Apr 7th, 2024

The energy of hatred and resentment and denial are going to be removed

Dear family of love and light, the divine wants to thank leaders and light workers for helping the clearing effort. The effort has paid off. Right now, the clearing has completed. There are some areas of the planet that are at the final step of the process and are being repaired. Humans have all been repositioned and the process has completed. Ascending humans are pleased with the clearing process and are much lighter and happier. The entire planet has become lighter as the result. The divine says since the mass awakening process has just started, there will be a lot more of the happenings in time to come. It is a part of the awakening for humanity and it is a part of the ascension and rebuilding process for the planet. Old has to go so that the new can be established.

The divine says in this latest round of the clearing work, there are huge numbers of humans who have been through deep clearing. The clearing went so deep, now these souls have awakened, and that is amazing to watch. The divine and the company of heaven are extremely happy for these awakened souls and the entire process. In time to come, more souls will awaken and that is the process. The divine has given the planet the green light so that the awakening process for souls will be smooth.

The divine has officially removed the energies of fear and anger from the planet and human psyche. The divine says that it means in time to come, whatever has left in humans, the energies of fear and anger will have to come out and it is the process. Fear and anger were installed in the planet in lower density for the purpose of guiding humans and human development. However, on new earth, humans will be guided by their higher self, these energies are no longer exist on new earth. And now they have been removed. They are not human energy. They are here to serve as tools for humans to grow.

The divine says in upcoming time, there are other energies that will start to leave the planet. The process will start once fear and anger are removed completely. The divine says the energy of hatred and resentment and denial are going to be removed and that is coming. The divine says that souls on the planet have signed up prebirth agreement to transmute these kinds of energies on behalf of the planet and humanity. The souls have the soul contract to transmute fear and anger have done a great job. Now the process is coming to an end. Some may still have some deeply buried fear and anger, and they will be released shortly so that the entire process can be done.

For souls and light workers alike have carrying the divine design to transmute hatred, the finalizing process is about to begin. The process will be ended once hatred is being released and transmuted. The divine says that the process can be intense. The divine encourages the souls who are going to let go of hatred and fear and anger to be compassionate and be aware of the process and give self compassion so that the process will be gentle and self controlled.

The divine says that the divine plan is moving forward nicely. After the clearing, humans are more calm and peaceful. The divine and the company of heaven are pleased with the result. The divine is very grateful for leaders and light workers and encouraging them to keep up the good work. That is the news. And thank you for your service and dedication. Divine blessings to you always. Linda Li the Divine and the company of heaven. Under the law of grace, so it is.

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