Dec 4th, 2023

Planet wide clearing effort has entered its sixth day

Dear family of love and light, the planet wide clearing effort has entered its sixth day. The Divine says that the clearing is now focusing in the West and Eastern Europe and Russia. Because of the large areas that this clearing process covers, the Divine says that it may take a little time for the process to complete. However, there is huge progress that has been made. Humanity has now been thoroughly examined and cleared in many regions and countries. As a result, the planet is much cleaner and calmer. For that, Gaia is very grateful.

The Divine says since the planet is going back to her pristine condition. Humanity, too, is going through huge cleansing. And after this clearing campaign is over, the planet and humanity will have a whole new environment to live and experience human life. The environment will be much more suitable for humanity's ascension process. Humans will have healthier food, water and air to breathe. Gaia's ascension process will be a lot more peaceful and manageable. The Divine and Gaia are very grateful for this clearing process and greatly appreciate the work that is going on.

The Divine says once the clearing is over, light workers and humans will feel differently about the planet in general. Energies will be much more peaceful. Humans will be more heart centered and ascension driven. Light workers will be connected to the heart and light work will be the center of their lives. The Divine and the company of heaven are so looking forward to this day, and now this day is approaching. The Divine and the company of heaven are very excited about the time ahead.

The Divine says once the clearing is over, the process of Gaia's ascension will speed up. The planet will be ready for it. Light workers are going to be called to work and conduct their Divine duty. Especially the light workers whose mission is related to the Divine government. The Divine says that these light workers are critical and their mission is coming very soon. The Divine wants to give them a notice now so that they will be ready when time comes.

Besides the unfoldment of the Divine government, the Divine also likes to remind light workers that there are a large number of light workers who have missions on the planet. Because of different reasons, a lot of light workers who have not gotten on their mission yet. However, after the clearing, their connections with the Divine and their higher self will be restored, and their time to serve will start. The Divine knows how important their service is and now is time to get ready.

Also, Mother Goddess has led a couple of Divine projects. One project is the age reversing process. Mother says that there are a few hundreds of the light workers who have signed up for this project before birth, and they have been activated for this project. However, the majority of these candidates are still not aware of the process, and some are in the process without their awareness. Mother Goddess asks these light workers to start to take this age reversing process seriously because the old energies are gone now, the body will start demanding healthy food, water and the body will go through serious repair work so that the age reversing process can be established. Mother Goddess invites these candidates to keep up the good work and know that right now, the process has picked up speed. Candidates are being cleared and detoxed, especially internal organs so that all the old energies can be completely removed and the repair work can begin.

Thank you for your powerful love and light. Divine love for you always.

Linda Li, the Divine, Gaia and the company of heaven. So it is.

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