The Third Eye

A great deal has already been written in esoteric literature about the third eye, and it seems that more clarity is required about this little understood mystic organ. However, although descriptions and explanations may provide some mental concept of this 'eye', real inner understanding can never be reached until, by gradual spiritual unfoldment, a measure of practical experience of vision through this 'eye of the soul' is first of all gained another of these esoteric paradoxes.

A few synonymous expressions will be found to be partly descriptive and will perhaps give some idea of the functions of the third eye. For instance: the spiritual eye; the mirror of the soul; the eye of the soul; the all-seeing eye; the eye of the magician; the eye of vision; the inner eye; the director of energy. The third eye exists in etheric matter and is an etheric centre of force situated just in front of the forehead, at the midpoint between the two physical eyes. Although associated with the pineal gland, it must not be confused with the latter, which is distinctly a small physical gland at the back of the brain. The third eye should be regarded as the etheric correspondence of the pineal gland, and it is only as the latter attains full activity that the 'eye' will be functioning effectively, indicating the 'fully awakened' stage in man. The third eye is also the instrument of the Will or Spirit, and thus becomes the 'Director of Energy'.

The 'eye' provides the aspirant with inner vision of the subjective realms, and therefore with clairvoyance, and will also afford the proficient worker effective control over many of the energies governing the behaviour of matter. Until the eye is functioning, even if only partially and periodically, man cannot comprehend and fully appreciate the nature of the energy which he is actually capable of wielding and therefore of the potential powers at his disposal. Eventually this eye will give him the powers of the white magician, and that is why it is also called the 'eye of the magician'. It is by directing energies with the third eye that thought-forms are energised and vivified, sweeping the lesser builders (devas) into any particular line of activity. The third eye is thus the directing agency in all mental creative work, thus also forming the basis of all practical creation. By fixing the inner eye upon the object of contemplation, a steady stream of energy is produced, which when focussed upon the objective engenders vitalisation and activity. As a rule this process operates unconsciously, but by means of meditation and contemplation the qualified student learns to apply these principles deliberately and at will, although with discrimination.

It is through the medium of this 'all-seeing eye' that the Master of Wisdom or the perfected man, can at any moment put himself into touch with his disciples, wherever they are, or can communicate with other members of the Spiritual Hierarchy throughout the etheric realm. This eye serves him as an instrument for directing and controlling energies and holding thought-forms which he may have created within his sphere of influence and upon his path of service, and it is through this medium that he directs currents of energy to help and stimulate his disciples and groups in any place and at any time. Visualisation also stimulates the development of the third eye, and forms, ideas and thought abstractions can thus be mentally clothed and brought into etheric being.

There are mainly two procedures which are responsible for the development of the pineal gland. Firstly this may be stimulated by energies emanating from the soul itself and acting via the etheric centres. This down flow of egoic or soul energy stems in the first place from awakening the centres through meditation and spiritual activities; the energy impinges on the gland, which in the course of years will gradually develop and begin to unfold itself to start a new cycle of activity. The pineal gland may, however, also be stimulated by a rational physical life, and by disciplining the body to the laws of spiritual unfoldment. This will mean leading a regulated life, avoiding meat, and stimulants such as nicotine and alcohol, and practicing moderation in all things. In this way the gland will progressively lose its atrophy and become vitalised.

To sum up it can be said that the third eye constitutes the window of the soul, whereby it looks inwards into the three worlds of human existence, revealing the nature of the interior worlds, the Kingdom of God, and the Divine Plan; it directs the energy of the soul on the physical plane, and lastly it links the awakened man of the physical plane with the astral or subjective world, enabling him to function there in full consciousness. It therefore enables man to become aware of that which previously remained hidden to his senses; a world of fantastic new realities is opened up to his etheric vision, and the nature and quality of the realm of souls and that of the Hierarchy is revealed to him in all its beauty. Actually these new perceptions are animated more distinctly and become more authentic to the observer than the world of physical experience ever could have been.

In the New Testament, Yeshua says: "If thine eye becomes Single, thy whole body shall be full of Light."

In the Gospel of Thomas he also says: "There is a Light within a person of Light, and It shines on the whole world." And, "If one is whole, one will be filled with Light, but if one is divided, one will be filled with darkness."

Author: Aart Jurriaanse

Dated: Mon,24 Jan 2000 01:30:55 GMT