This ancient history is not pretty we derive from a humanoid race which destroyed its planetary home (known as Maldek), by injudicious tinkering with atomic power to access total conversion of the atom into available energy. This caused a chain reaction destroying all life, and reduced the planetary body to rubble of various sizes, now wandering the orbit of the asteroid belt .

It was all so unnecessary, as they had an adequate sourceof energy, in the way we are trying get from atomic power, but they had more success in terms of safety and efficiency.

Only a fraction of one thousandth of the total power in the atom is normally available by this method.So far, the Logos of the Earth has kindly accomodated us, in spite of having to restrict her own evolution in order dampen down the vibratory level in Her substance, the which sacrifice has reached its conclusion by Karmic Law, and therewith hangs a concatenation of events, from both " Above and Below".

The failure of the ancient civilisations of Lemuria and Atlantis to survive, and our failure to progress at a normal rate and achieve something approaching parity with other planets, exacerbated things greatly. Many thousands of years of degeneracy and barbarism elapsed in between the collapse of those ancient civilisations. Once a pattern has been developed it tends to repeat itself, an interesting maxim found in the recent research into the Principle of Chaos, history is often spoken of as, "repeating itself".

There was a world crisis in 1962, threatening to destroy everything in another atomic holocaust, in a repetition of Lemuria and Atantis.(That this was co-incident with the planetary syzygy in 1962 should interest astrologers).This time, it was not allowed to happen.

In those days the two great world powers the U.S.and Russia were poised ready to unleash a swarm of nuclear missiles onto each other during the Cuban Crisis, and explains why the relations between the U.S. and Cuba remain strained to this day.

To accept the notion that we represent a failure to keep up with the neighbours, so to speak, is a bitter pill to swallow indeed, in the face of such remarkable advances made in science and space in only a few years. If we had been able to keep pace with others in times past things would have been very different, but with the proper amount of co-operation instead of competition between nations, we can still go a long way on this road , and quickly.

  • Size : 1.47 Earth
  • Age : 4.5 billion years
  • Civilization(s) : Drakar, Zetan
  • Population : 9,1035,723 (at time when it was destroyed)

History - The planet Maldek was the real fifth planet from Sol. The planet itself was bigger than Earth, but scarcely more than a mere rock. Somewhere between 68-66 million years ago the Zetans began to colonize the planet and when adequate construction was completed the Drakars moved in.

The Drakarian Empire then launch three asteroids to the hominid civilizations one for Venus, one for Earth, and one for Mars. The first one struck Marsí atmosphere about 65.5 million years ago, wiping off over two-thirds of the Oxygen rich atmosphere. The one that hit Earth didnít wipe off the atmosphere, but ended many species of life and set some off some massive ice ages on Earth.

The third one hit Venus also, but never reached the surface much less beneath it because the Drakars underestimated how violent the atmosphere really was. The Galactic Alliance responded quickly and with an iron fist, they sent Erran and Scenarian warships, which destroyed Maldek killing all inhabitants on the planet.

The Wingmaker