December 11th, 2021

12:12 ascension portal has opened

Beautiful family of love and light,

12:12 ascension portal has been open. The extreme powerful ascension and resurrection lights are pouring into the planet right now. The Divine says this wave of ascension rays will keep coming for the foreseeable future for the purpose of uplifting the masses to the 5th dimension.

In today's kundalini session, the Divine Feminine and the company of heaven are going to uplift the ones who are ready to ascend. The Divine recommends the ones who are ready to join us in the class.

For the ones who have ascended but feeling wobbly, the Divine also suggests joining us in the session so that the Divine and the Feminine Goddesses will help you to anchor and stabilize on new earth.

In the process, the Divine says that there are light workers who have been ready to start their next mission, the Divine will start them today.

Today is a powerful day. The Divine advice light workers to fully take advantage of this opportunity and ascend and anchor on new earth.

Thank you for joining us in the session. If you have not registered yet, here is the link.

Divine blessings to you.

Linda Li. So it is.

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