Dec 13th, 2023

Christians and some light workers have reacted strongly to the Divine action

Dear family of love and light, the Divine has a message for humanity and light workers.

Since the Divine put spiritual laws in place to protect Mother Mary and Jesus, Christians and some light workers have reacted to the Divine action quickly and some reactions were strong and have impacted the Divine plan. The Divine says because the reactions that impacted the Divine plan strongly, and slowed down the Divine plan quite a bit. The Divine has to make changes to the Divine plan and fix the situation and reactions.

So Universal Father/Mother have carried out a special Divine operation and reorganized light worker's formation. Father has moved light workers around. Some critical light workers have been replaced, and now they are waiting for their next tasks. The Divine says that there are also some light workers who are not stable and who have doubt about the Divine decision on the removal of Christianity from Gaia's new earth, and the Divine says that the Divine is still working with these light workers and will come up with solutions soon.

The Divine says that humanity has a strong reaction to Divine laws to protect Mother Mary and Jesus from Christian's prayers and remove Christianity from Gaia's new earth. And humanity's reaction has caused a huge uproar in the quantum field and slowed down the Divine plan. After serious consideration, the Divine has made changes to humanity's configuration so that humanity, now, is deeply connected with their own I AM THAT I AM. The Divine has also installed peace and calmness in human hearts to stabilize humanity. Now, the quantum field is calm, and humanity has calmed down and is peaceful.

The Divine says in order to enhance the Divine laws and protect Mother Mary and Jesus so that their next mission can be carried out safely, the Divine has further enhanced the spiritual laws and given mandate to humanity. The mandate requires humanity to send Mother Mary and Jesus unconditional love, unconditional support and unconditional appreciation on a daily basis without any expectations of return. It is required by the law of giving and receiving. Mother Mary and Jesus have been giving to humanity and now is time for humanity to return their love for Mother Mary and Jesus and support their next mission on Gaia unconditionally. That is the demand that the Divine has given to Christians and so far, Christians have started sending the frequency of unconditional love, unconditional support and unconditional appreciation to Mother Mary and Jesus. The Divine appreciates humanity's quick action and response to the Divine mandate.

The Divine says in days to come, Mother/Father of the Universe and their entire entourage and the company of heaven will continue to enhance newly established spiritual laws to further protect Mother Mary and Jesus and their next mission. The Divine says especially in this holiday season that the Divine has plans for the planet and humanity. Mother Mary and Jesus will play essential roles in the Divine plan. Therefore, it is critical that the Divine brings spiritual laws here to make sure that their mission are being safely carried out. The Divine and the company of heaven are determined and will do whatever it takes to ensure Mother Mary and Jesus's new mission being completed and successful. Rest assured, the planet and humanity will experience the success of their new mission and their glorious return.

Thank you for your dedication and great service to the Divine and Gaia and humanity. Divine blessings to you always.

Linda Li, the Divine and the company of heaven. So it is.

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