Apr 2nd, 2024

The divine is eager to see the manifestation of the divine plan in our physical realm

Dear family of love and light, the divine has a quick update.

Over the last couple of days, the divine and the company of heaven have reorganized the planet and humanity. The divine says that once humanity occupies the planet after the mass ascension days ago, humans who carried a lot of old energies have started jeopardizing the planet and have caused damage to the planet. Holes have been created. And some humans who carried excessive old energies have started emitting and spreading old energies in their new locations. After the divine discovered the spreaders, the divine has ordered evacuation of humans from the planet. The planet was being repaired again, and humans have been through another round of clearing and examination. The ones who have excessive old energies have been evacuated and some are being cleared. They will reenter the planet once the clearing is completed. The reoccuping the planet is over now. The planet is cleared. Humans have been relocated to the positions that were designed according to new earth map. All is well.

The divine says since the reorganization process is over, and the divine has thoroughly examined the entire planet and humanity. The results are satisfying to the point that the divine has restarted the divine plan. The divine says at this moment, the divine plan is moving forward nicely. The speed of the divine plan has picked up. And the divine is more relaxed now.

The divine says since the divine has restarted the divine plan. There are some things designed in the plan that will be manifested. The divine is eager to see the manifestation of the divine plan in our physical realm. And the timeline is coming. The divine asks light workers to stay in the heart and keep up the good work. Know that the divine plan has been restarted. And events will happen because of the divine plan is in place now. There are beings of light whose mission will change. And that will have impacts on the planet. The divine has been preparing the planet and humanity for the changes, and now is time for the changes to come. The divine says because the planet has cleared and the manifestation process will be much faster and shorter, there are happenings that can come any day now. The divine has put the entire light workers community in standing by position to make sure that everything is ready for the changes.

Meanwhile, there are some regions of the planet that still are venerable to the old energies and damages caused by the old energies were deep. The divine has dispatched a great number of light beings to monitor these regions. Any signs of abnormal behavior happens, they have the divine order to take action so that the planet will be protected and peaceful.

The divine says that there are some areas on the planet where the old energies have emerged repeatedly in the past. There are huge numbers of light beings that have been positioned in these areas. The divine has given the divine authority to the light beings so that they can start the divine operations swiftly if there is a need.

The divine says that the divine has given regional leaders authority so that they can act if there are activities that are calling for divine intervention. The regions that are venerable to the old energies have been isolated and now they have a great deal of the divine attention and resources and divine authority to protect the region. light workers in these regions are also being put on standing by positions so that they can help if there is a need. The divine says once the divine plan is being manifested, the planet may have reactions. That is the time that light workers are going to be needed. The divine encourages light workers to keep up the good work and conduct the divine duties. Know that being a light worker is a great honor. Humans look for light workers for guidance and a sense of direction in time of change. It is light worker’s divine duty to help humanity. And it is the responsibility that light workers have signed up for before birth. Light workers are divine sent. Light workers are the angels that humans always love and look for protection and inspiration. It is time for light workers to start walking the big shoes and be the shining examples that humans are looking for.

Thank you for your service and great work. Divine blessings to you always.

Linda Li the Divine and the company of heaven. Under the law of grace, so it is.

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