The Great Consciousness Shift Or Ascension

Some call it ascension, some call it the end of time, and there are many names by which it goes by. Master Guide Kirael a seventh-dimensional spirit guide coined the term The Great Shift in Consciousness 15 years ago and is now widely used to refer to the awareness that is permeating Mother Earth as humanity is undergoing a fundamental evolutionary change in our consciousness, one that is raising us to new levels of awareness. Every planetary system that houses evolutionary life, goes through these significant shifts every so often on a regular basis. The ancient civilization of Lemuria, which existed at one time on Earth approximately 50-60,000 years ago, is said to have experienced several shifts in its history, including a final shift which submerged this continent and its remnants under what is now the Pacific Ocean. The Lemurian phase of evolution gave way to the Atlantean experience, which also shifted below the seas at the conclusion of its process.

According to numerous sources, the Earth plane attempts to experience some sort of vibratory shift, or evolution in conscious awareness, approximately every 2,000 years. Two thousand years ago, young master Jesus walked the Earth carrying a simple message about peace and healing. His journey had such a significant impact that we are still talking about him to this day.

Roughly two thousand years previously, an unusually wise scholar and architect named Imhotep introduced the world (once again) to the concept of a single Creator Source and a powerful system of mathematics. His influence on our evolution is immeasurable. While these two shifts were significant, they were not fundamental.

We are currently on the brink of another Great Shift. Yet this Great Shift is different according to Master Kirael, who shares his wisdom through the medium ship of Kahu Fred Sterling. Usually, the force of Creation, in all of its wisdom, removes all advanced life from the surface, resets the planet, and then allows another evolutionary journey to unfold.

This is exactly what transpired at the end of both Lemuria and Atlantis. With the current shift, the dramatic physical transformation of the planet will occur with humanity still aboard. Matter and physicality as we know it will be fundamentally different as we move into 'the other side' of the shift.