Dec 12th, 2023

Divine Announcement - In Gaia's new paradigm, religion has no place

Dear family of love and light, the Divine has an important announcement for the planet and humanity.

The Divine says since Gaia's ascending humans have been connected with their own I AM THAT I AM and their Divine parents, now it is time for ascending humans to start practicing new earth spiritual principles and spiritual laws as required by Gaia's design for new earth living.

The Divine says because Mother Mary and Jesus are the prominent figures in the old Christian religion, a huge number of souls on the planet still connect with them daily. And prayers sent on behalf of Mother Mary and Jesus have been piling up. However, because the paradigm shift and new human I AM template is in place, there is no one to answer these prayers, and these prayers have no place to go. Mother Mary and Jesus have no obligation to answer them any more since the old religion has expired and Mother Mary and Jesus have moved onto their next mission. So the Divine sends out this special announcement to inform humanity that in Gaia's new paradigm, religion has no place. Jesus and Mother Mary have done their job. They are no longer available to answer any one's calls or prayers. On Gaia's new earth, every human needs to connect with their own I AM THAT I AM. There is no need to pray to anyone other than their own I AM. It is Gaia's new earth principle and spiritual law so that all ascending souls are required to practice. No more prayers or calls to Jesus or Mother Mary.

The Divine says because there are a lot of institutions, churches and communities that are still practicing Christian religion. Jesus and Mother Mary's names have been used constantly. In order to protect their new mission and their journey on Gaia's new earth, the Divine has brought a couple of new spiritual laws to the planet to shield them from being called and protect their names from being used for miscreation. And they have no more obligations for any old religion or religious practices. They have completed their mission related to Christianity and now they have moved onto their next mission. So stop calling them or sending prayers to them.

Please know that it is Divine degree and they are protected by the spiritual laws. They have done with old religions. They have moved to Gaia's new earth and started their new earth mission. Any old paradigm related practices are no longer relevant to them. That is the Divine news and the Divine wants the planet and humanity to hear the announcement and start new earth practice now.

On Gaia's new earth, practicing I AM THAT I AM is required for all ascending souls. It is Divinely designed for ascending souls and it is time.

Thank you for your unconditional love for the Divine and Mother Mary and Jesus. Divine blessings to you always.

Linda Li, the Divine and the company of heaven. So it is.

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