Aug 4th, 2022

A quick update from the Divine

Dear warriors of love and light, the Divine has a quick update.

In the last couple of days, during the latest Divine operations, the Divine, the company of heaven and our collective efforts, together, we have moved the Divine plan forward quite a bit. The accomplishments are plenty.

The new earth world leaders have been placed in their positions on new earth. The Divine is pleased with the result. And now these new earth leaders will need to adjust to the changes and stay stable and manifest in their physical reality.

The Divine also maneuvered to place the planetary guardians in their new earth positions. These groups of guardians are around the planet earth. Some are from ancient races. And together, they are Gaia's new earth guardians and protectors. Gaia is happy that they are in place now and are ready for the next phase.

The other thing the Divine and all of us have accomplished is to get the Divine government members collected. Father Mother God are going to pick and choose. Once the selection process is over, the newly chosen Divine government members will be sent to their designated positions for further assignments.

The Divine government is in the process of being established on earth. Mother Father God and the company of heaven are actively working on it. What has been manifested is a major victory. The Divine and the company of heaven are pleased. The Divine will continue the push, and the goal is to complete the process within months.

Thank you for your consistent light work and powerful contributions to the Divine plan and the establishment of the Divine government. The Divine and the company of heaven are very thankful for you and the light worker's community. Together, we accomplish great things.

Also, this week, my husband and I are participating in a Sundance ceremony so we won't have kundalini yoga session this weekend. Wish you a restful and peaceful weekend.

Divine love for you all.

Linda Li. So it is.

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