Apr 6th, 2024

Since the removal of fear and anger, the planet has been spinning faster

Dear family of love and light, the divine has a message.

The divine says because there are some areas of the planet that have heavy old energies, the divine has carried out a special operation to remove the unnecessary energies. So far, there are progress that has been made.

The divine says since the areas are pretty large and the demands are high, light workers are being called to help with the process. There are ascending humans who are also in need of deep clearing. Therefore, their soul group leaders are called and actions are needed. The divine has asked regional leaders to start the clearing process. Now, soul group leaders are also called to start so that together, the clearing process can speed up and the clearing will happen sooner.

In this operation, the divine has also discovered that a huge number of areas of the planet have been impacted by the old energies. Some regions need deep clearing desperately. In order for humans to be repositioned on the planet, these areas need to be cleared and repaired. The divine also calls light workers who are capable of clearing and repairing the planet and asks them to help. The divine says that now is the time and actions are needed at the moment.

The divine has given regional leaders authority to carry out operations so that the clearing can be thorough and they can get the job done quickly. There are areas on the planet where humans carry great densities. The divine asks soul group leaders to start cleansing these souls.

Right now, humans have been evacuated from the planet. The planet needs stability. Humans are also in need of stable environment. That is why the divine is calling the light workers and leaders to take actions now so that the clearing can be sped up, and once the planet is cleared and humans are cleared, the planet will be re-occupied and that will help to stabilize the planet. The process needs to speed up.

The divine says since there are regions that the old densities tend to emerge, the divine has deployed a great number of light beings to make sure that the regions are being watched and actions will be taken if needed. The divine also has removed the old energies of fear and anger from the planet and humans, and that has helped the planet and humans greatly. The plan is to continue the removal of the old energies so that the planet will have more relief and humans will rise and vibrate higher.

The divine says that these energies were put there for humans to experience and guide humans in the lower realm. However, on new earth, by design, humans will be guided by their higher self. The old energies are designed to be removed from the planet. And humans will no longer need to use these old energies for emotional growth or guidance. Humans are ascending and the these type of low energies have done their job. Now is time to be removed from the planet.

The divine says since the removal of fear and anger, the planet has been spinning faster. Humans are happier in general. That is why there are areas of the planet are off because these areas were used to be occupied by a lot of energies of fear or anger. Now these energies are gone, these areas are empty and that makes the planet wobbling.

The divine says once the clearing and repairing is done, the planet will be much lighter. Humans have been cleared to such a point that they have greater connection now. That is great news. The divine asks leaders and light workers to continue the effort and keep up the good work. The planet is in need of your help at the moment. And it is your time to share your skills and love. Know that the need is great at the moment, time is sensitive. And actions are needed. And you are called.

Thank you for your service and dedication. Divine blessings to you and the planet and humanity.

Linda Li the Divine and the company of heaven. Under the law of grace, so it is.

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