April 30th, 2019

Divine Mother share the journey and Christís mission

Dear sons and daughters, I am your Divine Mother, the Mother of all creation. It is true that the current energies have been increasing exponentially, and the impact is quite remarkable. Planet wide, the souls are awakening at a speed never seen before. The Christ consciousness is penetrating every corner of the planet and humanity has finally awakened. That is the dream Christ has had, and now his dream has come true. We, the Divine truly are grateful for that, and Christ is very happy indeed.

I love you dear children on earth, I am your Cosmo Mother. In the process of coming to the planet, I have realized that this planet, this beautiful blue planet is so amazing, and the diverse environment is so unique. Yes, in the grand scheme of universes, there are amazing things out there. But Gaia, my precious daughter, is one of these wonders. The planet earth is always the name of beauty, and the home of the brave. We, the Divine have come here for eons of time, and never stopped admiring how beautiful this planet is, and how amazing the human life can offer to souls.

In this lifetime, I have come to know so many amazing opportunities for the soul growth, and these opportunities would have passed were it not for this beautiful planet. Learning opportunities in the school of life on this planet are pretty severe. In other words, in order for the soul to advance, learning the life lessons offered by this planet, the soul really has to endure a great deal of hardships and difficulties. In order to learn the human life, experience human existence and learn the human skills, I have come to the planet many times, and yet, every time, I was astonished by how hard a human life can be, and how harsh the life lessons were. But after learning these life lessons, realize that the purpose of these life lessons is for the soul growth, and that kind of growth actually can be very valuable for the future moments. Only then, the souls start to appreciate the human existence and experience that the Divine has offered. The precious experience of human life is always a real treasure indeed.

I love you dear ones. I am your Divine Mother. In the process of learning, I have also realized that no matter how advanced the soul is, once the soul comes to the planet, in human form, the souls tend to forget their Divine origin, and that is the most challenging aspect of the incarnation. Being Divine incarnated angels in human form, I have seen so many of my Divine angels get lost, totally losing their Divine connection and only living for the sake of being a human, forgetting their Divine purpose, even forgetting they actually have a soul and Divine guidance. And that is hard to watch. It breaks my heart to see my angels get lost, not mention the fact that they no longer can recognize their Divine Mother/Father, and totally live in the dark. That has to change. I want all of my angels to awaken to their true Divine nature, and come home with the Divine and Gaia. We need these souls to wake up. It is time. They have been lost for too long, and waking up is going to take some time. But nevertheless, we have determined to wake up all the Divine sent angels and bring them all home. Your Divine Father and I, have decided that no matter the price, we are going to bring our children home. We have had enough loss.

Now, that being said, Christ has been literally working nonstop. He has been waking up my children day and night, and the result is astonishing. I literally can not stop thanking the Christ, my Divine partner, humanityís Divine Father for his amazing work. I can not thank him enough. He is indeed amazing, and I love him greatly.

In this lifetime, the Christ and I have decided to come as a team. We have come together for the purpose that eventually, the Christ can and will rule the planet. He has been the leader for the universe, and now he has incarnated, on this planet, to rule the planet and bring Gaia and humanity home. He is my great love, the love of Gaia and humanity. He is the Christ energy, the consciousness which created the human race, plus my Rays, together, we have created the entire planet and the great cosmos.

He is my Divine consort, the partner and the Divine Father. On this planet, you call him the Christ, the Christ Michael, the Jesus Christ, the Krishna, the Nanak, the Solomon, the Moses, the Mohammad, the Abraham, he is all the religious leaders, and the reason he created so many different traditions is because he knows the human conditions, and the diverse human race. He wants to keep the diversity so that this beautiful planet can continue to be the school of life for all souls, all groups of souls and for the great cosmos. That is why he has invented all sorts of ways to show the planet how to come home, and that is why he has come to the planet so often, and brings so many ways and tools for the planet to experiment and learn and eventually come home. He is the expert in terms of waking up humanity. He knows his children well. And that is why he had to come, this time, he had to come with the Divine, together, we bring Gaia and humanity home.

I am glad he is here. He made my trip here so much easier. Knowing that he is here, and he is going to bring my children home, I am just filled with gratitude and great appreciation for him. He is indeed my great hero.

I love you dear ones. Letís send our heartfelt love and appreciation to the Christ, your beloved Divine Father God. Let him know how much we love him, and how much he means to us. We want him to know that each and every one of the souls on the planet will appreciate his work, and ascend with Gaia safely. That is the goal and that is what we, and the Christ will achieve. I am your Mother God. So it is.