August 3rd, 2020

The Divine timing is due for the Divine government coming online

Dear children on earth, I am your Mother God. I come today to share my love with you. I know that the energies are intense. My angels are being bombarded by the intense energies. That is understandable dear ones. The current energies are designed for this time. The energies are for the planetary ascension. Gaia has been asking the Divine to bring these energies in for quite some time. And finally, we, the Divine have decided that it is time for the intense energies to come to the planet. Humanity has grown enough to handle the intensity. And that is why you feel the energies and feel the energies becoming more intense every day.

Even though the planet has ascended, and some human groups too, have deeply anchored in the 5th dimension, the planet herself still has a lot of the deeply buried old energies. And these energies desperately need to be released. Currently, we, the Divine are doing the releasing. We have Gaia’s approval. Gaia picked regions and ways of letting go, and the Divine triggered the releasing. So far the system has been working well. Gaia has released quite a bit of the past horrors. Mother Earth, too, has been being healed a great deal inside out. Humanity in turn feels better and is ascending more everyday. It is a collaborative endeavor. And so far Gaia is happy about the result.

Now, in terms of the Divine plan for the rest of the planet and humanity, we, the Divine are working to make the final disclosure happen. Currently, the final disclosure is in the hands of a couple of Divine light workers. They are in a position to make it happen although their personal mission has to be done as well. From what the Divine can see, these Divine light workers are currently being worked on. Their Divine mission has been on hold for a while. Their personal mission is being pushed so that they will complete their personal mission soon. Once they have their personal mission done, the Divine will trigger the Divine plan for the final disclosure. That is the process and that is where we are with the final disclosure.

These Divine light workers started their personal missions a long time ago. The Divine has given these souls maximum support for their mission. These souls basically have everything they need to finish their mission. However, for whatever the reason, these souls have decided to delay their duties, and their delay has caused the delay of the entire Divine plan.

Your Father, recently has taken over some parts of their duties to relieve some of the pressure from these souls. And that has helped the overall Divine plan. These souls now will have the time to focus on their personal mission and ultimately the Divine final disclosure. That is what is happening now.

There is also a group of light workers who have been tasked to do the Divine disclosures. This group of light workers are now working diligently toward the final disclosure. They are on the path of the final disclosure and that is the good news.

Besides the Divine final disclosure, your Father God has decided to move forward with his part of the Divine plan. He is in the process of getting the Divine government members ready and making sure that the Divine government can come online on time. The Divine timing is due for the Divine government coming online. And souls who are in the Divine government are also being called to be ready. Once the Divine has a specific timeframe, the Divine will provide an update on that.

For now, the Divine and your Father want the Divine government members to get ready. There is not much time left. Things develop fast. Once the process has been triggered, the Divine will gather all the Divine government members together. And your Father will give them directions and that is coming soon dear ones.

In terms of how the planet can and will calm down from the chaos, what the Divine can say is that the chaos is the reflection of Gaia’s releasing process. Gaia’s releasing process is going to be a while. The Planet wide releasing still has long way to go. Humanity still has so much to let go. Every aspect of the human psyche still needs healing and that means that the chaos is going to be here for a while dear ones. Know that the healing of the planet and humanity will take years and even decades. It is part of the process. It is required of the ascension journey. Living with this kind of unsettling environment in the time to come is basically the norm for the planet and humanity, Not to mention Gaia’s massive earth changes.

Living on a planet while the planet is going through ascension is a unique experience. It requires a great deal from souls. That is why souls who are designated for this ascension have prebirth Agreements to come and live through this process. Souls who have decided to come are Divinely chosen ones. The process needs a lot of qualities, and the souls that Divine has picked have these Divine qualities. These billions of souls represent the Divine qualities that this ascension requires and demands. That is why we, the Divine have selected all these souls. The Divine knows them and the Divine has confidence that these chosen ones will endure the process and complete the process well.

Now, that being said, we, the Divine do know the human conditions and human psyche well. Even though at The soul level, it is all understood and perceived well. However, once souls come to the planet and incarnate in human form, a lot of times, The human mind takes over, and the process becomes pure struggle. The Divine qualities in souls have been hidden, and in some cases, totally lost. Souls become 3 Dimensional living and the Divine experiences become sufferings. And that happens a lot to souls on the planet at the moment.

The Divine has observed the phenomenon and the Divine has been working to eliminate the damage caused by the losses of the Divine qualities in the process and the pure loss of the souls in the process. It is challenging to say the least.

However, Gaia’s ascension is Divinely ordained. Humanity has to ascend according to the contract that humanity has with Gaia and the Divine. There has no other way around. The Only option humanity has is to ascend And live with Gaia peacefully and harmoniously. The basic spiritual laws require that and humanity needs to follow these laws.

Gaia’s ascension has now become a spiritual law. It requires all souls on the planet to ascend regardless. Ascension of all souls have begun in earnest and souls on the planet need to follow the Divine laws and ascend without any delays. I love you dear angels. I am your Mother Divine. So it is.

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