Aug 15th, 2022

Important Announcement About the Final Disclosure

Dear family of love and light, the Divine and the company of heaven are celebrating the final disclosure the planet is waiting for. The final disclosure has started, and the Divine asks me to introduce the idea of final disclosure to the planet and humanity so that souls on earth will understand what the final disclosure is and be prepared.

The Divine and the company of heaven say that the final disclosure is also being called Rapture by some or Solar Flash Event by light workers. The final disclosure is when the Divine and our light family come to earth or the landing happens. It is designed in a way to start Gaia's new golden age and Gaia's remapping process. It is the end of the old era and beginning of the new age. It has been written in scriptures for ages and it has been prophesied over eons of time in different cultures. It is Divinely orchestrated and the process has begun.

There are also many elements accompanying the final disclosure. The Divine wants the planet to know so that the planet and humanity will educate itself and cooperate with the process or at least not resist the process.

When the final disclosure happens, and when the ships show up, the Divine, the company of heaven, ascended masters and the galactic family will come with the ships. The ascended masters will come and show up in appearances that humanity can recognize. Ascended masters are the ones that have walked in human forms as spiritual teachers and leaders in the past. All religions on earth have their ascended masters. They were from all religions and races and all walks of life. Their teachings have been shared and still are alive. Some of them are from recent human history. Others were from a long time ago. They all have particular audiences and followers throughout the planet. Their energies are well and alive on earth.

So this time around, they come and will show up in appearances that humans can recognize them. In other words, they dress in the way that they dressed during their time on earth. They have certain ways of clothing and beard for gentlemen. Their clothing is to remind their followers of their past lives so that their followers can recognize them when they show up. They carry their individual unique symbols and totems and tools they had back then so that the planet and humanity will remember them. Their skin tone matches the incarnations they had back then so that humanity will be able to know which region they were incarnated back then and which race they were incarnated into back then. They also have their own particular accent so that humans will know what language they spoke back then and what language or languages they preached back then. For some, they spoke multiple languages, and for others, music and sounds have significance in their teachings. Please be open and aware. and know that they were ascended masters and they are here to be recognized and that is all.

Also, the galactic and the masters and the ships will emit love and light to the planet earth when they approach the planet so that the resistance can be transmuted and taken away if needed. The love and light will also transmute human diseases and calm the fear and anxieties. That is the design so that the planet will have the atmosphere for the landings.

There are ships that have a significant amount of love and light that will spread planet wide so that all souls on earth will have an open heart experience. Humanity will feel the overwhelming love from the landing, and every soul will have the homecoming feelings. The ships, the galactic and ascended masters will spread the Rays far and wide so that all human races will recognize the landing and welcome them. That is the design.

The landing will start with a few ships and then the number of ships will increase throughout the planet. And then the planet and humanity will experience the ascension and the vibration will be increased through the days, and meanwhile, the planet and humanity will be informed of the Divine plan and Gaia's ascension process. This process will last three days or so, so that the entire planet will have the chance to learn about the planetary history, Gaia's ascension and remapping process, and humanity's ascension.

Once the process is over, the Divine and the company of heaven will start the Divine government on earth. Gaia and the remapping process will follow. For some light workers, this process can be called solar flash or the great shift. The Divine wants the light workers to open the heart and arms and embrace the process with full heart. And know that all is in the Divine plan and the process has started already.

Divine love and blessings to you.

Linda Li, Gaia and the Divine and the company of heaven. So it is.

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