Apr 3rd, 2024

The divine intends to keep the clearing going for the time being

Dear family of love and light, the divine says that the overall divine plan is moving forward nicely. The divine plan has picked up the speed and now it is moving at a very fast speed. That means that the divine plan will be manifested fast. And that is very exciting news.

There are also other developments that the divine wants to share with light workers. The divine says that there are areas of the planet where have old energies emerging from time to time. The light beings have been doing the repair and clearing work. So far, all of the situations have been taken care of. The divine says that the energies are buried deep. It is going to take some time for the clearing to be completed and that is the reality. The divine has sent beings of light to monitor these areas to make sure that any emerging happens, it will be taken care of right away.

The divine says that the divine has reexamined humans again in the last day or so to make sure that the ones who carried extreme amount of old energies are being either evacuated or cleared. The divine says after the third round of the clearing and examination, the planet is much clearer and more brighter. The divine and the company of heaven are very happy to see the result. The divine says right now, humans are working hard to clear themselves and this self cleansing is going to continue. And that also helps the planet. So the overall situation is getting better by the day. The divine intends to keep the clearing going and that will be the solution for the time being.

Yesterday, during the examination of the planet and humans, the divine has discovered that there are leaders of the planet who are in need of deep clearing. Some leaders will get more seriously vulnerable when the divine lights get more intense on the planet. Their positions will need replaced if these leaders can not sustain themselves in the higher realm. The divine has started the deep cleansing of the leaders and that will help them to keep up and do their work. The divine says that there are a few of the leaders who have serious trouble on new earth. That means that the divine has to have a solution soon. After consulting with their soul group, the divine says that the solution is to keep them in position for as long as possible and meanwhile, the search for new leaders has to begin. And that is to say that the new leaders are needed and the new leaders will have to have the capacity to lead on new earth. Vibrationally, the new earth leaders need to vibrate high with the heart wide open. And that is the critical part. The divine has planned solutions just in case the leaders who will not be able to stay in their position since the vibration of the planet is rising rapidly.

The divine says besides leaders, there are also some souls on the planet who are in need of help in order to stay on new earth. These souls have dense body and they need deep cleansing badly. The divine has asked soul groups and soul group leaders to help these souls so that they can somehow remain on new earth according to their soul plan. Meanwhile, the divine encourages light workers to continue the clearing process.

Light workers are powerful. When light workers are cleared, souls on the planet will be cleared. Light worker’s work is crucial for souls on the planet. Therefore, the clearing of light workers is desperately needed so that humans can have lighter planet and lighter body themselves. Soul group leaders are also called to do further clearing because soul group leaders have the responsibility to clear their group. Clearing themselves means clearing the group. The divine asks soul group leaders to keep up the good work and help their group members.

The divine says that the divine plan is working well. The planet has become so much clearer and that is a miracle. Humans have become clearer and happier and that is also a great news. The divine is very grateful for leaders and light workers. And the process has picked up the speed. The divine and the company of heaven want to thank leaders and light workers for the service and dedication. And know that the divine plan has advanced and your work makes difference. And thank you for all that you do. That is the message. Divine blessings to you always.

Linda Li the Divine and the company of heaven. Under the law of grace, so it is.

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