful than worthful, overall. Can you see this, can you hear this endless dronetodestroy your self-concept?Do you think real Light Beings would speak to you that way?Are they so conceited, do you think, as these speakers are? The ancient prophecies, many of them have been averted, already.Jonah, in thebible, was a good example of why prophecy is given - so it WON’T happen. It is no guarantee of anything!Please realize that.Any number of things wereslated to happen around the turn of the century, and they didn’t. Take heed of that. Things happen quite often because many people believe they will happen.Can you see, here, why they’d want to feed you a constant drone of dire warnings and terrible prophecy?They are trying both to make it so - for they want to thin out the human population - and to keep you in fear. This tactic of theirs accomplishes both.It’s how they create wars. Imay not speak a long time on this because I dislike entering in to this energy. Even giving it the time it takes to do a response is too much, in my book.I don’t cast pearls before swine - that is, I don’t choose to feed this stuff with my sacred energy. You become what you think. You are creating both your self - and the world - with every thought and emotion.These are creative powers we lost track of so long ago. Yet they still function, in spite of our ignorance, my friends.This is all part of the manipulation of mankind these thousands of years by this dark group of beings. Well, let’s break loose, I say!What about you - do you agree?If you do, then start watching and observing yourself.Pay attention to yourthoughts,words,deeds and yourfeelings, too. Realize that wherever you place your attention you are placing your creative energy there with it.Your attention, itself, is powerfully creative. Be responsible. You might quit with the horror films, just as a for instance.I knowHalloween is coming.What a sad joke, the way we’ve been manipulated into celebration of darkness and death.And we call this fun - will wonders never ease?! We will look back on these days, my friends, in helpless amazement - to think that we could have been made to behave in these ways will seem all but impossible from there, in the new higher consciousness.For some, only then will they be shocked at what they are doing, today. It must await the rise in consciousness to be perceived, the hypnosis is so deep. We have had veils drawn over our senses, over our eyes, had our intuition blocked.All has been done that could be done to keep us down low in vibration and spirit - to keep us caged. Well, raise your head up.I’ve got mine up.It isn’t so hard to step up above, these days.It gets easier by the day, but first you’ve got to be willing to question your thoughts - your beliefs. Are you willing to do that?If not, you’restuck. So much of what we have come to accept as negative but quite normal will be shown for the horror it really is.We will then see how our supposedly “normal” waking consciousness, today, is the true horror .I kid you not - it really is.We take truly horrible things for granted - or simply look the other way, or ostrich-like, put our heads in the sand. I hate to be so rough, but my hope is that the ray of my heart will pierce through the encapsulating gloom for some folks - willhelp wake them up.Knowing I’m no different, no better than the worst person on this earth, I lay down my life for you, giving my service, such as it is.This is what I have been led to.I am grateful to have anything at all to offer, to toss into the fray, perhaps make a difference.We all do what we can. You are princes, you are queens, you are kings - you are sheer royalty, my friends - royalty of Light!Don’t let yourselves be abused this way, by taking in this garbageabout how terrible, how incapable, how in need of external help you are.That is bull shit!Can I say it any clearer than that? Raise your head up above this muck. Maybe try my experiment with television that I did, by turning it off for 30 days - then turning it back on.You will be shocked if you turn off this Galactic Federation stuff that talks to you this way for that time, then go back to it. It keeps you drugged and hypnotized by your constant listening.[Your flow of attention, on the return flow, enables them to implant things in you.]You are willingly letting it in, so that empowers it to have an effect on you. [Video recording broke or failed at this point - so I went back and rerecorded the rest ;-) ] You’re the one with free will, there - not someone else.None compels. Maybe try this:listen to Alex Collier for a while, then after your 30 days, go back to the previous stuff. You’ll get the powerful contrast right away - some of the hypnosis wears off if it’s not constantly refreshed. Step up into your dignity, your full stature as a sovereign being, who takes responsibility for your life - for what you take in, where you place your thoughts, your attention - your belief.Nothing - a simple abstinence from all of it - would be so much better than this tripe that purports to be from sources of Light.Most of it is not!Can you hear that?How hypnotized are you? PSYes, there is a real Galactic Federation, but you will never catch them talking to you in the way of most of these videos on the Net.It’s not up to them to save you.It’s up to YOU to discern - in short, to wake up!YOU, yourself, are the rescuer you seek.

What should we be doing Now?

Posted by Debby Many Nations on May 7, 2011 at 1:31am

My own guides / Elders had told me a few years ago that Earths transition would be a gradual one and that everyone would make it.Last week I asked them to please help the people here as it is their higher self free will .Maybe I should not have requested this but I felt heart driven to do so.The next night as I was traveling I saw myself standing in front of a tall white bench ,much taller than I was with abt 7 ,that I could see,pure white beings sitting behind it ,the one in the center was a bit taller than the rest.They had no faces .The strange thing was that I was watching this including myself who was standing there,most of the time when I travel I am see through my eyes not over seeing me. I don't remember what they told me. Has anyone else ever been to see this very high council?

This News does not surprise me,how sad but worth watching

Have To or Get To

Posted by Kathelena on May 4, 2011 at 10:00pm

"Have to" or "Get to"

By Jon Gordon 

Who knew that two simple words could change one’s mindset, perspective and approach to work and life? Just two words have the potential to enhance joy, productivity, performance and change a complaining voice to an appreciative heart.

So often we say things like, "I have to take the kids to practice." "I have to go to this meeting." "I have to finish this project." "I have to go to work today." "I have to take care of this customer." "I have to share this new information with my team." "I have to see my family this weekend."

We act as if we don’t have a choice. As if we are imprisoned by a paycheck and the expectations of a world that forces us to do thing we don’t want to do. But in reality we do have a choice. We can choose our attitude and our actions. We can choose how we view our life and work. We can realize that every day is a gift. It’s not about what we have to do. It’s about what we get to do.

We get to live this life while so many like Tim Russert and my Mom have left this world far too early. We get to drive in traffic while so many are too sick to drive a car. We get to go to a job while so many are unemployed. We get to raise our children even if they drive us nuts at times. :) We get to interact with our employees and customers and make a difference in their life. We get to use our gifts and talents to make a product or provide a service. We get to eat three meals a day while millions of people are starving. We get to work on projects, answer phone calls, serve customers, participate in meetings, design, create, share, sell, lead and suit up every day for the game of life.

Yes there will be challenges and life isn’t easy but each day we wake up we get another opportunity to make today better than yesterday and tomorrow better than today. We get to uplift, inspire, encourage, and impact others. We get to live this life. Let’s make the most of it by remembering that life is a gift not an obligation.


To read more about "Get to" or "Have to," read The No Complaining Rule: Positive Ways to Deal with Negativity at Work. Or visit his website at: www.jongordon.com.

Natal Midheaven in Pisces

Posted by Luminakisharblaze on May 6, 2011 at 7:44pm in Astrology

(Bernice Grebner)

First Decanate (Pisces-Pisces): With regard to career they should always have all the cards on the table from the start or there may be deception develop somewhere along the line sooner or later. They may present an image to the public that is the furthest thing from the reality of what they really are. Somehow what they really do, or the motive behind what they do, doesn't come across to people.

With Virgo-Virgo on the IC, their health suffers if they do not have the right place to live. Their homes must be neat and orderly, or they are disturbed mentally. It is good if they have a job where they operate out of the home.

Second Decanate (Pisces-Cancer): These people instinctively know how the public will respond, and they gravitate to careers that cater to these instincts with the public. The problem with this placement is that they do not know what they themselves want. They need vocations where some type of communicative skill exists. Two jobs may satisfy their desires to be variable. A vocation where some kind of domestic product is sold, or a restaurant, would be ideal.

With Virgo-Capricorn on the IC, the home is very organized, and their households contain articles that show pride in ancestral treasures. They have an exemplary reputation in the neighborhood, for they believe in following the rules. Inheritance seems to play an important role in or with home conditions, such as caring for a sick parent.

Third Decanate (Pisces-Scorpio): They are best at vocations where they are using their creative and imaginative minds. While they like to be variable on the job, or are indecisive as to what they want to do, they will stand by a commitment until it is finished. If they feel their jobs have elements of sacrifice in them for the greater good of a lot of people, they will dig in with fervor and work hard. They need to know their work means something special.

With Virgo-Taurus on the IC, there is a secret drive for dominance and power. They take their families too seriously. They may take their desire for perfection out on their families. The public little knows the people they are in their own homes. Behind all outward appearances seems to be the will to make money, and to make moeny and possessions count for acceptance.

(Frances Sakoian and Louis Acker)

Pisces MCs tend to be 'otherworldly' and visionary, and not always practical with regard to work and public reputation. They are elusive and hard to pin down in professional matters. Peculiar conditions are sometimes associated with their jobs and reputations, and there is always an element of mystery in their professional activity.

With Virgo on the fourth house cusp, they prefer to and often do situate their professions and workshops in the home. They render service to their families and are fastidious and discerning in the home. Like the Moon, they move around constantly, and, if possible, combine visits with financial gain.

(Dane Rudhyar) Virgo at the cusp of the fourth house should normally bring a great deal of self-analysis and self-criticism in the process of personality integration. The value of ancestral, usually taken-for-granted traditions may be questioned; there may be much preoccupation with the improvement of the home situation. The mother's influence could lead to concern about diet and health; the child may feel confused and upset by a critical mother. If Cancer is the rising sign, the possibility of a mother complex against which the adolescent may rebel, more or less successfully, may be fairly strong. If Gemini is rising, a greater stress on intellectual processes and analytical procedures is likely.

Virgo at the Nadir point implies Pisces at the Zenith. The public and / or professional life should be concerned with large social issues, especially in terms of a transformation of the status quo. Pisces at the Midheaven often favors a musical profession, but a Piscean approach to one's participation in society may take many forms. Much depends on whether or not planets are located in the tenth house, and what these planets are.

(Jeanne Avery)

The planet Neptune rules the tenth house of career with Pisces on the MC. Neptune is the planet of idealism and vision. It indicates a natural inclination toward therapy, film, and the glamour world in general. It is certianly the planet that indicates inspiration. An individual with this MC evidences his true visionary spirit through career and public life. His deepest desire is connected to 'saving the world' in one way or another. He wants to uplift his feelow man and make life more ideal. He finds ways to inspire others through his career. If he succeeds in his dreams, he may end up on a public pedestal.

The tenth house is also the house that rules the parent of the same sex. The way this parent is photographed by the individual has much to do with whether he easily fulfills his dreams in regard to his career. With Neptune ruling this house, the individual can idolize this parent. If Neptune is well aspected, the parent may have been disillusioned in his life. The photographs are therefore out of focus and distorted, and do not give a clear image for the individual to follow. Instead of being the guiding light for others, he can be unrealistic about his public life. He may be unwilling to let himself follow his intuitions and go for broke, or he may have a Don Quixote complex, fighting windmills all the way. The Don Quixote soul may suddenly wake up to reality one day and be devastated, not knowing how to put his dreams back together again.

One young man was on cloud nine about running the offices of a large metaphysical organization. He had dreams of fulfilling his desires to be of service to humanity. With a badly aspected Neptune in his chart, he did not stop to look at reality or read the fine print. He expected perfection and a high level of devotion from all those around him. When he discovered that the organization was also a business, and that the motivation of everyone was not as high as his own, the disillusionment was hard to take. His dreams crashed into millions of pieces, impossible to put together again. He turned to the lower registers of Neptune; with drugs, he attempted to climb back to the heights where the colors were rosy and glowing at all times. His acting career fell to pieces, and life was less than beautiful for a long time.

With Neptune ruling the tenth house, the Pisces MC person needs to be a practical idealist in the career arena. Neptune is the planet that indicates how well we visualize, thereby creating the circumstances around us. Metaphysically, we are taught that whatever we can conceive will become a reality. It is important to dream dreams and give them a chance to become manifest. Fantasy if essential as part of the creative process. If Neptune is well aspected, the fantasy life is clear, sharp, and in focus. The events in the life of the individual with Pisces MC are products of his intuitive mind. He goes past his adult ego façade and allows himself to see the broader scope. He deals on the higher octave of the intellect in his choice of career. If Neptune is not well aspected, that fantasy can get him into trouble. This can often indicate a tendency toward the manic state. His need to be 'high' can cause him to be unreaslistic and less than practical. This desire for service may give one a Christ complex as well, as he may really want to save the world. It is important for the individual with Pisces MC to learn how to make his dreams a reality.

If Neptune is not well aspected, we can fool ourselves into thinking that our dreams are in sharp focus when they're not. When we don't get what we think we want, the resulting crash is hard to take. It is easy to blame circumstances, 'life', or the breaks. It can be important for Pisces MC to find a practical way to bring vision and inspiration into the area of career by planting the right seeds. Learning to read the fine print is one way of confronting the reality of a situation. Building on vision and not on hope is another. A natural outlet for one with this Midheaven is to channel those career energies where his conceptual ability is utilized. Therapy is ideal, as well as film, theatre, music, and literature.

A look at an individual chart indicates whether one can easily bring his concepts into view or whether he finds a way to prevent himself from the possibility of being disillususioned. It can clearly indicate how the parent of the same sex influenced the child. With a difficult aspect to Mercury, the Pisces MC person tends to overanalyze his concepts, blowing them to pieces before he can be let down. Saturn in difficult aspect indicates a cynical outlook - a wonderful self-protective device. Neptune and Mars in negative aspect indicate a 'liar's aspect'; this person may ahve been told partial truths in order to protect him from possible disappointments. Neptune-Jupiter in difficult aspect is the 'con man's aspect'. It indicates a tendency to gild the lily. If the native is aware of his tendency to overlook the reality of certain situations because of the conditioning of childhood, he can work past those messages and learn to bring better conditions into his life.

Life seems to come full cycle for one with Virgo on the IC. The intellectual potential of the rising sign (especially if it is Gemini) is sometimes not completely fulfilled until his latter days. That potential, indicated early on, may be put on hold more during the middle years of exploration. It is stimulated again in a more concrete manner as he grows older. The middle years may be enormously idealistic, full of dreams and glamour. After that part of the cycle is completed it appears that one with this IC begins to settle down.

There is strong identification with the parent of the opposite sex with this nadir sign. Many times the parent's latent talents seem to be passed on; and later in life may become the focal point for the individual with Virgo on the IC. He begins to manifest the particular quality of that parent that he has photographed throughout his life.

The whimsical quality of someone with Gemini rising who has Virgo IC will become more down-to-earth with maturity. In youth, it is hard for him to sit still long enough to fully explore his intellectual capacities, but later on as he slows down and has sorted out his ideas, he pins down his intellect in a different way. He becomes more analytical. He puts ideas through the fires of purification, sorts out extraneous distractions, and explores on more practical levels.

The parent of the opposite sex often is photographed by the individual as being analytical, even critical; but strong intellectual direction seems to come from this parent. If the relationship is a good one, the Virgo IC is encouraged to express his curiosity and need for exploration. If the relationship is difficult, he may be a target of criticism from this parent. The quality of the relationship is indicated by the astpects to the planet Mercury in the chart. Good rapport with this parent means good 'adult' programming. If the adult input was negative, it may take a lifetime for this individual to work past those early criticisms to fins his own way.

Virgo IC looks for a home base that will allow him to express ideas. He may think a great deal about his environment, home life, surroundings. He can be interested in land, real estate, ecology. He may use his home as a base of operations; writers and composers work at home, and actors learn lines at home. The Virgo IC person does his best thinking when he is surrounhded by his own four walls. Libraries and books can be essential for one with this Nadir sign.


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( This is at last the final version of this Epic Poem )

God has written on the Wall of Men
''The Chains of man forever shall be broken''
Our Great Odyssey in the Realm of Duality
Forever will close it's eyes

We are not alone or forgotten
The Lion of Victory our side has chosen
We are the keepers of our Promises
We are the seeds of our Liberation

We are not alone before the morning
God's Love is with us all, our awakening He's honoring
Hear the mighty song in our heart rising
The Mother's Great Drum is beating

The Mother is ready to give Birth
She is waiting for our Vision

The Celestrial Armada is on a sacred Mission
Waiting for our essential permission

We are the Guardians of the Sun
We are the Servants of the Morning
We may feel alone for a while
But soon we shall be reborn in blessed Oneness

From generations untold our guardians have hoped
That our eyes see the Light
The Angels have been waiting to spread their wings
That we gaze into the silent Mirror

God has prophesied our Ascension to a Higher Dimension
Our brothers from the Stars are here assembled
In Divine mission to manifest the seed vision
Of our radiant rebirth in the Realms of Light

A great Rainbow will circle the Dimensions
All in oneness will be hold
The Joy of the Family of Light
Will radiate like a New Sun of Life's promised Hope

In the stillness of the Inner Temple
It is time to let go of Everything
We don't need anything really
Since we know we are Family in the Light

In silence of Gold
The Sphynx proclaim it's sacred gift
Of initiation to the Great Mystery
Of our origins sacred story

The New Sun is gleaming on the Horizon
We are here for a reason
A New Earth is to be born
In the womb of Angel's winged Songs

Hear their voices in the Night
Like a great wind on the Horizon rising
The Golden Ships of Light are in sacred circle waiting
The Mother is calling for our Becoming

We are the Ancient Bearers of the Light
Returning to the source of our souls origin
We will be made whole and holy again

The Source Dream has birthed its splendor

The Prayer of a thousand hearts has finally been fulfilled
The Web of Life awaits our Blessing
The Doors of Ecstasy awaits our offering
Of communion with the Supreme Mystery

The Tower of Darkness is shaken to it's foundations
The Night of Zion is vanishing before the Golden rising Dawn
For the Angelic Legions are approaching
Their Swords of Fire encircling the Sun

After having blindly followed
The guidance of life blind shadows
We are in need of Planet saving advices
For building a bridge to the Seventh Generation

The veil of milleniums is lifting from our eyes
Bringing back to life the Mother's ancient glory
Now so many wish to be part of Nature
Not apart from her blessings

There are many things between Earth and Heaven
But we can only have what is given
Do not take anything by the Power of Force
That is not given by the Power of Sowing

All is born from the womb of inspiration
Sacred beginning of ALL things under Heaven
The Temple in our soul is unveiling it's sacred Glory
Soon we will remember Who We Are


In bliss of Oneness in Love's dream


Discover the megalithic sacred site of Agartha
in the Matawini region of Quebec, near Montreal:

14 Signs of the imminent collapse

Posted by Adrian Tremayne on May 3, 2011 at 4:39am in 2012

I saw this in NaturalNews.com, and thought it bore mention here. The author is speaking of problems and situations in the USA, mostly, but spreads it out in the ever-widening circle of effects around the globe. Though he is describing things which are now, and will continue to be, problems from the way our government, and us through them, is acting, he also points out the message of hope through change. It is well worth the read.

14 Signs Of The Collapse

In Love & Light - Adrian


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A type of Quartz that heads a family which includes Agate, Carnelian, Jasper, Tiger's Eye, and Onyx. Found in the US, Sri Lanka, USSR, Mexico and Brazil. Gray is most common color but stone are found in shades of white, black, blue, and brown. Helps ease self-doubts, makes one more reflective. Eases bad dreams and problems related to the eye, gall bladder, bones, spleen, blood, and circulatory organs. Cleansing in nature and will promote healing of open sores. It needn't be cleaned afterward since it has such strong cleansing qualities of its own. Fosters teh maternal instinct and is said to aid lactation.

(Source http://www.peacefulmind.com/stones.htm#C)

Two of Cups

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Two of Cups - Tarot Card Description

The Two of Cups depicts a man and a woman exchanging cups in a wedding ceremony with the caduceus of Hermes between them. The caduceus has been used since ancient times as the symbol of physicians and healers. The symbol is a staff with two snakes wrapped around it topped by a pair of wings with, in this instance, a lion's head between them. The two snakes represent dark and light and their coexistence within us. The wings symbolize the spirit and the lion represents matter and the material world.

tarot card meanings

Two of Cups - Tarot Card Meanings

The Two of Cups indicates partnership, engagement or friendships. The card is indicative of marriage, romance, passions and emotions. A partnership may be indicated. You will experience love and harmony with your sisters or brothers even if you've had a falling out in the past.

You will want to move out of the proverbial small pond and into the sea; and to reach a larger audience, where visibility or public demand will ensure success.

The Two of Cups shows the beauty and power that is created when two come together. This is the card that lovers want to see, and, in fact, the Two of Cups is the Minor Arcana equivalent of the Lovers in many ways.

New relationship, awareness, trust, perceptions, harmony, empathy, marriage, engagement, romance, passion, sharing, contract, pledges and promises, reconciliation, working toward common goals, moving toward permanence, agreement, happiness, social union, faithfulness, mutual care, understanding another, union, cooperation, courtship, platonic love, constancy within change, freedom. Consummation, proposal, intimacy, reciprocity, yin/yang, polarity, union of opposites, confidence in another, joy and contentment, kindred spirits, equality, attraction, sacred union, sacred marriage, harmony, integrity, equilibrium, free flowing, cooperation, working together, cementing a friendship, bringing opposites together, making peace, forgive and forget, attraction, being drawn in, concord.

Cementing relationships. Commitment. A union, a partnership. A marriage, an engagement. Love and understanding between two people. Harmony (opposites attract). Co-operation. Friendship, ending of rivalry.

You need the clear, nurturing, supportive and heartfelt exchange of emotions that is the gift of a romantic relationship, though a good familiar or business relationship may do instead. Learn what romance really means.

Two of Cups - Reversed Tarot Card Meanings

Two's generally suggest some type of beginning or initial exercise involving the aspects of the suit. Cups suggest intuitive and emotional aspects (okay, including romance). At a simple level, this card could suggest a possible new friendship or a renewed relationship. Since this card is reversed, it also suggests some type of inhibition or distortion regarding the basic message - perhaps a reluctance to expose your feelings.

Out of balance, troubled relationship, divorce, misunderstanding, lack of trust, inappropriate or unreasonable expectations, break up, separation, false friend, opposition, unrequited love, discord, incompatibility, holding back, isolation, repressed anger, quarrels, emotional pain, betrayed confidence, disillusionment, overindulging in sensuality, infatuation.

(Source http://www.biddytarot.com/card.php?id=31&name=Two%20of%20Cups)

Extended Side Angle Pose

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It might be better, then, to think of Utthita Parsvakonasana as the "Extended Sides Angle Pose."

(oo-TEE-tah parsh-vah-cone-AHS-anna)
utthita = extended
parsva = side, flank
kona = angle

Step by Step

Stand in Tadasana. On an exhalation, step or lightly jump your feet 3.5 to 4 feet apart. Raise your arms parallel to the floor and reach them actively out to the sides, shoulder blades wide, palms down. Turn your left foot in slightly to the right and your right foot out to the right 90 degrees. Align the right heel with the left heel. Firm your thighs and turn your right thigh outward, so that the center of the kneecap is in line with the center of the right ankle. Roll the left hip slightly forward, toward the right, but rotate your upper torso back to the left.

Anchor the left (back) heel to the floor by lifting the inner left groin deep into the pelvis. Then exhale and bend your right knee over the right ankle, so that the shin is perpendicular to the floor. As you bend the knee aim the inner knee toward the little-toe side of the foot. If possible, bring the right thigh parallel to the floor.

Firm your shoulder blades against the back ribs. Extend your left arm straight up toward the ceiling, then turn the left palm to face toward your head and with an inhalation reach the arm over the back of your left ear, palm facing the floor. Stretch from your left heel through your left fingertips, lengthening the entire left side of your body. Turn your head to look at the left arm. Release your right shoulder away from the ear. Try to create as much length along the right side of your torso as you do along the left.

As you continue to ground your left heel to the floor, exhale and lay the right side of your torso down onto (or bring it as close as possible to) the top of the right thigh. Press your right fingertips (or palm) on the floor just outside of your right foot. Actively push the right knee back against the inner arm; counter this by burrowing your tail bone into the back of your pelvis, toward the pubis. The inside of your right thigh should be parallel with the long edge of your sticky mat.

Stay for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Inhale to come up. Push both heels strongly into the floor and reach the left arm forcefully toward the ceiling to lighten the upward movement. Reverse the feet and repeat for the same length of time to the left. Then come up and return to Tadasana.

(Source http://www.yogajournal.com/poses/749)

Natal Midheaven in Aquarius

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(Bernice Grebner)

First Decanate (Aquarius-Aquarius): They need to be their own boss or be in careers where they can have their own say in an independent manner, or be in a business that produces items that are avant-garde. Their vocations will follow an erratic pattern. They will tend to make friends among their fellow employees. Aviation or electronics may appeal to them. Their jobs should benefit humanity in some way if they are to be satisfied.

With Leo-Leo on the IC, they must be the head of the household. The home will be lavish and a place where they can entertain others in a grand style. They want recreative amusements in the home such as a swimming pool, pool table, archery, and anything else they can fit into their domain. They are more than likely to be the lords of their home, if not of their neighborhood.

Second Decanate (Aquarius-Gemini): They will benefit from vocations where they give community services. It gives a dual aspect to the vocation. There may be two places they operate, like two stores with the same name. When they use originality and cleverness to make money, they acquire a great amount. Any vocation where they need to do a lot of talking to people will be beneficial.

With Leo-Sagittarius on the IC, they have a keen morality at the deepest part of their nature. They desire a home, but always want even bigger ones than they had before or a home bigger than someone else's. Even if they disagree with the family, they want to do right by them, for they have a fine sense of integrity and nobility of purpose where family is concerned. They are conscious of the breeding they received from their parents and what they want to give their own children. The sex drive is strong, but subconsciously it results from idealistic drives to successfully carry on the family heritage or tradition. They are loyal and demand loyalty in return.

Third Decanate (Aquarius-Libra): They are co-operative and want their careers to help a great multitude of people. They are probably the arbitrators who believe in unions and fair trade. Even though they have tendencies to do their things, they are well able to associate with partners and accept the partners' ideas in a diplomatic fashion acceptable to all concerned.

With Leo-Aries on the IC, to the public they are diplomatic, friendly, and would do anything for the image, but at home they can be argumentative and domineering. They have subconscious drives to show their fearlessnes and do all kinds of rather brave feats to prove this.

(Frances Sakoian and Louis Acker)

There is a tendency to work in groups where matters of profession are concerned; hence, involvement with large corporations and group endeavors. Aquarius MC people like to have the reputation of being associated with prominent and stable, yet unusual and ingenious, people.

With Leo on the IC, they express their power through the home and family. Generally, their homes are showplaces through which they express their creativity and status. They entertain lavishly, and those who come into their homes are treated with warmth and love.

(Dane Rudhyar)

When the sign Leo is at the cusp of the fourth house, a person's home life and the development of his personality may be conditioned by a feeling of pride and the desire to live in an at least relatively sumptuous residence which will become a stage set for self-expression, or at least in tune with the need for the exteriorization of what the person senses to belong to him by right of destiny. The fourth house process for personality integration may take on dramatic overtones, perhaps verging at times on theatricalism. The person with Leo at the Nadir of his birth chart may have a somewhat regal but possessive mother. Wherever he is, he wants to be 'lord of the manor' - and it may have to be a well-fortified manor with ego-walls.

The Aquarius Zenith usually indicates reliance of the creative person upon professional and social patterns as fields for the projection and stabilization of his personal power. He often seeks some relatively large, and perhaps idealistic, field for public action; he wants a broad stage on which to play his role, a role in which he can shine individually. His whole community should be such a stage; or it might be a professional field which deals with new inventions or offers the opportunity to become a leader or a prophet.

(Jeanne Avery)

The planet Uranus rules the house of career with this house placement. Uranus is the planet of 'genius', freedom, humanity, or rebellion. The native is capable of doing tremendously humanitarian things in his public life if he is in touch with that part of his nature, or he can refuse to let himself take the chances necessary to achieve greatness. He is capable of attracting great fame through his public life if he is able to work through the 'scare' connected with that kind of recognition.

The tenth house of a chart is also indicative of the relationship with the parent of the same sex. The photographs the individual took of his same-sex parent early in life are most important in the development of his potential. He seems to tune in to one facet of the personality of this parent, which point the way for his future career interests. It appears that the parent has 'genius' qualities and a humanitarian and avant-garde approach to life. Uranus in a negative sense can indicate a high-strung nervous disposition or, in a positive intepretation, a musical or inventive ability. If Uranus is well aspected in the chart, the parent has allowed himself to live up to his potential and is therefore a good role model for the native with Aquarius on the Midheaven. If that parent has achieved some degree of greatness or fame or has taken healthy, positive chances with his own career, the personality is better able to take those chances connected to his own career. If that planet is not well aspected, the parent may resist the unique part of himself, and try to go against the extra 'electrical' energy penetrating his system. Aquarius MC becomes rebellopis in his own career, or perhaps resists healthy risks necessary for his true success.

In may cases, this sign can represent an 'alcoholic' personality on teh part of the parent, whether that parent indulged in excess drinking or not. A general tendency toward impulse, spontaneity, or nervousness is possible as well. Uranus can describe a hysterical quality. It is as if that parent has an extra amount of electricity racing through his system. Sometimes there is a combination of both positive and negative manifestations of Uranus, but if the parent has been able to utilize his unique qualities constructively, the nervous disposition is greatly lessened. Therefore the photographs are more in focus.

When Uranus is badly aspected in the chart of one with an Aquarius MC, there is also the possibility of an abrupt departure by that parent. This individual could see that parent as being unpredictable, unable to bear much pressure, and somewhat unreliable. In his own career, he may blow things up prematurely by taking off at just the wrong moment. It may be that just as matters appear most uncertain with his own career situation he can be blasted into high recognition. This aspect can also indicate strong seven-year cycles. He may never be able to work for anyone else, as his own need for freedom is so great that he will have to do some sort of work that allows for his own time schedule.

The planet Uranus ruling the 10th house of career also indicates a strong missianic complex. He can wish to be the torch bearer to humanity by acting as a catalyst for others. He will have to learn to let go of the people he puts together, or he may feel left out at times. He needs to ensure his own freedom of action in order to combine new groups, new people. An ever-progressing need for new experiences will keep this person stimulated in his public life. Uranus rules awakening on a spiritual level. The lesson that Aquarius MC may have to learn is somewhat like learning to let plaster fall, in order to create new walls. The change can be nerve-rackingm the results splendid.

It is in the area of home life that this person expresses his true pride and ego. It is especially important that he have the kind of home that reflects his true personality. Land and real estate mean more to him than to almost anyone else. Having his own piece of land gives him his greatest sense of self-worth. It roots and grounds him, and makes him secure. Even if he only works with products from the earth, he can express that need for grounding.

The Sun rules the fourth house of home with Leo on the IC. The Sun is the planet that indicates ego, vitality, pride, leadership, dominance. It is connected to the animus part of the personality and can give clues about the executive ability. No matter what sex, one with Leo IC is the boss in his own home. He or she is the one who calls the shots, makes the decisions, and leads the parade. If the individual with this IC has a good sense of self-worth, he will naturally assume his right to have a magnificent home. If he does not think much of himself, he may not allow himself the kind of home situation he'd really like. His sense of self-worth, and therefore the kind of lifestyle he chooses, is very much related to his relationship with the parent of the opposite sex.

The fourth house in a chart shows how an individual has photographed the parent of the opposite sex. His clear identification depends on good strong picutres of that parent early on. The aspects to the Sun in an individual chart tell just how he sees that parent and precisely the facet he identifies with most readily. If the Sun has primarily good aspects, he has great pride in that parent. He naturally sees that parent as the dominant one, no matter what sex, and feels that parent has lived up to his potential and shown leadership or executive ability. However, if the Sun is not well aspected, he may photograph that parent with a lack of ego that affects his feelings about himself. Consequently, he chooses a lifestyle that does not truly reflect his inner sense of self-worth. Since there is such strong inner identification with that parent, he may subconsciously be unwilling to surpass that parent. If the Sun is well aspected, ride in his parent translates into healthy pride in himself, and he will be able to choose a home or lifestyle that reflects a good sense of self-worth.

The fourth house also indicates the conditions in the third portion of an individual's earth existence. In many instances, an individual has the potential not only to live up to the image of that parent, but also to accomplish things the parent was unable to fulfill in his own life. The parental role model will indicate how easy it is for him to assume his own executive, leadership potential later on. If the individual has taken up the gauntlet and set greatness as his goal, he clearly can achieve success and recognition as he grows older. The aspects to the Sun in his chart will give clues as to his willingness to do just that.

If the Sun and Saturn are badly aspected in his chart, the person with the Leo IC sees the parent of the opposite sex as having a deep insecurity. The strong judgemental, severe, 'be safe' messages he receives from that parent, either overtly or subconsciously, will prevent him from feeling truly good about himself. He may not be sure about his leadership quality, or be unwilling to assume that kind of responsibility. If the Sun is in difficult aspect to Neptune, that parent may have set himself up for disillusion by setting unrealistic goals. The Leo IC may not set high standards for himself for fear that he will fail and become disillusioned, as the parent was. Sun-Mars aspects indicate frustration on the part of the parent, as well as impatience and anger. Sun-Uranus aspects can be a clue to the rebellious nature or 'inverted' genius he inherited. With the Sun in difficult aspect to Pluto, the parent may have been compulsive, overly forceful, or game-playing. The individual is then inclined to put too much pressure on others, play some games - and he eventually will pull the rug out from under himself. With bad aspects to Venus, the individual sees the parent as being lazy or taking the easy way out. Jupiterian aspects, if difficult, can indicate overexpectation, overextension. The native may have been disappointed in the life of that parent.

Observation of the kind of home one with this IC lives in can give strong clues as to the overall sense of pride. It is up to the individual to reward himself for a job well done, if there was a lack of ego recognition coming from the parent of the opposite sex. He must learn to evaluate himself in a healthier way. With proper attention, he is able to release more energy by feeling good about himself and allowing his lifestyle to truly reflect the inner values.


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This is a ritual I wrote for today, but I realized that this whole Sabbat is meditative. It is all about reflecting on the cycles of things.

Items to gather and Preparations for the ritual: Spend the day gathering things that represent the return of the Goddess. Pick a variety of flowers and always ask the permission of the plant before you pick the flower. It is also proper to leave some token in trade. A hair or two for a flower perhaps. Remember you are connecting with the Creator energy and you need to hold this reverence with you in all things. You will also need a candle if indoors, if outdoors, this is the night to light the spring bonfire of rebirth. This day is the first Sabbat of the year in which the fruits of the long winter show fully. It is this rebirth and renewal of life that you are honoring. This should be a day that starts and ends with the intent of the ritual you will perform at night. Take all the items you gather during the day and place them on the altar for the ritual. It is best if you can place them as you go so you spend the day preparing the altar for the night. In doing so, you connect the cycle of day to night and the cycle of preparing for ritual to performing the ritual.

Cast Circle

Stand at the altar and pick up the items you have gathered. As you arrange them in whatever way you feel led at that moment, let your mind wander from the activities of the last Samhain. What were your intentions going into the harvest season? Travel you memory through to the Winter Solstice. Did you intentions at Samhain manifest how you intended? What did you choose to give up from last year at the Winter Solstice? What did you want to bring into the new season? Did you carry the intention all the way through as the first lights of Imbolg shone hope through the Winter? Did you see Spring come in as expected? Was Ostara balanced and did the cycles change from last season? This is a time to reflect on where you have been and where you are headed. You are observing the cycles and this day is the first day to see the fruits of the cycles begin to really take root and grow.

After you have given some reflection and now your items are arranged in a fashion that suits you, hold them up and say,

*I come tonight at this joyous event to rekindle the fires of life. That which began in the Time of Shadows has come to its fullness. Cycle unto Cycle. Time unto Time. Age unto Age. I offer these blessed gifts of the new cycle unto the fires of life. As these cycles have always been since the beginning, as they are and will remain. So shall it be.

Place the items on the altar as they have now been blessed for later.

Move to either the Southern Quarter if you are indoors or to the place where you will light the bonfire if you are outside.

Light a candle of red next to a fireproof bowl or cauldron if you are inside, light the bonfire if you are outside. Say,

*As the Sun is the fire which gives life to Mother Earth, so this fire gives life to this rite. To light this fire tonight is to relight the fires of life and the fullness of the bounty of Spring. As a gift, an offering, I give to Thee (state Goddess name) these gifts. The beauty of life so represented in these flowers and new growth.

(At this point, put the gifts into the bonfire or the cauldron and see that they are fully lit before continuing on)

It is the fires of life and the warmth of the Sun that have brought forth such beauty. It is also the warmth that has coaxed the water to rise and fall back down in a dance of love, for fire and water together Create such beauty, for they are eternally bound in a love never-ending. These wonders of life are the children of the Divine. I stand here in Awe of the Cycles and in Reverance of the Ways, for Magick tonight is within me and around me and I stand in joy that the Goddess has graced me this night.

Now it is time to truly rejoice. You have lit the fires and honored the Goddess. You have stood in Awe and recalled all that has transpired since Samhain. Of course, the veil is also thin on this night. Spend some time singing, dancing or just meditating. This is your time to celebrate the renewal of life in whatever way you wish. This is also a perfect place in the ritual to perfom the Great Rite. You are after all, celebrating the Cycle of birth and the Great Rite is always what leads to birth. There can be a tremendous amount of energy tapped when the Great Rite is performed this night with the full intent of it being blessed by Divinity. Both the Priest and Priestess should give themselves fully, willingly and openly. This is not a time for modesty. You are to be free in every way. No rules to bind your celebration. Let the Goddess feelyoufor a change. Let your happiness flow straight to the Goddess. Take as much time as you wish for this night is yours to relish.

After you finish your celebration, take a moment to acknowledge that although this night is about the renewal of life, before long, death will come. These are the Cycles of things and as you close out your ritual and open the circle, you should do so with the intention that you hold this time of renewal precious and understand that it too will pass.

As you return to the altar to finalize your ritual. Make one last statement to the Goddess.

*Though I have come tonight in honor of the renewal of life, I fully acknowledge that all Cycles must come and go. I understand that this renewal of life always brings the gates of death nearer. But without death, this life I celebrate tonight would be unappreciated. For to appreciate what you have, you must know that it can be lost. I will keep mindful always of Your love for me in both life and death dear Lady, and I will honor you equally in all things for in all things you are and in all ways you bless.

Open your circle and carry with you the energy from the night. Blessed be!


Posted by Luminakisharblaze on April 30, 2011 at 7:07pm in 2012

We all know that the shift to 5d is about shifting realities. I want to focus on one simple thought. There are as many realities as there are Thoughts, quite literally. Think about it for a minute (oops there is another one) every time you think you are in a reality, a timeline that will go to an end predetermined by other intersecting thought realities. The overall reality that is Earth is just the common realities that many have chosen as similar base thoughts that were imbued by Creator Energy. They are all from the common part of the Collective Will of Divinity and so they coalesce into a common reality. Fed by other similar thoughts, this reality becomes the bases for the majority on the planet.

But what is thought of as Dark thoughts are merely a reality of certain frequencies of beings. To the ones who live in junkieland, for instance, there is a reality that most of you will never see because it takes a specific chemical change to see that frequency reality.

There is a reality of color. You aren't really seeing a blue background on this site, you are seeing every color except blue because your brain identifies what is missing. This is just one way you can adjust your reality. If you realize that the concept that every thing you see is what is missing, then you start to realize what it is that you need to manifest. It is simple really.

So what is missing from your reality and how are you going to manifest it? What thought reality are you going to align yourself with?

Water meditation

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Can you see the Universe in a glass of water? How about in a lake or the ocean? Have you ever really looked? Witches call it skrying, but the art is really meditative.

Find a natural source of water, a stream, a creek, a lake, the ocean or just find a small puddle on the ground. You are not looking at the water, you are becoming one with the water. Know that you are so much water that it is the easiest of the elements in which to see yourself.

As you unfix your gaze and just let your eyes focus where they will, know that this serene life sustaining element can be calm just like you, but just like you it can quickly change its nature and come crashing down in a tsunami. Understand just how much you are like water. Take a moment to really connect with the element. If you are by moving water, let the sound of the water become a rhythm and song that sweeps you into that wonderful meditative state.

Now that you are connected, let your eyes just look. Let your mind wander and focus on the water and only the water. Drift off in thought and you will notice that the water begins to act like a looking glass into your mind. You will see shapes and forms and perhaps even pictures in the water. Worry not about discerning the visuals, just let them form. You are cleansing your subconscious and letting the water absorb your stray thoughts. Stay a while until nothing else comes to you.

As you walk away, know that all your cares and worries are now part of the water and no longer a part of you. You should feel very relaxed, after all, you have let water take your worries.


Posted by Luminakisharblaze on April 26, 2011 at 10:50pm in Crystals And Crystal Healing

Properties: White, clear and cool blue, celestite gets its name from the sky. It's gentle nature soothes nerves, reduces stress and quiets the mind. It allows us to find serenity, harmony and easiness. It creates stillness for receiving, therefore allowing us connection to spirit, life overview and creativity. Celestite increases self-expression, artistic creativity and healing. This stone helps the Throat Chakra by allowing for honesty, openness and listening. The celestial blue color helps reduce stress, worry and anxiety.

Celestite is an Aura cleanser. It assists in bringing our higher vibrations in order. This is a very spiritual stone, seemingly connected to the divine. It's peaceful nature emulates it's relationship to the angelic world. Use this stone for spiritual development, finding purity of heart and clairvoyant communication. It is a stone associated with dream recall and astral journeys. This stone can be used at the Third Eye to help with these situations. Clusters of celestite can be used for scrying purposes. Place in any room to enhance and increase the vibrational energy. Always work with this stone with the crystalline points facing the heavens.

Folk Remedies: Since this stone is so good at relieving anxiety, it is the perfect stone for insomnia. It is most familiar for easing tension and creating equilibrium. Historically, this stone has been used for thyroid, potassium/manganese deficiency and Central Nervous System disorders. It is believed to stable a women's menstrual cycle. This stone is also used to encourage wound healing. Make an elixir with this stone to apply to all pain issues. This stone has been used as a detoxing stone and is believed to help with disorders of the eyes and ears.

Feng Shui: Celestite is used in the Northeast area for self cultivation, in the Southwest area for partners and relationships (use in pairs) and for dispersing negative energy in any room. Use it in the Center/Health position to encourage good health.

Crystal Cleansing: This stone can be cleansed and discharged of negative energy every month after the menstrual cycle is complete. Cleanse this stone by running it under warm water or charge it over night in a bowl of tumbled hematite. Most beneficial, is allowing it to be cleansed by the light of the full moon for 24-48 hours. Be careful as this stone will fade in sunlight if left out for a long period. It is recommended that it be recharged in the sun's light but only briefly.

History: Celestite (SrSO4) is derived from the Latin word meaning "heavenly". This stone was believed to be passed among family and friends in order to ward of evil. Both the Greek and the Roman cultures would pass this stone along to those who needed it for driving evil out of a person's body. It's mineral content has been used for centuries in firework and flares. The deepest blue stones come from the mines of Madagascar.

(Source http://www.peacefulmind.com/stones.htm)

A Numerology Glitch?

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Most people have one birthday and one life path number. I was raised celebrating one birthday. At age 26, I found my birth mother and discovered that the state of California had changed my birthday by 12 hours. I was born on December 2, 1968 at 11:32 pm, but I had celebrated December 3, 1968 11:32 am for 26 years. I began to wonder how this would affect my life path number.

My actual birthday puts me as a 2 and my legal birthday puts me as a 3. Together they make my life path a 5. All of these fit.

2 -- balance, duality, right and wrong, peace maker, mediator, lover not a fighter.

I have always been the peace maker and mediator. I have always seen the balance in situations.

3 -- creative mind, innovative, communication, natural comedian, counselors, need to express themselves, writers, performers

I have written since I can remember. My first story was in 2nd grade. It was called, "The case of the missing puppies." I have always had what I call a 'dear Abby' problem. People I don't know will come up to me and ask advice on their innermost personal secrets. I was in drama in school and worked as a dancer at ages 18 and 19. Not surprisingly, when I worked as a dancer, I was always the one who broke up fights between dancers and make the peace when things in the work place got tense.

5 -- adventurous, chaotic, breaks stability, brings change, restless energy, escapism. At the end of a party, you can usually find all the 5s still partying while everyone else is ready to leave.

The 5 is probably the most accurate. I am Fire and Emotion after all. I am restless. It is not my nature to be a contained flame. I am a catalyst for change. For a long time before my husband and I woke, we termed ourselves the "Omen of Change" because everywhere we went and everyone we came into contact with would find their life drastically changed after coming into contact with us. I am chaos, just ask my kids. I have moved well over 55 times (I lost count), so stability has never contained me.

So what does this say? Perhaps the art and science of numerology is not so confined in all of us. Apparently what birthday you know has just as much an affect on who you are as the day you were actually born on. For me it is a combination of all of these.

Imagine Life Beyond 2012

Posted by Luminakisharblaze on April 26, 2011 at 6:38pm in 2012

What do you see for the world after 2012? I see a world of Balance. There will be those left to start over because they missed the 'spiritual boat' and they will have to forge a new way of life that accommodates the new frequencies. There will be no use for money, after all, it is only an illusion anyway. There will be a realization that the old ways will not work anymore and those who are left, those who see only physical changes in the planet, will have to work as one if they want to survive. There will be a sudden rise of counselors and teachers and people will realize that the quest for domination of each other serves no one in the end.

This will give rise to a new and Balanced world where women will lead and the men will be supportive and nurturing. Gone will be the alpha-male dominance mentality and born will be a new way of thinking where people understand that it is the cycles of things and the sameness that needs to be studied. Left behind to help will be a few who have already chosen this as their mission and they will show the remaining people that to measure something only confines it to measurement. People will begin to see that what they need to chase is only understanding of the cycles of nature.

Life will be about living and being free with the only rule being to respect another's free will and not to interfere with their path of understanding. There will be no need for greed and war and deception because people will understand finally that no one owns anything. Perhaps John Lennon was not such a dreamer when he said, "Imagine no possessions. I wonder if you can. No need for greed, no hunger. A brotherhood of man. Imagine all the people sharing all the world. You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope one day you'll join us and the world can live as one."

It's not too far off, this dream. Embrace it and see it for it's possibilities.

Ace of Cups

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Ace of Cups - Tarot Card Description

The Ace of Cups has numerous spiritual symbols represented. The hand appearing from the clouds represents the "breaking into" our consciousness of spiritual energy and influence. The white hand has radiating rays all around it. You must always trust your inner feelings as it is an inner voice and your heart will lead the way. This is your intuitiveness and power talking to you. The hand holds a single cup or chalice which overflows with five streams of water. The five streams represent the abundance and power of the spirit and the effect of spiritual energy upon our five senses. A dove with a wafer or host in its mouth descends from above signifying the incarnation and appearance of the spirit in the material world. Below the hand is a great sea covered with lotus blossoms, a symbol of the awakening of the human spirit. The cup has an upside down M or a W inscribed on it.

tarot card meanings

Ace of Cups - Tarot Card Meanings

Bliss, open yourself to supreme happiness. Emotional upsurge, power of imagination, budding sexuality, engaging another, spiritual love or psychic ability, art, first love, closeness, lover, friendship, renewal, water of life, relationship, inspiration, awakening, nurture, abundance, happiness, peace, nourishment, protection, vulnerability, tenderness, fulfilling, good will, fertility, sensitivity, production, higher call. Compassion, receptivity, devotion, romance, marriage, loving union, reaping the fruits of what you have sown, openness, spiritual vision, the Grail, redemption, regeneration, satisfaction, female principle, imagination, close attachment, intimacy, rebirth, recycle, regrowth, changing, open channel, sentiment, sympathy, empathy, anticipation, longing, being filled, depths, offering, hope, recreation, chalice as womb of life, pleasure, beauty, sensuality, promise. Intuition, purity, calm, unconditional love, primordial, productiveness, excitement, premonition, emotional release, love at first sight, happy home, goodness overflowing, light in the dark, contentment.

The Ace of Cups represents the home and general environment. There will be joy in your life with the fulfilment of all your ambitions and desires. Much happiness will be found in your contentment. You are searching for clarity, or for the truth in a situation where your heart says one thing and your intellect another, and/or hope an idea will become a reality. Your ideas will meet with success.

The Ace of Cups depicts the emergence of spirituality and the awakening of a new awareness of spiritual life.

There is a chance for a marriage either with love or in business partnership or new contract. Positive air is flowing and it is time to forgive and make up. This is a peaceful time in your life so use it and make this peace with friends or yourself. It is time of fertility, a time for child bearing. Perhaps an adoption should be considered.

It is a time of giving rather than taking. You will have your turn as the old saying goes, "You get what you give." If you give prayers, He will hear. There are many rewards in the near future outlook when you get the Ace of Cups in a reading. The rewards are said to be in the giving.

This Ace is all about deep emotions and generosity. Feel good when his beautiful card appears. It is your lucky day!

Medically this suit refers to the Urinary (kidney and bladder problems) and Reproductive Systems. Water comes to us in the form of blood, tears, urine, perspiration, saliva, and sexual juices. A lack of water can bring about a dried up feeling (stiffness both emotional and physical), lack of moisture in the body, non-flowingness with life, difficulty with dealing with emotions and with others who are emotional.

Close relationships, the family, lovers, rivals, premonitions, fears, memories, nostalgia, and most of all water is our unconscious.

A huge cup is being offered to you in this card, and you are being invited to reach out to grasp it and drink from it. What this cup is representing is a symbol of emotional fulfilment, not just on the emotional level, but on the spiritual level as well. Whether you are going to reach out now and partake of this offering is going to depend obviously upon how thirsty you are, upon how much you are in need of being refreshed.

What this card is pointing at is the need for you to carefully define what it is that you want from the new offer of friendship or love which seems to have made its way into your life. It may seem at first glance as though what you are being offered is what you have been waiting for: this card is saying that it is just a bit too early to be able to say. What you are going to have to do is wait and see. Often this card comes up for someone who has just gone into a new relationship, or to whom an offer of love and/or friendship has been made. Or, it can simply mean that you are beginning to relate to people in a new and infinitely more responsive way - transcending much of the jealousy, possessiveness and emotional negativity of the past.

This card often means that love is the essence of the situation. It may or may not be romantic love. Look for ways in which you can begin to connect with others. Do you have someone to forgive, or do you want to ask for forgiveness? Can you set aside your anger and find peace? Would you like to drop your reserve and let your feelings show?

Abundance of love. Joy, celebration. Love with wisdom. Fertility. Marriage, declaration of love. New love, inspired creativity. Artistic excellence. A love affair. Marriage, birth. A blessing from out of the blue. Someone cares for you. A gift, especially of love. A gift of a ring.

The Beginning of all good things, whether it be love, joy, beauty or health, a new spiritual understanding. Merriment and celebration of some sort.

You need to experience the feeling of a new love or of giving and receiving unconditional love. Give and accept love on a new level. Open your heart and let emotions move you. Your loving ways will magnetize love to you.

Ace of Cups - Reversed Tarot Card Meanings

Upright, this card represents the feeling of when we are about to burst with all our overflowing emotions, whether it be with complete laughter or tears. Sometimes you get so excited you could bounce around the house screaming out in ecstasy. Or sometimes the pain surrounding you is so great that all you can do is burst into tears. The reversed Ace of Cups is therefore the opposite to this feeling of bursting emotions, and can mean one of many things.

Firstly, the card may call on you to curb your emotions somewhat for your greater benefit. For example, ending a relationship may spur you on to wanting to cry and cry for days on end. But what the Ace of Cups reversed tells us is that in order to heal, we really need to push back the tears and fight on in order to retain a balance.

Alternatively, the Ace of Cups could suggest that you have repressed your feelings too long and it is now the time to release them. You may have kept your excitement quiet about the prospect of a new job, in fear of it failing, but now is the time to let those emotions run free. Or, you may have bottled up so many emotional thoughts that you have become almost void of feeling true emotions. Which end of the scale does the Ace of Cups represent to you? Do you need to hold in your emotions right now, or release them?

(Source http://www.biddytarot.com/card.php?id=30&name=Ace%20of%20Cups)

Extended Hand-To-Big-Toe Pose - Utthita Hasta Padangustasana

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Step by Step

From Tadasana, bring your left knee toward your belly.

Reach your left arm inside the thigh, cross it over the front ankle, and hold the outside of your left foot. If your hamstrings are tight, hold a strap looped around the left sole.

Firm the front thigh muscles of the standing leg, and press the outer thigh inward.

Inhale and extend the left leg forward. Straighten the knee as much as possible. If you're steady, swing the leg out to the side. Breathe steadily; breathing takes concentration, but it helps you balance.

Hold for 30 seconds, then swing the leg back to center with an inhale, and lower the foot to the floor with an exhale. Repeat on the other side for the same length of time.

Natal Midheaven in Capricorn

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(Bernice Grebner)

First Decanate (Capricorn-Capricorn): They are organized with everything and everyone. Because they know they will not get something for nothing, they are willing to work for it. They will avoid trouble if they can, for they do not want any stain on their reputations. They keep climbing until they get to the very top.

With Cancer-Cancer on the IC, they over-idealize their childhood or one parent. This position gives a restlessness like the Moon, which makes for a continual moving of their home base or many changes within the home. They seem to long for the childhood shangri-la they never quite find again, even though their memory of this childhood home may be more fancy than actual fact.

Second Decanate (Capricorn-Taurus): They will rise in their careers for they want to be first because they do not like to take orders. They are able to pioneer new territories that have great income potential. They spend money for things that will increase in value as years go by, or that will increase the value of assets they already have. Energy goes into making money. They will not do anything that will be a detriment to their vocations. You can be sure they give every move much mental examination.

With Cancer-Scorpio on the nadir, they are very interested in the family and feel driven to carry on the family strain. They have a much more stable and permanent home than Cancer-Cancer. They have strong ideas concerning their domestic life and expect all in the home to accept these ideas. No-one outside the family will learn much about their home life, for they are secretive about it and constantly instruct their family to be the same.

Third Decanate (Capricorn-Virgo): This gives ambition, hard work, ability to organize, and a talent for putting up with petty little details. The first decanate of Capricorn doesn't like to put up with the details Capricorn-Virgo does. Capricorn-Virgo will put up with details gladly if it means they will end up as the authority. They can end up nervous and irritated but they will come out fine if left alone. They know how to take care of themselves. This is probably the boss who takes five-minute catnaps behind a closed door.

They are willing to make great sacrifices for the family. These people never seem to be able to forget the past, and are driven from subconscious urges to discover where they came from and what their deeper identities are. This discovery can come through religious study, the occult, studies of reincarnation; whereby they seek to identify with past lives. They are also excellent in their research concerning their family tree in this present life.

(Frances Sakoian and Louis Acker)

Capricorn MCs are ambitious and want to achieve professional prominence through competition. They do not always cultivate the patience needed to submit to those in the position to give them the promotions they desire.

With Cancer on the IC, they gain deep emotional satisfaction from home life. They are dedicated to their families, which are the bases of their operations.

(Dane Rudhyar)

A fourth house with Cancer at its cusp indicates a human being in whom the archetypal characteristics associated with the number '4' in numerical symbolism perhaps the most universal of all symbolic systems - are quite strong. This is because Cancer is also the fourth sign of the zodiac. Indeed, the often stressed identity of meaning attributed by astrologers to Cancer and the fourth house can only be justified on such a numerological basis. The number '4' is the symbol of concrete embodiment and of the most basic feelings associated with the operation of life energies and their psychic overtones - the basic drives studied by psychologists. This number defines the process of integration as it operates at the bio-physic level within human consciousness. It refers to the type of intelligence which works as the obedient servant of the life force in order to provide a secure foundation for the growth of personality - an intelligence whose operations are controlled by expediency, empiricism, and adaptation to concrete organic needs. This intelligence is related to the Moon in astrological symbolism; and the Moon is said to rule the sign Cancer. It refers to the mother only because it is the mother who cares for the baby incapable of meeting his own needs - the need for food, clothing, shelter, cleaning, and also for security and love.

A Cancerian fourth house refers therefore to the particularly strong and probably lifelong need of the individual to focus much of his attention upon his ability to adapt to changing conditions in his private life. This stresses the importance not only of the home life, but also of all that refers to the process of personality integration. However, such a concentration upon the near-at-hand, the organic, the feelings, and upon some sort of Mother-image, could be overwhelming if not integrated with what the Capricorn tenth house implies: that is, an equally strong concern for establishing oneself securely in a social position. The latter provides the social power, the money, necessary to run a secure, satisfying home.

(Jeanne Avery)

Saturn is the ruler of this house with Capricorn on the midheaven. The MC, as it is sometimes called, indicates the image before the public. With Saturn affecting this image, duty is a strong keyword. This is the area of life that requires the most focus and concentration. It can sometimes be limiting and restrictive, but in a positive sense represents security.

Saturn is one of the most important planets in a chart as it indicates the heaviest karmic lesson to be dealt with in life. The word 'karma' means the law, but it is the universal law of cause and effect. Saturn is related to the parent ego state in Transactional Analysis terms. The parent part of ourselves is the most judgemental. It is that small voice of conscience that can also be overbearing and guilty. The placement of Saturn in a chart indicates the ares where we put ourselves under the most pressure, sometimes combined with a little hair-shirt wearing.

The Kabbalists liken Saturn to the playpen that Mother Nature puts around her children. We put our children in playpens to keep them safe, but eventually that child must have freedom and more room to investigate. We give our offspring more territory and space when we're sure that he can take care of himself. If he becomes responsible, we give him more privilegs. Life seems to work the same way. The judgemental part of our personality, i.e. the parent ego state, will let up on us if we're convinced that we're ready to really take care of ourselves. We then give ourselves more elbow room.

At first, with career responsibilities, the individual keeps himself under enormous pressure, as that is an easy energy for him to deal with. He feels safe and secure in a little corner. He may work for someone else where his perfectionist qualities are never appreciated. He may be so careful to ensure everything is perfect that he will work harder and harder to please his boss. Since the boss would be lost without him, he may never get the recognition he deserves or the confirmation of his invaluable assistance. It is when one with this Midheaven becomes aware of his own value and diligence that he allows himself to assume the higher responsibility of working for himself. He trades in a limited security for the assurance that he will make it on his own by hard work and attention to detail.

The relationship to the parent of the same sex has much to do with the conditioning about his public image and career decisions. His relationship can be a karmic one, full of duty and obligation. He can either feel tremendous security from that parent, or feel rejected and under judgemental scrutiny. The aspects to Saturn in the individual's chart tell the true story about the relationship. If Saturn is well aspected, the karmic bonds are strong. That parent, even though strict and conservative, assumes high responsibility for himself and represents safety and dedication. The parent may be a strict disciplinarian, yet that strictness is tempered with love and devotion. The parent of the same sex will never be a frivolous person. The individual with Capricorn MC develops his own sense of duty and responsibility from the behavior of that parent. He will then go on to assume devotion and duty in the choice of his career, but he will be good to himself along the way. Progress is gradual and consistent, but he knows he will get to the top of his career and build a strong and dutiful public image. He can be motivated by a sense of responsibility for that parent, as well. He may sense limitation in the life of that parent and want to provide more security or pleasure.

If Saturn is badly aspected, the parent may be overly strict, aloof, cool, and unreachable. He may not be there at all. Death or separation can sometimes be a part of the early conditioning. He will photograph that parent as having deep insecurities, never getting out of his own 'playpen'. He may inadvertently keep himself in limited circumstances to avoid ultimate responsibility for that parent. He can feel rejected by that parent, under constant supervision and criticism. He may feel ifnored or feel he will never live up to the expectations of that parent. His subconscious guilt may keep him from reaching out, for possible rejection from that parent is too much to handle. He may subconsciously feel it is ultimately his fault: if only he were more clever, charming, talented or handsome, that parent would love him. He can be comfortable with the same kind of behavior from his public. Rejection is expected. The opposite side of the coin is never to put himself in a position where he will be rejected in career matters.

The antidote for Saturn is twofold. First, the individual will develop security and confidence by learning a technique connected to career responsibilities. With increased confidence, he begins to moderate his judgemental messages. If he realizes his potential to make valuable contribution through his endeavor, he is challenged beyond any insecurity. Secondly, if the limited circumstances are due to an inner resolve about heavy responsibility connected to that parent, he may inadvertently keep himself from success. If he can adopt a different attitude about the caretaking of that parent, helping him out of the 'playpen', he will find that he too is 'sprung'. His attention to detail is profound, his ability to work hard unquestioned. He simply needs to find an area where the compensation is worth his superior focus.

With Cancer on the fourth house cusp, this individual can have a deep emotional attachment to his hom. Since the Moon, which is the ruler of Cancer, indicates feelings, sensitivity and vulnerability, it is in connection with land, home and his environment that the Cancer IC person may be most affected. He may show vulnerability, even moodiness, when he is in the safety of his own surroundings. He will be hardest hit when anything happens to change his home or home life. He needs a home in order to feel secure emotionally. He will reveal more of his nurturing instincts when he is there, and may allow himself to express his sensitive side within the confines of his own four walls.

The Moon describes the feelings, emotions, and needs mankind shares in common. It is related to Jungs' collective unconscious. By working through one's own emotional needs, instincts about the needs of mankind in common become clear. The Moon also describes the motherind instincts. For Cancer IC, instincts about others' needs in connection with nesting impulses or home life are especially strong. He may nurture others in his own home.

The fourth house indicates the relationship with the parent of the opposite sex. If the Moon is well aspected in the chart, the relationship is one of deep understanding and sensitivity. If the Moon is not well aspected, there may be a possibility of hurt feelings and vulnerable reactions. There may be a little of each quality in the overall picture. The parent of the opposite sex may be especially vulnerable, sensitive, and emotional. Since the Moon rules the anima part of the personality, this parent can show more of the 'feminine' characteristics, no matter what sex. In the chart of a female with Cancer IC, there is a strong possibility of role reversal between the two parents.

In many instances, the native with Cancer IC will feel especially protective of this parent, even to the point of feeling like mothering that parent. Many times, the emotional reaction of the Aries ascendant has to give way to the vulnerability and sensitivity of that parent, so the parent is the one to be protected and understood, not the child. If the Moon is well aspected in the chart, the Cancer IC person is sensitive to that exchange; but if the Moon is not well aspected, the individual may resent it. He may have felt abandoned by that parent. This is the parent that can upset him most easily, yet a deep rapport and strong emotional ties can be established if the individual with this IC can show some objectivity where this parent is concerned.

Since the fourth house indicates the conditions in the third portion of an individual's life, it appears that one with Cancer IC becomes more sensitive as he grows older. This sensitivity can lead him to an activity where his sense of the trends of the times impels him to show greater concern for humanity in general, women in particular. He may express the unfulfilled potential of that parent of the opposite sex. If he is in touch with his own emotional pain, he is able to show a nurturing and sympathetic concern for others who may have experienced difficulty in their lives. This quality of feeling makes him a natural writer as he grows older because of his ability to be more in touch with his own intellect and emotional quality. Even if he is involved in communications or writing early on, he will discover new sensitivity expressed in later life. Feelings that emerge lead to compassion on a greater scale. Emotional fulfillment becomes even stronger through identification will all mankind.


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“2011″ – Courage We Must Have; Courage We Must

"Courage" by Nancie Zivetz Gertler

In deep meditation and prayer, I received that the Mission for “2011″
can be expressed in one word:

There is no other way, then for us to have Courage of heart, mind and body – to be the Art we have come here to be; to be models of integrity, whole within ourselves. There is no time left to be split within ourselves, there is no time left to have the inner battle raging. War in our minds creates war in our bodies. There is no more time for war. Let us put down the weapons of self-destruction.

It is time to Receive the Great Peace and Trust in our Hearts.
It is Time to Receive our Own Worth.
The Stars are Shining upon us; the Stars are Way-showers.
A New Octave is calling us.

We are the intersection between Free Will and Divine Will. Our Path is the Sacred Mystery. Courage illuminates the path. Courage of Heart lights our way. All can be transformed. This work is not easy, but it is simple and direct.

This living prophecy is about us awakening to the Majesty of our own True Nature, which lives within our Heart. Each one of our Hearts mirrors The One Heart.

Here in “2011,” we must look beyond all the stories and conditioning of the past, and be willing to Rise to a New level of Consciousness and Action; A New Embodiment of Fierce Strength and Gentle Unwavering Faith; a New Patience, a New Resilience; a New Receptivity to the Divine; a New Welcoming of our Inner Beauty; a New Outpouring of Harmony and Grace.

Let’s GO BEYOND what we have known: survival fear, separation, linear fear-based scheming, competition, male-dominant perspective, limited logic…let us go beyond into a new frontier of divine safety, unification, non-linear trust in organic unfolding, cooperation, wholistic knowing and being, expansive imagination…

Chinese Character for "Spirit of Courage"

New Vision! New Openness! New Determination!
New Humility, and New Respect for the Sacred Web of Life! New Cooperation with New Allies! New Divine Deserve-ability!

We are all parts of One Whole – On One Earth, Under the Illumination of One Sun, and the Mysteries of One Moon; Spiraling as One Family in One Great Galactic Whole that is Ordered and Beautiful in its Sacred Chaotic Perfection… giving us all-ways what we need to grow – abundant challenges and blessings!

This Time is HERE NOW for New Awareness!
New Remembrance!
New Inspiration!

Let us not be “sheep” -
blindly following the consensus reality,
Let us now and ever-more be “Shepherds”
helping lead the way to our human family of how to Awaken
the Fires of Love upon this Earth, and within our One Heart…


With our body’s 7 Chakras illuminated, each of us emanate the 7 Rays of the Rainbow; Threads of Light – together manifesting the Tapestry of The New World Consciousness; Manifesting The Rainbow Bridge Around the Earth.

1. New Comprehension!
2. New Creativity!
3. New Courage!
4. New Compassion!
5. New Connectivity!
6. New Calmness!
7. New Consciousness!

Our mission is in our bodies;
our mission is to embody our mission!

IT is up to you and I
to tend to the Gardens of our Relations…
The New Era to Come is up to us
and our human ingenuity and Courage!

We are all on the Journey Beyond a Destination!

Transition States of Consciousness

Posted by Mir-Ra on April 23, 2011 at 2:28am in Hathors

A Hathor Planetary Message Through Tom Kenyon


Chaotic Nodes are clusters of chaotic events. According to the Hathors, Earth has entered a Chaotic Node and, as a result, we can expect ever-increasing levels of chaos—including but not limited to earthquakes, volcanic activity, aberrant weather patterns, ecological distress, as well as economic, social and political turmoil.

Transition States of Consciousness are what the Hathors call the in-between places when a major loss has occurred and we find ourselves temporarily poised between an old reality that has passed away and a new reality that has not yet fully formed.

Perceptual markers are a term the Hathors use to describe how we make sense of our world and navigate through our lives using our five senses.

The Message

By their very nature Chaotic Nodes tend to generate transition states of consciousness. Transition states of consciousness emerge when perceptual markers disappear. And when this occurs you enter a null zone in which your old reality no longer exists, or has changed radically, while your new reality has not yet come into existence.

Due to the fact that you have entered an even more intense phase of the Chaotic Node, we wish to share with you our views regarding transition states, in the hopes that you will be able to utilize this knowledge for your own benefit.

For our purposes we can divide transition states into three primary categories: 1) personal transition states, 2) collective transition states and 3) physical death.

Personal Transition States

Let us turn our attention to personal transition states first, for your personal perception is the pivotal point around which your perceived reality operates.

Your perception of reality is fundamentally a personal creation. It is influenced by the collective perception of your culture, time, place and circumstance, but fundamentally your perception of what is real and not real is a creation—your creation.

Your perception of reality depends upon habits of perception, if you are like most persons. You are used to experiencing certain realities in your life and these tell you where you are, so to speak. You wake up in the morning and you look to the clock and the collective perception of time is immediately before you. Your choice to engage this illusion, or not, is a personal one. Indeed, one of the signs of spiritual mastery is the ability to navigate cultural illusions successfully while clearly understanding their nature.

When a situation in your personal life shifts dramatically there is a tendency for the perceptual markers to disappear or re-organize themselves.

Let us present one possible scenario. If you have worked at the same job for many years you have built your life around the demands of this position. You eat lunch at a certain time. You return home at a certain time. You interact with others in specific ways, tailored to fit the demands of your job.

If that job were suddenly removed, unexpectedly, those perceptual markers would disappear. There would be no need to get up at a certain time, eat at a certain time, return home at a certain time, and the people you interacted with for the bulk of your waking hours would no longer be available to you.

This situation is inherently disorienting for most people. Again, the perceptual markers have disappeared.

The same phenomenon occurs when any radical shift in your personal life takes place. If a relationship that is important to you suddenly ends the perceptual markers of that relationship disappear, and you enter the transition state of consciousness.

If you have a health crisis and your physical life is affected in radical ways the perceptual markers disappear, and this can be disorienting. You have entered a transition state of consciousness.

As the Chaotic Node increases in its intensity more and more persons will experience the shock waves of their old reality crumbling before them. What was certain in their lives is now uncertain. What was solid ground is seen to be no longer solid. We mean this both figuratively and literally.

There is another wave of transition states that is emerging from this Chaotic Node. It is already affecting many persons, but its affects will spread out in consciousness much like a tsunami.

This particular transition state has to do with the collapse of the collective lies of your culture. Increasingly more and more of you will see behind the shadow play; you will sense the puppet masters, and although their identities may elude you, you will see with increasing reality that aspects of your culture are a manipulation, a limitation, and in many cases, downright lies.

The lie that we are speaking to here is not the lie of economics, the lie of wars, or the lie of confining religions, but the lie of your identity—a lie that ensures your imprisonment. This lie is the belief and cultural assertion that you are nothing more than a physical human being and that there are, in fact, no other realms of being beyond your earthy experience.

The recognition of this lie is a harbinger of personal freedom, but in its beginning stages it can be quite disorienting. This is because multidimensional experiences are so different from your earthly day-to-day experiences. If you find yourself marooned between your earthly and multidimensional life, you have entered a transition state of consciousness.

Our purpose in sharing this information is to suggest a practical course of action during transition states of consciousness.

When you personally enter a powerful transition state you might, like many human beings, remain stuck in overwhelm. Many individuals find the shock of realizing that their perceptual markers have disappeared, along with the reality that they assumed to be real, deeply disturbing.

Due to the fact that time is accelerating—and by this we mean more events taking place in less time—remaining in a state of shock or overwhelm is a psychological indulgence which you cannot afford. The essential point we wish to convey here is that regardless of the nature of the transition state, whether it is personal in nature having to do with changes in your personal life, or due to recognizing your cultural manipulation—you are the creator of your reality.

You may have stories to explain why suddenly your life is bereft, but these are just stories. You may blame other persons, situations, or institutions for your problem, but this is misplaced responsibility. Your stories may be true and there may be other persons, situations or institutions to blame, but when you have entered a transition state of consciousness, you are at the central vortex of a powerful creative process. There is no reason or need to cry over “spilt milk” as one of your folk sayings goes. What is lost is lost. What is gone is gone.

Now the central question becomes, “What will you do?”

Will you remain stunned, in shock, in overwhelm, anger and sadness? Or will you step into your identity as a creator of your life?

To those of you who choose to remain in lower states of consciousness, we have no comment.

Our comments are for those of you courageous enough and bold enough to step into your identity as creators. If you are one of these, here is what we suggest.

When everything disappears, meaning the perceptual markers of your former reality, understand that you have entered into a void point.

A void point is a critical transition between an old reality and a new one. That which was, has ended. Instead of regretting the loss, you accept the void. This is, for many persons, a challenging undertaking, because in the void point there is nothing that can be done. You must simply be a witness to it, and to yourself, for in this no-man’s land there are no perceptual markers.

Be careful what new markers you put into place, for these ideas and beliefs will be the stars in the new sky of your mind, and you shall navigate your way into these new times by the stars (thoughts and beliefs) that you have placed in the heavens of your own consciousness. So be wise when you go about creating new stars, our fellow navigators of the Mystery.

Collective Transition States of Consciousness

The human collective, from our perspective, is currently like an immense cosmic serpent shedding its old skin, writhing and twisting, scraping off old encumbrances. Some of these take the form of economic turmoil. Some of them are political in nature. Some of them are the collapse and transformation of cultural institutions. And some of these writhings and twistings are related to earthquake and volcanic activity, as well as aberrant weather patterns.

As natural and manmade disasters increase, more and more of you will find yourselves entering transition states of consciousness. Obviously those who experience an earthquake, volcano or destructive weather directly are the most prone to enter transition states, but those of you who are empathic in nature can experience the brunt of a natural or manmade disaster as if you were physically present.

Indeed as the veil that separates human consciousnesses from one another dissolves, more and more of you will experience the changes taking place in the world at a visceral level.

We now wish to address the question of a new creation for those of you who may find yourself in the aftermath of a natural or manmade disaster, such as an earthquake, a volcanic eruption, or destructive weather patterns.

If the destructive force is strong enough, the perceptual markers of your former reality may no longer exist. Your home or place of business may no longer be there. You may find yourself dealing with shortages of food and water, and there are any number of variables that can come together to create a state of shock and overwhelm.

We wish to be very clear in what we are about to say. Shock and overwhelm in the face of disasters are a natural mammalian response, and if you are to transcend and transform the moment you must reach upward to higher dimensions of your own existence, your own being, to those realms of consciousness that are beyond time and space.

To the extent that you are able to incorporate the transcendent aspects of your being as part of the equation for your survival, you will be able to mitigate the shock and overwhelm.

The central feature that needs to be identified in the midst of chaos, any form of chaos, is the portal of opportunity.

This opportunity for survival or for a new life may present itself in ways you do not expect. This is because the perceptual markers are no longer in place and your consciousness may not recognize an opportunity when it presents itself.

There is a deep-seated human habit, or tendency, that wishes to conform new realities to those of the past. This would be an unfortunate habit to engage in these situations.

There is much we could say about the hyper-dimensional realities involved in choice making during chaotic events, but we wish to “cut to the chase” and give that which will be most practical. Perhaps some other time we can share with you our philosophical musings about your infinite nature and the infinite possibilities that reside within you. However, for now, let us be a little simplistic and give you a formula to recognize and create opportunities for new life and a new destiny when they present themselves to you.

Assuming that you have entered a transition state of consciousness and that you have befriended the void point and are more or less comfortable with the great uncertainty of your situation, this is what we suggest.

Be curious and expect miracles.

By entering a state of curiosity you engage an aspect of your mind that is free to move unfettered by expectation. It becomes very much like the mind of a child, and it is this innocence—which is not the same as childishness—that allows you to enter a vibratory state of consciousness, which greatly benefits you.

By holding the expectation of miracles you release the power of creation within you, and to the extent that you accomplish this you will find increasing incidences of serendipity, coincidences of benefit and unexpected treasures, whether they be physical in nature or mental and emotional.

This combination of curiosity about what will happen next joined with an expectation of miracles will move you rapidly from the void point to a new life, a new creation, regardless of what might be happening for those around you.

During collective transition states of consciousness it is helpful to remember that each person is the creator of his or her own reality, and in the midst of chaos people will make different choices and enter different personal realities.

Do not be swayed by those who enter lower vibratory realms. You cannot save them from themselves. Look upward and live upward with curiosity and an expectation of miracles, and even in the gravest of situations miracles can, and will, occur for you.

Physical Death

One of the greatest difficulties for embodied beings is the transition state of consciousness you call death. This is due to the fact that all perceptual markers, including the five senses, disappear. If a person identifies solely with his/her material existence, he or she will find this transition state to be most difficult. This is because what she or he identified with no longer exists.

Although the physical world continues on, there is no input into consciousness from the five senses. It is as if the world has vanished and the body along with it. The great I Am, the central feature of transcendent consciousness, no longer receives information from the body, the five senses, or the external world. This can be deeply disturbing and disorienting for someone who has not directly experienced the other realms of his or her being.

Metaphorically speaking, you are like a vast tree, a Tree of Life, with many branches and many, many leaves and blossoms, and your current physical existence is just one of these leaves and one of these blossoms.

When a person passes through the transition state of consciousness you call death there are several options. If you are in a spiritual tradition the central figure of which is a guru, avatar or savior, you can follow the path of this being into the vibratory realm of his/her consciousness. In some religions this is known as heaven.

If you follow the path of a guru, avatar or savior understand that you are entering into his/her heaven, her/his vibratory attainment, and by necessity you enter also into his/her limitations in consciousness.

From our perspective the universe is infinite in nature, and by this we refer not to external space but to the interdimensional realities of your universe, and there is no single being in existence, from our experience, who understands and embraces all that is.

If, however, you wish to join your guru/avatar/savior in the death realms we have a few suggestions. One is to mentally call upon his/her name. This is an ancient understanding encapsulated in the Egyptian term Ren, meaning name. When you call upon the name of a spiritual being an aspect of him/her is compelled to move toward you.

If, in that moment of encountering your guru/avatar/savior, he or she deems you worthy, you will be taken by him/her into his/her heavenly realm.

For those of you in eastern spiritual traditions there are mantras connected with specified deities. Chanting these mantras mentally during death, or in the death realms, has the same effect.

For those of you who are not part of a spiritual tradition that follows a guru, avatar or savior, then the transition state of consciousness called death offers other possibilities.

As with the other two transition states of consciousness, the death realm has a void point, and its dominant features are stillness (silence) and darkness. All possibilities exist within the Void, but no actuality is in existence. It is like the acorn of an oak tree. The oak, the giant tree itself, is potentially within the acorn, but it does not yet exist.

So when you find yourself in the Void, which you will recognize by the fact that you are utterly alone in darkness and utter stillness, know that you are in the central nexus of your creative powers.

What you choose to create next will determine the course of your destiny and what worlds you will inhabit or realms of existence you will reside in. This is a critical juncture.

Many persons frightened by the darkness move to the light prematurely. And what they do not realize is that in their yearning they create the light. A portal opens before them, like a tunnel, and they can move into this tunnel of light, encountering those they have known before, thereby entering back into embodiment or other vibratory realms of existence without having fully understood the consequences. This is certainly one option open to you, and one that is often taken.

Another option, however, is to remain at the void point, residing in the Void itself, becoming aware of your Self as pure consciousness—transcendent to all phenomena.

If you reside in this state of awareness long enough without the need to create something, you will discover your identity as the great I Am. And from this point of awareness you can choose the circumstances of your embodiment. You can choose the worlds you will inhabit or the realms of consciousness where you will reside.

This latter method gives you the greatest opportunities, though it is the most difficult for most people. And the reason for this difficulty has to do with the fact that most humans find it uncomfortable to not have a body. The yearning for a body and the experience of the material world often draws a person from the Void prematurely.

In summation, due to the intensifying phases of the Chaotic Node many of you will find yourselves in transitional states of consciousness. Regardless of what level you find yourself engaged in, whether it be your personal life, the collective experience, or the transition state you call death, know that you are the creator of your reality.

The Hathors
April 20, 2011

Tom’s Thoughts and Observations

I personally find this message to be stunningly eloquent and a vast storehouse of information. I have read and re-read this message several times, and each time I discover something new. There is, indeed, much to be read between the lines in this communication.

I especially liked the Hathors’ statement…

“Be careful what new (perceptual) markers you put into place, for these ideas and beliefs will be the stars in the new sky of your mind, and you shall navigate your way into these new times by the stars (thoughts and beliefs) that you have placed in the heavens of your own consciousness. So be wise when you go about creating new stars, our fellow navigators of the mystery.”

At the level of our collective mind, I think our mythic realities are changing. The old stars, those thoughts, beliefs and presuppositions about reality that have guided us as a culture for millennia seem now to be dimming, not to mention that they have led us in directions many of us no longer wish to go.

The collective ship of our culture seems to be plying through the waters of the Great Mystery with little regard for the sacredness of this planet or life upon it. But even as our collective vessel sails through the Great Mystery, seemingly without awareness, it (the ship) and we owe our very existence to the Mystery itself. This very odd duality seems, to me, either amusing or tragic, depending upon what mood I am in, and how connected I am or disconnected I have become from the Mystery itself.

One of the ironies of our situation is that the crew of this vessel, those who make it sail, through an investment of their life-force, creativity and, in some cases, blood sweat and tears, are no less than you and me, and all the other nearly seven billion humans alive on this exquisite planet. We are—all of us—crewing this vessel, regardless of our personal situation, our life station or our beliefs.

There are those in the New Age community who say, and have been saying for years now, that we are near Unity, and that the Golden Age is just around the corner. I do not share this perception.

We are all in the same boat together, whether we like it or not, and it seems to me that our crew is polarized. There are many who insist that the paradigms of greed, arrogance and usurpation are the true reference points for our sextants.

Others of us, however, are sensing that we are headed in the wrong direction—that we can no longer ravage this planet and its life (both human and other-than-human). For us, there are new stars in the sky of our minds. And we are setting our sextants clearly upon these cosmic beacons.

How it will all turn out is anybody’s guess. But I am encouraged by a silent mutiny I see happening all around me.

Many of us crew members, and I suspect that if you have read this far you may be one of them, are silently taking action to turn our collective vessel (i.e. our cultural madness) around or at least slow it down.

Some of us are pulling out our sextants and are pointing out new stars to those around us. We do this by living the change we wish to see. We do this by having the courage to live by a new Earth-reality that we sense is possible. We do this by extending kindness to each other.

And when necessary, we do this by standing our ground. I am reminded in this of a grass roots movement in some of the world’s poorest countries to preserve the use of non-hybrid seeds—seeds that produce new seeds when crops are harvested—rather than succumb to international economic interests that would enslave the poorest of the Earth to buy new seeds whenever they wish to feed themselves and their families.

As I write this, I am nearly weeping at their courage to stand up against the Titans that have set the course for our collective vessel through greed, arrogance and an utter disregard for the sanctity of life.

As difficult and as challenging as these times are both for individuals and the collective, I think there is hope in the uncertainty that we are facing. I say this because the human spirit has sometimes risen to heights when faced with dire uncertain times.

If the Hathors are correct, all of us will face numerous transition states of consciousness before our time on Earth has ended. The perceptual markers of our old reality are being displaced. How we deal with the loss of our perceived reality and the old world will determine the next cycle of Earthly existence for humanity.

And for us individually, what we choose to create in the transition states of our lives will determine the realms of consciousness that are opened to us.

I wish you, my fellow crew members and those whom you love, safe passage through these turbulent times. But regardless of what happens, regardless of where and in what situations we find ourselves upon this perilous journey, let us remember that we are—above all else—creators of our own reality.

There are new stars in the sky and new worlds to discover. Be bold. And have a good journey.

Fire Meditation

Posted by Luminakisharblaze on April 22, 2011 at 8:18pm in Meditation Group

Divination is a form of meditation. It is the process of allowing the mind to still itself in order to let the influences of forming patterns in time flow into a receptive mind. To successfully Divine or Skry, is to find a place of deep meditation. In honor of Bealtaine and the bonfires of Spring, I give you this Divination by Fire that you find a place both of meditation and of Divination.

The lighting of a fire, and the way it burns, can be used for divinatory purposes. Before lighting the fire, it is traditional to say the following:

*Fire, blessed Fire!

  My house waits for fortune,

  and always comes to you in hope

  that the wish of good fortune

  you will devote yourself to!

To begin, you state the nature of what you wish to divine, or ask to receive an omen concerning a certain matter. This is performed in a fireplace with common wood or by a bonfire if you have the means. If the fire is difficult to light, or burns with little weak flames, then this is a negative sign.

To divine a situation, you study the flames as you think upon the matter in question. As the fire burns well or poorly, so too will the situation go. Generally speaking, if the fire burns with a single attractive flame it is a sign of good fortune. Several flames shifting position or jumping about, with a snapping means that friends or relations are coming to visit you.

Now for the deep meditative part. As you drift yourself off into the flames. Notice the color and the sound. Hear them licking the wood as they dance among the logs. Let you mind stay focused on the flames and soon you will find yourself lost in the tale the flames have to tell. Stare without staring and see what shapes you find standing out. Just as clouds can form the thoughts in your mind and bring you clarity, so can the dance of the fire as it finds its place among the wood. Let the crackle of the logs and the leaping colors of the fire guide you and keep you free from the thoughts that would normally stray. Write down anything that is left in your mind when you finally break from the trance the fire has put you in.

And when you are done, why not roast some marshmallows or make some SMORES. You have deserved it after all.


Posted by Luminakisharblaze on April 22, 2011 at 7:44pm in Crystals And Crystal Healing

Properties: This stone represents confidence, boldness, initiative, dramatic abilities, assertiveness and outgoingness. Precision, analysis, stimulates appetite, encourages celebration and brings awareness of feelings. It is the stone of passion and sexuality and is associated with the Sacral/Spleen Chakra. This stone helps you feel anchored and comfortable with your surroundings. Provides a connection to the past or to historical events. Carnelian can improve motivation. Helps one achieve greater success in career or personal matters. Helps ground people who meditate. Carnelian is one of the most helpful crystals for healing trauma, stress and emotional wounds that have accumulated in the etheric body or the Aura and are now manifesting as physical symptoms.

Folk Remedies: This stone is one of the best for fertility issues. Carnelian is believed to warm, cleanses and purify the blood of the liver and kidneys, stimulate appetite, emotions, passion, sexuality, physical energy, reproductive system, menstrual cramps, arthritis, gall bladder, pancreas. Historically also used to pull excess fever out through the feet. Carnelian is said to strongly influence the reproductive organs hence its connection to the 2nd Chakra and is excellent for lower back trouble.

Feng Shui: Carnelian is used in the Center area for harmony and balance, in the South area for success, in the West area for creativity and in the Southeast area for self worth.

Crystal Cleansing: This stone should be cleansed under luke warm water once a month. Carnelian should be charged in the sun for 24 hours. Crystals react and energize by the light of the moon. The fuller the moon the more energized your crystal becomes. I would recommend your cleansing to be on or near the full moon so that the light can absorb into your crystal.

History: Carnelian is a form of Chalcedony (jasper) quartz, (SiO2). This stone does not have the typical lattice, usually found in quartz, but is formed from the dissolving of other minerals containing silicates. These closely packed fibers form in concentric circles or parallel bands. Carnelian comes in a variety of colors ranging from red to orange and, in some cases, even dark brown. Carnelian is one of the oldest stones used in jewelry dating back to 3000 BCE and was found in Egyptian tombs. Gem quality carnelian is called "Sard", which refers to the ancient Greek and Roman word "sardius". Carnelian is one of the stones found in the breastplate of Aaron.

Special Note: these particular tumblestones were used by Andrew in an amazing healing ceremony in the Arizona desert. They were divined at a clearing mandala meditation circle and used to represent the element fire.

(Source http://www.peacefulmind.com/stones.htm#C)

Chinese Numerology

Posted by Luminakisharblaze on April 22, 2011 at 7:37pm in Numerology

The Chinese concept of numerology is shared with other cultures and is based on mystical as well as I-Ching traditions. The common premise is that certain numbers are associated with good or evil.

The element that makes numbers good or bad in Cantonese is the punning and word play possible in a many-tone language. For example, the number two is fortunate, because it is similar to “easy.” Three is associated with living or giving birth, eight with prosperity, and nine with eternity or power. Combinations of numbers are also prized for their punning references to good luck and prosperity, the two most important issues in the minds of many Cantonese. This belief that certain numbers bring good luck is often put into practice when naming businesses and clubs that hope to attract customers.

People take what the numbers say very seriously, sometimes spending quite a bit of money to make sure the numbers look favorably on them. For example, in 1970 a Hong Kong businessman paid more than $60,000 for a car license plate with the number six, because the words six and longevity are tone variations of the same basic word.

In Hong Kong, the government is well aware of the importance numbers play in its citizens’ lives, and so it auctions off auspicious car license numbers. Between 1973 and 1980, these auctions raised more than $3 million. This phenomena has traveled to the United States now as well. Observe the number of personalized automobile license plates ordered by Chinese with the numbers eight or nine, which of course signal the dear symbols of longevity and prosperity for the owners.

The year 1988, the year of the Dragon, witnessed an incredible interest in numerology. Throngs of Chinese women rushed to the hospital on the final days of that year, requesting Caesarean deliveries so their child would be born a Dragon child with double prosperity blessing. (The Western year also 2000 coincides with a Year of the Dragon!)

There are also numbers you want to avoid. Unfortunate numbers are one (the lonely number), and four and seven, which represent the death numbers. Some numbers are bad luck when they are combined with other numbers. For example, Chin and Ng are both common Chinese surnames. Chin can mean money and mg can mean no, or zero. Therefore, a man named Chin would be ill-advised to marry a woman named Ng, because together they would be Chin-Ng, or No-Money.

The possible omens associated with numbers and sounds of numbers by the Chinese, and in particular the Cantonese, is inexhaustible. And so, let us all count our good fortune that this year’s Chinese Summer Festival falls in 1998, a date linked with longevity and prosperity. May it bring both to us all!

By Lim Mar, reprinted from 1998 Chinese Summer Festival program.

The number "3" is used many times in Chinese culture. The only reason that I can think of is because it is mentioned in the I Ching, pronounced E Ching. It stands for Heaven, Earth and Man. When we bow to offer incense, it is always done three times. In bonsai and ikebana, the patterns follow an irregular triangle to represent the trinity of heaven, earth and man.

By Don Gee

(Source http://www.chcp.org/numbers.html)

Abstract opinion?

Posted by Luminakisharblaze on April 22, 2011 at 3:01pm in 2012

An abstract look perhaps, but I was curious as to the opinion of others on this song. There are many speculations on the meaning behind this and though some refer to the album "Decemberunderground" and the meaning being one of the artist bringing the new album to the fans, there are many who see this as a metaphor for 12/21/12. What do you think?

Eagle Pose - Garudasana

Posted by Luminakisharblaze on April 22, 2011 at 10:25am in Yoga


Garuda = the mythic "king of the birds," the vehicle of Vishnu. The word is usually rendered into English as "eagle," though according to one dictionary the name literally means "devourer," because Garuda was originally identified with the "all-consuming fire of the sun’s rays."

Step by Step

Stand in Tadasana. Bend your knees slightly, lift your left foot up and, balancing on your right foot, cross your left thigh over the right. Point your left toes toward the floor, press the foot back, and then hook the top of the foot behind the lower right calf. Balance on the right foot.

Stretch your arms straight forward, parallel to the floor, and spread your scapulas wide across the back of your torso. Cross the arms in front of your torso so that the right arm is above the left, then bend your elbows. Snug the right elbow into the crook of the left, and raise the forearms perpendicular to the floor. The backs of your hands should be facing each other.

Press the right hand to the right and the left hand to the left, so that the palms are now facing each other. The thumb of the right hand should pass in front of the little finger of the left. Now press the palms together (as much as is possible for you), lift your elbows up, and stretch the fingers toward the ceiling.

Stay for 15 to 30 seconds, then unwind the legs and arms and stand in Tadasana again. Repeat for the same length of time with the arms and legs reversed.

(Source http://www.yogajournal.com/poses/785)


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Properties: This amazing stone symbolizes enlightenment and mental growth. It is an energy amplifier and cleanser of negative or malicious energies. It helps one draw more insight from books or personal experiences by making important information easier to remember. Calcite is strongly recommended for those involved in the healing professions. Calcite releases electrical energy when placed under pressure. It is an energy amplifier. It is used in multi-directional energy distribution, when energy is directed to the center of the crystal, it separates and returns at double it's intensity. Can clear and activate ALL Chakra. This very spiritual stone is associated to our higher consciousness. It is often used in astral travel as it allows the body and mind to recall information out of body. This stabilizing stone helps with stressful situations. This stone heals according to color very well.

Folk Remedies: All calcite forms consist of pure calcium. Because of their high calcium content, they are often used for bone disorders. Beneficial for the cleansing organs, bones, joints, and for sharpening mental clarity. Helps boost memory. Athletes use calcite because they feel it can aid the bones and joints that are stressed or injured during practice or competition. Calcite speeds up development and growth. This stone is very beneficial for bone development. Consider finely ground calcite mixed in petroleum jelly to help sooth itchy, inflamed skin as in rashes or dermatitis of any kind.

Feng Shui: Use this stone in the North for career orientated objective, in the Northeast for knowledge, in the Northwest for helping people, in the West for creativity and in the Southeast for increasing wealth and financial resource.

Crystal Cleansing: Cleanse this stone once a month under running luke warm water. Charge this stone on a bed of hematite or bed of quartz. It can be charged in the light of the full moon for a 24 hour period.

History: Hydrated calcium carbonate, CaCO3+Fe+Mn+(Co, Pb) this soft and abundant crystal comes in shades of white, gray, black, green, yellow, blue, brown, or red. It is found all over the world and gets its variety of colors from it different mineral additions with more than 1,000 surface combinations. Native American Indians saw calcite as a sacred holy stone, given to them by the gods. Limestone is formed from calcite. Chalk contains a large amount of calcite as it is primarily limestone and marble is simply re-crystallized calcite. Used as the primary substance in cement, calcite is also used for creating glass, metal, rubber and paint.

Green & Lime Green: Tranquility; soothes spiritual heart; helps us learn from lessons in each situation and new options. Clarifies visions, imagery, astral travel and recall. Helps us replace fears, old ways with healthier ones. Cleans toxins and fumes from body. Needs cleansing if sticky. Green Calcite helps you adjust to the transition from a stagnant or negative situation to a challenging, more fulfilling, and positive one.

(Source http://www.peacefulmind.com/stones.htm)

A Brief History of the Father of Numerology

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Mathematician, Astronomer, Musician

Pythagoras was history’s most famous proponent of numbers. He was born in Syria while his parents, Mnesarchus and Parthenis were there on a journey. His name is taken from the prophetess of the Oracle of Delphi, named Pythasis, who foretold his birth and great life to his parents. As a boy, he was well educated, learning to play the lyre, learning poetry and to recite Homer.

As a young man, Pythagoras left his native Samos and for 30 years traveled and studied with various masters in surrounding countries. He learned from Rabbis about the secret traditions of Moses, from the priests of Thebes in Egypt, where he studied for 22 years, from the Phoenicians and Syrians and the Greek philosophers.

He also studied the Vedas for several years in Hindustan with Brahman priests. There he was known as Yavancharya, the Ionian teacher, a name he took because of his fascination and reverance for the letter “Y.” This name is still preserved in the records of the Brahmans.

Back in those days, wise men were called sages or sophists, because sage means, “one who knows” and sophist means “wise.” But Pythagoras wanted to keep learning, so instead of using sage or sophist, he invented the word “philosopher” for himself. “Philo” meaning love and “sopho” meaning wisdom – hence: lover of wisdom.

In 536 B.C. at the age of 56 he journeyed to Crotona, the Greek-speaking region of southern Italy, where he established the first university in history - a school combining sacred rites with scientific study.

There he taught the secrets of number vibrations which he discovered during his travels and studies abroad. Since numbers are the foundation and underlying principle of all three courses taught at his school, Mathematics, Music and Astronomy, a great importance was attached to them. The Science of Numbers was considered to be the origin of all things.

Men and women were allowed to apply and become members of his school. In fact several later women “Pythagoreans” became famous philosophers.

Pythagoras believed that greater knowledge of God could be achieved by understanding numbers. In fact, he said the whole universe could be described using numbers, something scientists have confirmed today.

Nowadays we are taught that numbers depict a quantity or an amount. Pythagoras took the meaning of numbers many steps further. He taught numbers to be living vibrations that have a qualitative reality. For example, the difference between cold and heat, solid and fluid, hardness and softness, life and death is only the degree of vibration – and this vibration can be measured.

Having studied in Ancient Egypt for 22 years, Pythagoras knew that their philosophy and spirituality were built almost completely on the Science of Numbers. The Great Pyramid of Giza is a prime example of Ancient Egyptians’ superb understanding of numbers and their powerful vibrations. Thus, he is not the father of numerology, but it was Pythagoras we have to thank for teaching and introducing this ancient science to the Western World. He took numbers seriously enough to apply them to ALL teachings in his school.

Pythagoras considered the triangle to be the origin of everything on Earth. He established his famous theorem on this geometrical figure: “The square of the hypotenuse of a right-angled triangle is equal to the sum of the squares of the other two sides.”

He taught that in order to manifest anything on the physical realm, you had to conceive of it in mathematical form first. A builder can’t build unless he has a blueprint of measurements to go by. A composer can’t write unless she hears musical notes (which can be measured in numbers) in her mind. Pythagoras discovered that vibrating strings produce harmonious tones when the ratio of the string length is a whole number. He realized these ratios could be used with other instruments. His contributions to the mathematical theories of music were phenomenal. He also was known to be an excellent musician. He often used music to help those who were ill.

Mathematicians of today would only recognize some of the ways Pythagoras viewed numbers – such as even and odd numbers, triangular numbers, perfect numbers and so on. However, to Pythagoras, ALL numbers had strong personalities which you would not recognize in mathematics today.

Proclus, the last major Greek philosopher, who lived around 450 AD wrote, “I emulate the Pythagoreans who even had a conventional phrase to express what I mean "a figure and a platform, not a figure and a sixpence", by which they implied that the geometry which is deserving of study is that which, at each new theorem, sets up a platform to ascend by, and lifts the soul on high instead of allowing it to go down among the sensible objects and so become subservient to the common needs of this mortal life.”

Pythagoras married one of his students, Theano, the daughter of Brontinus of Croton when he was 60 years of age. They had seven children.

(Source http://www.pythagoreannumerology.com/pythagoras.html)

FBI Releases Memo Confirming Roswell UFO

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schwit1 writes "An investigator for the Air Force stated that three so-called flying saucers had been recovered in New Mexico. They were described as circular in shape with raised centers approximately 50 feet in diameter. Each one was occupied by three bodies of human shape, but only 3 feet tall dressed in metallic clothing of very fine texture."

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