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Natal Ascendant in Taurus

Posted by Adrian Tremayne on January 5, 2011 at 7:02pm in Astrology

(Bernice Grebner)

First Decanate (Taurus-Taurus): They can be either lazy or stubbornly determined in any activity that involves self-projection. In any event, their activity slows up here. These people are sensuous and pleasant until provoked. They are exceptionally loyal to loved ones. 

With the Descendant in Scorpio-Scorpio, they can be jealous and very possessive of their loved ones. There is no way they will stray from the fold if they are satisfied sexually. They may keep secrets from their partners, but the partners must not keep secrets from them. They have a very strong moral code concerning sexual conduct in marriage. 

Second Decanate (Taurus-Virgo): This gives great determination to serve others in a very practical manner. They have mighty struggles concerning their projection into active participation in the world. This self-projection is much more motivated through love of a friend, family, or romantic partner. They are then creative with their activity rather than critical. 

With the Descendant in Scorpio-Pisces, they may be called upon to make certain sacrifices for their partners. The partner is very important to them, not only physically but also emotionally and mentally. Partnership in marriage has to be right or they suffer inwardly, eventually affecting the health. The mere fact that they hide their tempers does not mean that they don't have them. They certainly do... and eventually you find this out. 

Third Decanate (Taurus-Capricorn): Here the drive to project the self into personal activity is for success. They desire to project a self that is mastered and skillful; and they do so by being proud of their instinctive knowledge of higher truths and higher disciplines. 

With the Descendant in the Scorpio-Cancer, they have deep possessive feelings for their marriage partners and the people around them. They may keep secrets from their partners or their associates, but you had better not keep any secrets from them. They are loyal, very protective, sympathetic, and tenacious. Although they may encounter changes within their relationships, they remain loyal; their marriages endure. They need strong sexual and emotional satisfaction. Because it is difficult for them to release close relationships, they suffer greatly if things go wrong. This may bring the tendency to mother - or smother - the marriage partner. 

(Sepharial and Muchery) 

First Decanate: It gives a highly-endowed mind, poetical and creative fancy, amiable disposition, steadfast affections, intuitive faculty, fondness for the artistic and beautiful in form and colour; a sensuous love of life, desire for comfort, ease and luxury, but capable of sustained efforts of a mental nature. It gives success in drama, music, fine arts, and secures the patronage of women. 

Second Decanate: This decan gives a changeful and romantic disposition, strong imagination, fine feelings, love of pleasure, fondness for dainty foods and good living generally; it confers the favour of women of position, and renders the native successful in travelling; disposes to artistic and poetical pursuits. It conduces to wealth and the acquisition of property. 

Third Decanate: Dependence and servitude, poverty or extreme difficulty in the attainment of wealth are the fruits of this decan. It renders the nature sensitive and languishing; leads to disappointment in love affairs; overthrows the ambitions, and destroys the pleasures of domestic and married life. It produces enemies, and renders the life generally very unfortunate. It gives, however, much depth of feeling and fidelity in attachments. 

Physical Qualities: Taurus gives a strong neck and shoulders, often a stoop; pensive brows, full lips and nostrils; dark, curling or wavy hair; dull forehead; heavy jaws. The stature is somewhat short, with a thick-set body, inclined to stoutness; the features are rugged and the appearance squat. The eyes are rather round and inclined to be prominent and watery, with long lashes and thick eyebrows. The hands and feet are short and broad. 

Mental Qualities: Amorous, passionate, determined; laborious, patient; proud, obstinate. From the moral standpoint the influence is benefic. The native is steadfast, persevering, firm and yet gentle, unless his anger is aroused, when he may then become very violent. His ideals, though not specially noble, are not materialistic; he is a good listener and can keep his own counsel, so that even if his education is not superior, he can acquire a certain degree of veneer as he advances in years, thanks to his adaptability. This position indicates progress in wordly matters through the native's own efforts. He has a practical and organising mind, and is equally well suited for business as for the management of property, or for a political career. 

(Frances Sakoian and Louis Acker) 

Taureans can express their potential for power through their financial dealings, and through structuring material and resources. They love the good things of life and create beauty in some form. 

With Scorpio on the seventh house cusp, Taureans are attracted to power and status. They seek energetic partners, those who excel in creative expression and the power to accomplish. However, they must guard against jealousy, combativeness, and possessiveness with partners. Coinciding with the Scorpio need for regeneration where partners and the public is concerned is the need for spiritual detachment. 

(Dane Rudhyar) 

With Taurus at the Ascendant, a person normally discovers his true nature through productivity, at one level or another. He or she produces and tends to cling to the products. There may be a thorough identification with both the process of production and the person or group whose needs this process will satisfy. There may be not only a fixity of purpose, but pride in accomplishments, biological or social, and as a result a good deal of self-centredness and a somewhat narrow horizon. Still, within the particular field of production in which it is the dharma of the inpidual to operate, great results can be obtained. Spiritually or even psychologically speaking, the problem is not to become too personally attached to the results of one's activity, and to allow nature or life to act through one's person. 

A Taurus Ascendant implies inevitably a Scorpio Descendant. The inpidual will have to surrender at least partially his ego attachment to his own products by relating to persons who have a more social vision or who need to experience the spontaneous and natural release of organic energies. Such relationships strengthen the part of his nature that seeks broader horizons and in many cases a more conscious and controlled approach to productivity - also a more responsible approach in terms of group purpose. The inpidual may seek partners through whom he may become more fully aware of larger social, moral, or political issues. 

(Howard Sasportas) 

If Taurus, a fixed Earth sign, is on the Ascendant, then life needs to be met more slowly and steadily. Rather than rushing into things, Taurus rising should plan, structure and work systematically towards its goals. The fixity of this sign on the Ascendant suggests that the person may need to hold onto or remain in one phase of experience much longer than Aries rising types. The danger is becoming too lazy or indolent and staying with something purely out of habit, attachment, and security when it has truly outlived its purpose or usefulness. It will be necessary for the Taurus rising to learn when to hold on and when to let go. 

Those with Taurus rising also have a need to feel comfortable with the earthy and material sphere of life, and to see concrete and tangible results for their efforts. A sensible regard for the body and its requirements should be developed. Being too driven or ruled by the instincts is not the ideal, but cutting the self off from the basic instinctual nature is not a healthy situation eihter. 

When Taurus is ascending, then Scorpio is found on the Descendant. This means that strong and intense emotions (Scorpio) will be evoked in the sphere of relationship. Jealousy and possessiveness can be the root of many interpersonal problems; and those with Taurus rising will have to confront, examine and gain mastery over the destructive side of their emotional nature. In other words, Scorpio on the 7th house cusp forces them to look inward, to probe hidden motivations and underlying causes in order to transform the way they use their power. The Scorpio Descendant does not allow them to take life at face value. Through relationship problems they are jarred from their lethargy and periodically required to cleanse and eliminate what they have stored up inside, changing old and outworn habit patterns. 

I have noticed two different physical types associated with Taurus on the Ascendant. The more usual embodiment of this sign is solid, earth-looking, and heavy-set: a healthy, 'country' look just right for 'a roll in the hay' or a Falstaffian appearance, often with the characteristically thick Taurean neck. On the other hand, some Taurus rising inpiduals exhibit a more delicate and chiselled look, emphasizing the aesthetic side of the Venus rulership of the sign. 

(Jeanne Avery) 

The person with Taurus rising is really a country squire at heart. His deepest desire is to acquire his own piece of land, whether large or small, because he needs to feel that special connection to the earth. A pastoral scene can be as inspiring to him as a beautiful painting would be to someone else. He is very loving, affectionate, steadfast, and loyal. His needs are basic: he wants good food, good sex, and a nice place to live. 

The symbol of Taurus is the bull. More specifically, he is Ferdinand the bull. If you remember, Ferdinand was very happy to sit in the meadow, smelling the flowers and enjoying a cool summer breeze. But along came a bee to sting Ferdinand out of his reverie. It was then that he showed his bull-like nature and let out a mighty roar. Pawing the ground, with flames flaring from his nostrils, he reacted with a temper that is characteristic of one with this ascendant. Like Ferdinand, the person with Taurus rising is content and easygoing to a point, but when goaded beyond his point of endurance, he will let out the mightiest bellow in the zodiac. His temper can be so violent, unfurled in its fullest fury, that he scares even himself. 

The ruler of Taurus is Venus. Venus is the planet that is associated with love, beauty, ease of living, graciousness, and charm. It is the planet that rules the arts. In its positive sense, Venus indicates tact, diplomacy, and sociability. In its negative interpretation, it indicates laziness and self-indulgence. Taurus is an Earth sign, indicating practicality, and is fixed and determined. 

The Taurean 'earth' Venus is quite different in its manifestation from the 'airy' Venus of Libra. The Libran Venus is more aesthetic and intellectuak. The inpidual with Taurus rising is more inclined toward acquisition than self-expression in connection with the arts. There are exceptions, of course. Since Taurus rules the throat area and Venus rules beauty, this person is blessed with a naturally beautiful voice. He may express himself through singing, speaking, or acting. Another form of expression involves architecture. The Taurus rising is a builder at heart. His practical nature takes joy in erecting houses or monuments. But perhaps the greatest outlet he finds is in preparing food. Cooking becomes an art form when Taurus rising is concerned. He may never attend a school of Escoffier, but his natural ability leads him to gourmet excellence. His taste in anything can be superb, but he has a special sense about food, wine, and good living. 

The person with Taurus rising is a hard-working inpidual, carving his life out of the earth in a special way. He has great strength, is steadfast and loyal. His endurance is unsurpassed. He has a strong attachment to the earth plane and all its abundnace, and will work very hard to secure that abundance. He wants to stay connected to the ground in a strong way; it's his way of being safe. His reward is the pleasure of good companionship over good food with a roaring fire in the background. He wants to celebrate his victory and success with those he loves, sharing the fruits of the earth with them. He loves the good life and wants pleasure and graciousness of living above almost anything else. 

Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac. The second house in a chart is the house of finance. Taurus is one of the 'money' signs'. He can be a financial wizard. His desire to excel in financial matters has to do with his need for building security. He is never impressed by wealth, either his own or that of others; material success, being able to wrest a living out of the ground, is simply his way of staying attached to the earth. His acquisition of money is connected to his desire to build a foundation from which he cn continut to fortify his position and grow. The world privedes a feast for one with a Taurus ascendant. He wants to be able to enjoy his share of all the beauty. 

The culture of the Egyptian age flourished under the sign of Taurus. The cymbol of the bull is featured in many artifacts and artworks from that time. The building of the great pyramids is tremendously symbolic of the steadfastness and determination of one with Taurus on the rise. The building instincts are strong and sure. This native may appear to be plodding and obstinate to the casual observer, yet as with the tortoise and the hare, the slow and steady progress of the Taurus rising will outlast swifter-footed signs, who burn themselves out along the way. Step by step, with an endurance that puts a weaker soul to shame, he gathers his strength to forge his monument. It will last, and weather the storms of centuries. Like the Egyptians, he prepares well for his eventual departure from the eart. In those days, the tombs were complete when there was sufficient wealth to ensure the departed one material comfort in the other life. The person with this ascendant wants to line his 'temples' with his earthly acquisitions as well. He is a collector of things that represent security to him, whether it be stamps and records or objets d'art. He always has an insurance policy in his collections. It is hard for him to break his attachmetn to things. He wants them, just to have them. 

The manifestation of Venus concerns the desire and love nature. When a person has Taurus rising, this desire nature is well developed. In fact, his decisions about survival have to do with his desires. Desire is the thing that helps him out of any tendency to inertia. He craves physical touch and is safe when he has it. He is tremendously sensual, earthy, and demonstrative. It is perhaps his well-developed love nature that inclines him to love and marriage early on. He will work hard, motivated by his love for his family. 

Sometimes the Taurus rising's strong desire nature can bind him too tightly to the earth. He can become engrossed in his material existence, which obscures an overall perspective about a deeper meaning of life. If Venus is well aspected in his chart, he eventually uses that desire nature as a first step toward true illumination. That desire can be transmuted into universal love by first realizing the higher meaning of aspiration. It is then a short step toward spiritual love. Any selfishness is transmuted into selflessness. One with this ascendant wants to enjoy gracious living and lifestyle. But the transmutation of love for family may be extended to the entire human family in some cases. 

If Venus is not well aspected in the chart, there is a strong likelihood that one with this ascendant can be mired in materialism on a completely negative level. He will be pigheaded and obstinate without any reason. His obsession with physical needs adn the functions of the sexual energy can include low forms of humor, jokes about the love nature, and bawdy comedy. His bullheaded tendencies lead him to experiences that fulfill his sexual needs but not his spiritual ones. 

A Taurus ascendant is easily spotted by checking out the appearance. The eyes can be 'cow-like', round and rimmed. The hariline, too, can be easily recognized. As it recedes, it forms a peak in the front, almost like allowing room for the horns to grow. The Taurean beauty is of an earthy nature - a lustiness coupled with a certain kind of sensual charm. Sometimes the neck tends to be quite thick, but broad shoulders balance the thickness nicely. The personality of one with this rising sign is pleasant and sociable, but the dead giveaway is his stubborn quality. Once he plants his feet, that will be that. Reason will not convince him to change his mind, and he cannot be swayed. He may not even know why he has suddenly called a halt to any further progress. There is simply no budging him when he has had enough. 

Children with this ascendant require lots of affection. They exhibit a sensual quality even as little ones. The social nature seems well developed and their charm can melt even the coldest hearts. They are beautiful in appearance, with a sweetness that belies the temper lurking just beneath the surface. They are collectors early in life. Their survival decisions have much to do with the affection they require, and with the desire to please. If they are cuddled and loved, they fulfill their potential beyond all expectations. They are hard workers, perhaps even enjoying household duties if the jobs can be made appealing and special. They need to be encouraged to express their artistic tendencies. If their sociable, outgoing personality can find a creative outlet, either through art or though theatre, they receive the love and attention they crave from many people and in a healthy way. They can be urged out of any lethargy by expressing an artistic talent. They need to associate with people, perhaps of all ages. A certain amount of freedom of the right kind, early in life, will channel their social needs in the right direction. They are fun to be around, pure delight and pleasure, as long as they are given free rein. If they are coerced, the stubborn, bull-like quality will emerge in full force. This child will show true loyalty as long as he is well loved and well treated. He responds to love with a full heart, spurred on to greater achievement by appreciation. He needs to spend time in the country, close to the earth that gives him such a sense of security. 

Taurus rules the throat and the voice. Not only is the person blessed with a pleasant speaking voice, but if Venus is well aspected in the chart, he has a ways with words, can express himself easily, and may be fluent in vocabulary and languages. The throat chakra is the power centre, so if one with this rising sign is in touch with his power on an esoteric level, he influences people far and wide, perhaps without knowing exactly how. He can develop a singing voice if he so chooses, but even without formal training, his vocal ability is more comprehensive than even he is aware of. 

The greatest temptation of one with this rising sign is pleasure. That can include pleasure of teh sight, taste, touch, and feelings. With Venus ruling the sensual nature, it is almost impossible for him to resist anything that promises delight. It is up to the inpidual to find healthy, productive ways to enjoy himself and feed his pleasure needs. One with this ascendant needs routine, for routine is a way of establishing more security. Self-disciplined convinces him that he can od what he sets out to do. He has great respect for discipline, perhaps because it is his antidote for lethargy and self-indulgence. Interestingly enough, the astrological antidote for Venus is Saturn. When too much 'Venusian' temptation' comes into view, a 'Saturnian' discipline is essential. The converse is also true. When things are too heavy and routine, boring and detailed, a little pampering will go a long way toward making things easier. The end result is balance. The old saying 'All work and no play...' could not be more fitting for one with Taurus on the rise - although the translation 'All play and no work...' is just as apt at times. 

Children with this ascendant thrive on the combination of cuddling and higging coupled with strong discipline. A structured time provides the security that roots and grounds him. Almost as if proof of the pudding, I overheard a conversation my son, with Taurus on the ascendant, was having with a parent of a young child who was momentarily misbehaving. As the child's screams got louder, the lack of action impelled David to talk about how he would handle the situation. He began to talk about his childhood. He started: 'My mother was so tough, if she said no, she meant no and there was no getting around her'. To my great surprise, I heard a note of pride creep into his voice as he continued discussing his theories about child raising. Since he had plenty of hugging and affection, evidently the discipline was something he respected and enjoyed. Enforced time structure enables a child with this ascendant to find a median between duty and desire. If he is reassured that he is responsible and reliable as well, he will be free to indluge himself in healthy ways, and to allow himself reward for his diligence. After the Taurus rising works hard to till the soil, he will be able to enjoy the fruits of his harvest. 

In an inpidual chart, difficult aspects to Venus from other planets can modify the personality traits to a degree. Usually, those conflicting energies can impel the inpidual with this ascendant to want peace at any price, avoid making waves, and tend to take the easy way out. He can appear to be lazy, self-indulgent, and determined to go with sensuality to the exclusion of all else. Aspects to the planet Pluto can make him compulsively pleasure-seeking. With negative aspects to Neptune, the inpidual is naive, somewhat unrealistically on cloud nine. He may look through rose-colored glasses and be unwilling to confront anything. With difficult aspects to Uranus, this native will be more impulsive, rebellious, and unpredictable than usual. He may have difficulty staying closely connected to the earth he needs so much. Saturn aspects form a natural antidote, enabling the Taurus rising to handle great responsibility and be more able to conform to routine and pressure. If Saturn is really heavy in the chart, the inpidual can be too hard on himself. He may have guilt about expressing his pleasure-loving nature to the fullest extent. 

Since there is a tendency to overindulge in gourmet foods and fine wines, the one with Taurus ascendant needs exercise. He can be somewhat lackadaisical in taking care of his body, unless his working routine compels him to exercise as a matter of course. Again the discipline of pleasurable physical activity can counteract the effect his overindulgence has on his overall appearance. With such a strong tendency to enjoyment of food, he can gain a great deal of weight without realizing it. Although this is not one of the signs that is thought of as overweight, any tendency to laziness will only make it harder to maintain the ideal weight. 

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