Coming Mass UFO Landings, Earth Changes!

"Greetings! We come here now to address you on some very important matters. These subjects will include the mass landing scenarios, the beginning Earth changes, and your continuing Ascension process.

The time has finally arrived for us to begin a series of important disclosures that will help you to get a better view of how the next period in your existence on Earth will be unfolded. Right now, your planet has just begun the first of its many low-level beginning episodes of Earth changes.

These severe geologic and meteorological events will start to gain some unique degree of momentum in the next few weeks. Be prepared for what is to come, for the early stages will affect many different areas of your globe. Our Galactic Federation scientists have notified us that your planet has been giving off numerous warning signs for your Earth's scientists for the past few months.

These scientists have notified your governments of what is about to happen to your planet. Unfortunately, your worldwide governments have decided to use this information for their own selfish purposes. Now we must be the ones to inform you of what to expect from the coming Earth changes.

"The key element is the spiritual reconstruction of your planet. In the Galactic Year of 1 Eb (1992-1993), the local Spiritual Hierarchy began to manifest the future grid pattern for the fully conscious Earth. This etheric grid pattern began the reconstruction of your beloved planet Earth in earnest. At the same time, the Galactic Federation was fully informed by its Spiritual Councils that we had to prepare for a divine intervention upon your planet.

These two separate but interlocked events began the processes that are still in effect to this day. As the planet moved forward in its evolution, it became clear that severe Earth changes were inevitable. Our first thoughts were to have you completely ascended before these changes were put into full operation. However, the divine timings have now made such a procedure impossible.

Hence, we have decided to commence with a partial evacuation scenario. Our prime purpose, as noted previously, is to use these critical times to make you well aware of our existence, as well as of our intentions. "One of the basic conditions is the fact that your population tends to panic or go into fear and denial at a point of maximum stress.

The Earth changes and our arrival easily fit these parameters. Consequently, we have decided to begin to inform you of what will happen when you are evacuated by our special "action teams". It is our sacred mission to provide all Earth dwellers who are in harm's way with an alternative to their certain demise.

The cataclysmic events on your planet are occurring to cleanse the surface and to provide a pristine environment for Earth's biosphere. If you are a "star seed", you shall have been teleported to your assigned ship and been trained in both full conscious- ness and galactic counseling. You will accompany your "action team" to the Earth's surface. There, you shall aid your fellows during a great time of need. For most persons, you will be part of either of two basic procedures. Either one of these particular procedures will be carried out relative to what is transpiring on your planet's surface.

"The first aspect of our evacuation operation involves the use of the Earth's subterranean holographic environments. Here, all the materials we have previously inventoried for you will be immediately teleported to your new residence, before they are destroyed by the cataclysm.

Hence, your personal items will be saved and put in a very safe place. Therefore, it is important for you to remember that you will not need to take anything with you. All that you need to do is to listen to, and to follow, the specific instructions of your Galactic Federation counselors. To bring a calmer response to our sudden appearance, all "action teams" will be accompanied by special Angelic representatives from the Spiritual Hierarchy.

Before you are brought to the holographic interiors, there will be a period of training that will last about two hours on board a special Mother ship. During this special training, you will be provided with shelter, food and clothing. All that we ask is that you follow the standard operating procedures that will be laid out for you.

You will be involved in a very intensive amount of training that will entail some very advanced accelerated learning techniques. This special training will prepare you for all possible eventualities that can be offered by the new Earth. Furthermore, you will be given advanced educational equipment that will make you ready for a rapid return to full consciousness. With your training finally completed, you will be teleported down to your future home.

"The second segment involves those persons whose holographic environments are not yet ready for occupancy. These elements of your populace must be placed in special shipboard housing for up to two weeks after their evacuation from the Earth's surface. During this time, there will be the same training as we have just mentioned. However, we shall also train you in some general shipboard procedures.

All personnel housed aboard Galactic Federation vessels must follow standard operating procedures. These unique protocols will help you to blend into the ship and its daily procedures. We in the Galactic Federation feel that our ships are our homes. Hence, you will learn about Sirian, Pleiadean, and other galactic human cultures. We hope that the time spent with us will help you when you are creating your own galactic human society.

When the time comes, we will then transfer you to your holographic interior and to your future residence. You will receive full consciousness when the Spiritual Hierarchy grants it. The Earth and its human population will receive this gift simultaneously. "Our mass landing fleet is now in the final stages of its preparations for arrival upon your shores. The joint command board of the mass landing fleets has issued specific orders that have assigned all personnel and all ships to each evacuation procedure.

In keeping with orders issued in the last week, the fleet is now maintaining its 'full alert' status. In addition, we are now conducting daily drills that allow both fleets to interact with one another. We have permitted all evacuation commanders to pull any ships that they may require from the other mass landing fleet. The defense forces are closely monitoring the new weaponry that is beginning to come online with the surface government's covert military operations.

Suppression raids are now being put together to counter these weapons, as they are made available to their various inventories. We see no great threat being offered to us. In any case, it is better to be safe than sorry. The Galactic Federation fleet is now awaiting the proper Angelic signals for when to begin our operations.

"Our Federation planetary scientists have been closely watching your beloved planet for the past few galactic months. This concentrated period of observation has shown us that your planet is gradually moving toward its grand moment of graduation. What the planet has been doing is moving though periods of high activity, followed by a brief quiescence. Each new period of activity is at a slightly higher level of intensity. These cycles also follow a lunar phasing pattern.

High intensity near and around a full moon and low intensity about the new moon. The reason for these results is the high aberration of the planet's magnetic. The magnetic poles, especially the north magnetic pole, have been moving all around the place in the past few months. This geographic shifting has affected many aircraft and caused the crashes of the more sensitive military aircraft. These actions will continue until a critical point is realized. At that time, the first stage of the cataclysms will commence. Our opinion, based upon our scientific measurements, is that this event time is very near to happening.

"Meanwhile, your Ascension process is making great strides. The Angelic Realms are very pleased with the rapid progress of your population. Everywhere, someone is awakening. The spiritual potential of the Earth dwellers is becoming manifested. All members of the Spiritual Hierarchy are in great glee over what is occurring.

Even though most of your populace has just barely become cognizant of the spirituality factor, your planet has exceedingly benefited from this wondrous process. The Angelic Realms sincerely desire to give acknowledgement to the many Earth "star seeds" that have participated in daily rituals to help both your beloved planet and its enlightened human population to Ascend. Much has been done that will help to unfold these graduation procedures with grace and, above all, with dignity for all involved. At this moment, your planet is giving off a magnificent auric glow. This glow can be seen from deep space as you approach this solar system. Indeed, it is a clear symbol of the great work that all of you have already rendered.

"The time has come once again for our message to draw to a close. As we do so, we would like to remind you of the wonderful accomplishments that you have made possible in the last few galactic years. First, you have gone through a magnificent transformation that has deeply affected all of you. This directive especially goes out to those "star seeds" who have been the vanguard for these changes. Your many bouts of physical pains and discomfiture have now permitted an entire human population to start to shift to a new reality.

Second, your graduation time is now near. The Spiritual Hierarchy has informed us that the point for denouement is just about at hand. Please use this remaining time to help each other and to prepare yourself for the coming events. We now depart with countless blessings of unconditional Love, boundless orgasmic Joy, and limitless Prosperity and Supply.

Extracted from:, Planetary Activation Organization, formerly "The Ground Crew Project"