Dec 1st, 2023

Planet wide clearing has entered the third day

Dear family of love and light, the Divinely orchestrated planet wide clearing has entered the third day. The Divine says right now, the focus is mainly on light workers although a small number of humans have started this clearing process.

The Divine says that our Universal Father is leading the effort, and Mother Goddess and the Divine feminine are also participating in the healing and clearing work for light workers particularly. The Divine says that light workers, generally speaking, have gone through a thorough clearing. Some have done the clearing phase and the Divine have deployed them to their next mission. However, there are a large number of light workers who are still in this deep clearing phase. The Divine says that this clearing process also has steps. Once the initial clearing is done, for some light workers who have disconnected with their higher self, and will go through the restoration process so that their connection with their higher self, and with their Divine parents will be restored. For some, this is the stage that they are in. They are in the process of restoration so that their Divine connection will be restored.

The Divine says because of a huge number of light workers who have fought fiercely in recent years. During these battles, for some light workers, in order for their higher self to be safely reserved, their connection with their higher self has been disconnected. The Divine says since the battles are over, these critical light workers are in the process of recovery. Some are in need of serious healing, and the Divine has been working hard to do the healing. For the ones who have done the healing, the Divine says that now is the time to reconnect them to their higher self so that these warriors will be ready for their next mission.

The Divine says that these warriors are the heroes. They have done an amazing job in the light work. The Divine knows them by their names. Their contribution to the Divine plan is astonishing. And their names will be in the history books. They are indeed the history makers. The Divine says after the clearing of light workers, the Divine will move onto humans. The Divine says that clearing humans will be much simpler and easier and it takes less time. However, because of the sheer number of humans who are in need of clearing, the Divine says that the workload is great and overwhelmingly heavy. The Divine will do whatever it can to make this clearing process efficient and quick so that the Divine plan can move onto the next phase. And the process of second coming can continue.

Meanwhile, the Divine asks light workers to stay in the heart and allow the clearing to happen. know that the energies that are being cleared are old energies and are not allowed to be on Gaia's new earth. Therefore, this clearing process is necessary and it has to be done.

Thank you for your dedication and great work. Divine love for you always.

Linda Li, the Divine and the company of heaven. So it is.

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