Aug 2nd, 2022

White buffalo calf woman

It is in Lakota tradition that the white buffalo calf woman symbolized harmony and peace and wisdom. It was the white buffalo calf woman who blessed the lakota people with 7 sacred spiritual rituals so that Lakota people can live in peace and harmony with earth and with each other in this journey on earth.

In this tradition, there is also a saying that white buffalo calf woman will return at end of time to restore peace and harmony on earth.

Now she has returned. Yes, the white buffalo calf woman has returned.

This ancient Goddess has brought her wisdom and tradition with her this time. She says that she has great hope that the indigenous people will be recognized and return to their positions as the guardians of the planet earth. Mother Earth knows them by names. Mother Earth loves them and mother earth has great love for these indigenous tribal souls. Mother Earth says because of these souls and their diligence and protection, mother earth is able to keep herself together in time of great difficulties. In Mother Earth's heart, the planet owns these indigenous people and the white buffalo calf woman respects the love and message from mother earth.

White buffalo calf woman says that in time to come, she will keep working with the native nations and tribes to make sure that the planetary rebuilding and restoration process is smooth and successful. She says that she will stay for the entire process. She is excited and looking forward to the time of the great changes and restoration of mother earth.

Divine blessings to you.

Linda Li, Gaia and the white buffalo calf woman. So it is.

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