December 31st, 2021

Rearranging the Third Eye point of the planet & humanity

Happy New Year dear family of love and light. May Divine blessings to you and your family. For all have a fulfilling 2022.

Tomorrow, the New Year's Day, at 10AM EST, the Divine has arranged a special kundalini session with Kartar and I, together, we move the Divine plan forward.

In this specially designed class, the Divine and company of heaven will join us, together, we rearrange the Third Eye point of the planet and humanity to advance the remapping of Gaia's energy body and physical body.

As you know, third eye chakra is an important chakra. It is the center of our intuition, imagination and perception. To balance our third eye point is a must for the new earth living so that you can see the unseen and know the unknown. Live as an enlightened new earth human.

Kartar will lead a kriya for the third eye chakra, and then I will lead an meditation to help us seeing the unseen and adjust our third eye chakra.

The Divine says that the planetary remapping is going to speed up greatly at this point. Every human will be propelled to move forward with their ascension and individual Divine plan. It is critical that we have all of our chakras functioning at maximum and know what we are creating and how to live as an ascended new human.

The Divine encourages all of the light warriors to join us in this special New Year's day kundalini Yoga class. And together, we move the Divine plan forward with great momentum. Here is the registration link.

Thank you for joining us. Divine love and blessings to you.

Have a blessed day and blessed 2022.

Linda Li. So it is.

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