April 16th, 2019

Mother Mary on the wake up calls for the Country of France

Mother Mary says, dear heart, I am Mother Mary. I come with important news. Today, the Divine has sent out calls to our light workers regarding the Divine plan for France. The country of France has reached a point that we need to bring the Divine degree to the country and the population. We, the Divine, want the French to know that it is time. It is time for the awakening. It is time for the Christ energy to come back to France and awaken the hearts and souls. The country of France hears the message. For that, we, the Divine, feel comforted and settled. We, the Divine, want the French to know that after the awakening, the country of France will start the cleansing process, and everything will be different. But for moment, France needs to hear the call from the Divine and start to wake up. It is time.

I love you dear heart, I am Mother Mary. It is the Divine that decided to send the wake up calls to the country of France. France has been an important country in my heart. I have repeatedly incarnated there, to bring the Divine Feminine energy there. I have had numerous past lives where I had to be the ruler of the country and other times, I was simply a Frenchman enjoying the culture. Jesus and I also had lives together in France for numerous times. He was the ruler and he was the King, the noble and the country man. He loved the French culture and enjoyed his lives there tremendously, especially when he was a war hero. In France, he was a hero for the country and the world and remains so to this day. We both have great imprints in that land.

Now, because we both have invested so much in French culture and the country of France, we both really wanted the country of France to lead the ascension effort. That is why we both have decided to come to France, and start this wake up call. We have sent out numerous calls to the country, and hope that the souls in the land hear our calls and wake up. It is time. Mass ascension is upon you, the land of France, the beautiful souls called the French. We love you.

I love you dear heart, I am Mother Mary. In the next few days or so, we, the Divine, are going to start, yet another round of the ascension release. Mother Gaia is ready. This time, she is going to start the release in the United States which is Gaia’s home country. Gaia loves the U.S. she has been living here since birth, and she wants the land to be healed. Now she is ready, so is Mother Earth. Together, with the Christ, Gaia and Mother Earth are going to carry out another big release in the United States. That is the news.

Besides the United States, the Christ also wants the Christian countries to know that he is here. He wants the world to know he is back. He is leading the ascension effort, and ushering in the new Golden Age, the Christ Era. He is so thrilled to be back on the planet. And he is ready, ready for the upcoming new age. He has called all of the Christian leaders to be aware, and know that Christ is here, on the planet. He is ready to bring in the new teachings, and also he is going to bring down the old houses so that eventually the truth will be told. That is the Christ. He is indeed ready for the big changes. Watch out dear heart. Know that the Christ Era has begun. And Christ is going to shake things up, and bring down the old and bring in the new. Christ is the ruler of the planet. He has all the authority and he is ready to use it if he needs to. He is indeed ready.

I love you dear ones. In the upcoming days and weeks, you will witness great society changes. The changes may reach far and wide and that is so needed. We need to bring these changes to the society so that together, with the help of the Divine and the company of heaven, we bring Gaia and humanity home. That is the goal that Christ and the Divine have set up, and we will achieve that goal and prevail. I love you dear heart. I am Mother Mary. So it is.