Dec 11th, 2023

I AM template for Gaia's ascending souls has been installed

Dear family of love and light, the Divine has a message for the planet and humanity.

The Divine says lately, there is a lot of progress that has been made to Gaia's ascension and the Divine plan related to the final disclosure and second coming. The Divine wants to bring the good news to the planet and humanity so that the planet knows where things are and how Gaia's ascension process is going.

The Divine says due to many changes of Gaia's ascension plan, there were a lot of souls on the planet who have been sitting on the fence about this physical ascension. However, the final decision about Ascension has been made, and there are a huge number of souls who have chosen to ascend with Gaia. Now these ascending souls have shifted and settled in Gaia's new quantum field.

After the great shifts, these ascending souls have made a lot of adjustments and changes according to Gaia's new earth living principles. One change the ascending souls made was the relationship to religion. On Gaia's new earth, religion is no longer an option. Souls will wake up and walk as their own soul self and their own I AM THAT I AM. That is the new human race, I AM human race. So the Divine has installed Gaia's new earth template so that every single soul on Gaia's new earth is a walking I AM THAT I AM. Souls have removed the old religious template, and replaced it with a new template which is I AM THAT I AM new earth template. Now all souls on new earth will worship their own I AM THAT I AM and their Divine parents. And that is the changes that Gaia's new earth children have made. Gaia and the Divine are very pleased with the result. Souls on new earth are deeply connected with their own Divine self and walking as the new I AM human race. And their connection with Mother Father of the universe has been reestablished so that Gaia's ascending children, now, have connected and recognized their Divine parents. It is Gaia's design and Gaia is pleased with the result.

Besides the completion of the installation of Divine connection template for new humans, the Divine has also established the connection with Gaia and her ascending new humans. This Divine connection will help humanity to navigate time ahead when Gaia's remapping process begins. The Divine says that the Divine connection serves as Divine guidance for souls on Gaia's new earth. Connection with Mother/Father is natural and was designed for Gaia's ascending children. Now since this connection has been reestablished, Gaia has connected with her ascending children, Gaia's remapping process will be much more efficient. And souls on the planet will know exactly why they are here and what Gaia's ascension is about. In time to come, the Divine and the company of heaven will continue the education process so that the planet and humanity will have a deeper understanding of things and Gaia's ascension.

The Divine says in time to come, in this holiday season, the Divine will bring more news to the planet. Humanity will be surprised that the second coming is coming. Beloved Yeshua and Mother Mary are coming back. Gaia and her ascending children are in store for great treats. The Divine and the company of heaven are making great efforts to bring these great events to Gaia and her ascending children. And that is what the Divine wants to share today.

Thank you for your great work and unconditional love for Gaia and the Divine. Divine blessings to you always.

Linda Li, the Divine, Gaia and the company of heaven. So it is.

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