February 1st, 2020

Divine Mother on the Ascension of the mind, body, and the spirit

Dear angels on earth, I am your Divine Mother. I come today with important news. The planet earth is going through extreme cleansing right now. Any past memories which are not in line with Gaia’s energy are going to come up for releasing. Gaia’s physical body, Mother Earth, serves as a tube or conduit for the releasings to happen. That is why you see the chaos which is all over the planet. Humanity, too, is releasing all the necessary negative past through human activities like diseases, disharmony in the society and human behaviors that are not aligned with the spirit.

Human behaviors in this ascension process have a strong influence on the society, Especially the society that lacks spiritual practices and guidance. There are societies that have strong connections with the spirit and these societies are better off in this ascension journey because deep down, these societies know that there is a higher power which is at work. Human beings are just the lower beings of the higher power. Humans are destined to abide and listen to the higher power and that has been the practice since ancient times. Since these wisdom traditions and the indigenous societies know the spirit and practice their spiritual laws and teachings, at the end of the day, these soul groups are having an easier time to ascend. And that is why the older traditions have ascended faster than the so called modern societies.

The lesson the modern societies need to learn from the indigenous tribes is to connect with their spirits as a society as well as an individual. That is the only way the ascension can work — The ascension of the planet and the ascension of the soul individually.

The ascension means that the human soul goes upward till the soul meets the heart which is where the Divine lives. Humanity has ascended before as soul groups and some even larger groups as countries or big tribes. There are examples out there when the tribes all of a sudden disappeared from the face of the earth. The fact of the matter is that these souls ascended to their designated realm. Their soul mission was complete. So as a collective, these souls decided to ascend as soul groups or big tribes. Their ascension has served as examples for the humans to come. And that is why there are writings about these “disappeared civilizations.” These civilizations are on the higher realm and exist even now. It is just that their realm is much higher than humanity’s realm, and therefore humanity cannot see them. Nevertheless, these civilizations are there and their contributions to the planet are enormous. Humanity will realize that some day.

I love you dear angels on earth. I am your Mother God. I know that the planet is going through a tremendous amount of the shedding right now. The releasing process is not easy, and partially, it is because of the human mind. The Human mind is an amazing tool for the existence of humanity. It serves as a protective mechanism for the ancient humans. However, due to the development of the human species, the mind seems to develop very slowly. The mind still serves as the protective measure when humanity has advanced to a point that the protection of the mind becomes burdensome. In other words, humanity has developed quite well, to the point that the human mind no longer is needed for protection purposes. The mind actually is more helpful if it is connected to the higher dimension so that the Divine knowledge can be downloaded to the mind for the advancement of the human lives. The human mind was designed for the purpose of protecting humans. But that was the time when humans were still developing and living with the other species. Together, the society was volatile and protection was needed. Modern humans are no longer living with danger. Other species no longer are threats for humanity. The ancient protective mind no longer is needed. It is time for the human mind to have a makeover. Now, The mind needs to connect with the higher mind and function as the conduit for the Divine knowledge to sink in. That is required for the time to come. Humanity needs to jump over to the higher realm, and that only can happen once humanity’s protective ancient mind gets upgraded.

The upgrade of the ancient mind takes practice. There are indigenous tribes that have been practicing the techniques forever. The so called advanced societies just have to look out for these indigenous populations and practice the spiritual processes. Eventually, their ancient protective mind will connect with their higher mind and the ascension of the mind can be achieved.

The ascension process is complex. It requires a great deal of the mind body spirit work. The mind needs an upgrade, and the energy system needs downloads daily. Of course, the physical body needs transformation as well. The physical body is the vehicle for the Divine to come down. The bringing down the spirit to the physical body is the ascension. In other words, the descending of the spirit to the body is the ascension process. And that requires the physical body to be extremely pure. Nothing but pure. And that is where a lot of our light workers struggle right now, purifying the physical body. Until the body is pure, your ascension is not completed dear ones. That is the basic fundamental requirement of physical ascension. Only till you have downloaded about at least 75% of light in your body, your ascension journey can be completed. That is the requirement for our light workers. There are a few of the light workers whose missions are very critical, and their light has to be more than 70%, but could reach 80%. That is a tall order. Maintaining 80% of light in a physical body in this climate, is very rare but doable. That is why the Divine plan for a few advanced souls is to have 80% of the light in their human existence. These souls are doing well right now. The Divine is very proud of their advancement.

The next few weeks and months are critical dear ones. The planet will go through a tremendous amount of the changes. Humanity will have to overcome huge amounts of upheavals, and then the Divine will come online. Once the Divine starts governing the planet, the process will change dramatically. Human lives are going to be the foremost concern. The planetary ascension will be the most important agenda item for all souls and governments. The entire planet and human race will know what is ahead of them. Every soul will need to focus on the ascension. Only then will the situation on the planet be a lot easier to manage. And that time is approaching dear heart. I love you dear angels on earth. I am your Divine Mother. Go in peace dear ones.

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