Age Of Enlightenment

Dated : Mon, 24 Jan 2000 01:30:55 GMT

We hear a lot of talk about Ascension these days and upcoming earth changes. Even if we take away all the names and labels, there seems to be a universal sense of something impending of the world stage.

Millennium fever has stirred the collective notion that something unusual is about to happen. Many of our planetary myths and legends draw our attention to the 26,000 year zodiacal cycle of our solar systems orbit around the Galaxy centre.

The increasing popular interest in Eschatology (the study of cataclysmic End Times) is not mere turn-of-the-century excitement. We are now in the last days of our 26,000 year orbit, coming out of a long dark age that the Hindus call the Kali Juga. As our orbit approaches the higher light and vibrational intensity of the huge star cluster Galaxy centre, the Hindus say we are entering an age of enlightenment an upward swing in human evolution.

Indeed, we live in most unusual times with a rapidly increasing curve of discovery and invention that has seen our young civilization rise from the horse and cart to walking on the moon in a mere 75 years. Given the previous several thousand years of recorded history you would have to admit this is unusual. This information explosion and acceleration effect is being referred to by some of the esoteric crew especially in Wiccan philosophy as The Quickening.

The ancient calendar systems that attempt to plot this rhythmic evolutionary peak early next century, The famous Mayan calendar and calendric system of the Great Pyramid mark the year 2012 (on our calendar) as the end of the grand 26,000 year cycle. Interestingly many earth myths and legends describe the return of some kind of Higher beings that are supposed to have taught us language and science in the distant past.

The very legends that some researchers have pointed to as evidence of extraterrestrial intervention in human origins. The Mayans describe the return of the Lords of Light at the end of the time cycle. The Tibetans and Egyptians speak of the return of the Shining Ones. Even Christian biblical Revelations describes the end times with Christ coming on High accompanied by a 144,000 strong angelic host. (NB 144 is the harmonic value of light).

Human history seems to be liberally sprinkled with strange and inexplicable references to various Gods, Angels, and superhumans who taught us language and high spiritual knowledge in the ancient past and/or enslaved and ruled over us like despotic overlords. The famous Sumerian Epic of Gilgamesh, from which the Biblical deluge tale was extracted, relates the unbelievable story of semi-immortal high tech gods aping the local women (Gilgameshs Mother, the Sumerian princess), mining the planet and seriously interfering in human affairs. But the same ancient Ur texts, like the Bible, the Koran, and the Indian Veddas, also describe extraordinary Beings of Light from beyond the stars that taught humans a Divine vibrational language and a higher physics of Light and Sound that the other, more despotic, sort of overlord/invaders sought to destroy all trace of.

The ancient Sumerian epics also record the tale of a remarkable Sumerian priest-scientist called Enoch who ascended the Heavens and walked with God returning to earth to bring sciences, the weights and measures to humankind. This epic close encounter apparently triggered the flowering of a sophisticated and legendary civilization that was mysteriously destroyed in the so-called Tower of Babel incident that fragmented and severely retarded our culture and knowledge.

What emerges from a study of the ancient historical and religious texts is that, when it comes to extraterrestrials, there appears to be definite good guys and bad guys. We apparently have cruising marauders who seek to enslave and exploit, perfectly fitting our many ancient traditions of fallen angels. While, on the other hand, we clearly also have myriad traditions of a much higher more spiritually evolved type of extraterrestrial, perhaps even ultra terrestrial, who manifests as teachers of a higher spiritual and physical science and somehow feature importantly in our evolution into higher forms.

So too, in modern times, we are witness to unprecedented activity in the skies. You would have to have your head in the trough not to be aware of the countless thousands of UFO reports photographed and documented around the world in recent years, let alone the many feature films that have speculated on this classic twentieth century phenomenon. Needless to say published witness accounts of gray aliens and the like has generated popular paranoia and myriad copy cat experiences as well as creating a cult-religious fervour of Ufologists and nu-agers anticipating the arrival of benevolent Space Brothers (and presumably sisters).

Curiously the ancient texts specifically warn us that, at the end of the cycle, the Fallen Space Gods would return here first, bearing great technological gifts, like coloured beads for the natives, to entrance us with fallen technologies. But we are told to refuse and rebuke them and repel them, using the Higher Light Physics and the vibrational codes of the ancients. Although a lot of us would find it hard to believe, there is now mounting evidence of a number of such extraterrestrial envoys having traffic with military factions on this planet in recent years. There are many fringe speculations about what may have gone on.

Most interesting are the new type of UFOs that appeared in our skies after the solar eclipse on June 1992. The now famous, mass UFO sighting over Mexico City during the 1992 eclipse, filmed by Sixty Minutes, was the first appearance of this new type of spinning light cone that emitted spectrum, rainbow colours. Oddly, this incident created excitement for the Mexican people because they associated it with the well known (in Mexico) Mayan Legend that forecast the return of the Lords of Light for this very eclipse on the Mayan Calendar.

The second incident captured on film was that of a strange UFO that played tag with a military freight transport plane flying across the United States airspace. They filmed the craft with a 16mm camera through the window of the plane. What they got on film so astonished them, that they had to create a new category for it, they called it Ultra-terrestrial.

According to reports, the pictures they got were of a spinning, tetrahedral, light-cone emitting spectrum colours. The light cone was partially translucent and they could see a naked humanoid figure sitting on the inside. This was certainly not a third dimensional space craft but more like something described in Ezekial or the ancient Veddas.

Author: Paul White