Feb 10th, 2024

Huge numbers of humans are in the way of the Divine plan

Dear family of love and light, the Divine has a message to share with you.

The Divine says that currently, the planet is going through serious challenges. Some regions of the planet have a great deal of densities and are in need of deep clearing. Humans, too, need deep clearing. The Divine and the company of heaven are working nonstop to do the cleaning and the Divine says that it is time for the light workers to help with the process.

The Divine says that the clearing is global wide. In some regions of the planet, the clearing will be very intense. The planet has so much density and for the clearing effort, it needs huge amounts of the light and light workers. That is why the Divine needs to send out this clarion call so that light workers will hear the call and take actions now. The need of clearing is urgent and therefore, light workers are hugely needed for the clearing process.

The Divine says that there are a great number of humans who are also in need of deep cleansing. The amounts of density that humans carry is enormous. And it interferes with the Divine plan. The Divine asks light workers to take actions so that together, the Divine and the company of heaven and light workers will clear the planet and humans and the Divine plan will be able to move forward.

Currently, the Divine plan has great challenges to move forward. Especially in the process, the Divine discovered that huge numbers of humans are in the way of the Divine plan and that makes it impossible for the plan to advance. The Divine says that light workers are being called so that the Divine plan will have a chance to advance.

The Divine also wants light workers to know that at this moment, the overall Divine plan is moving forward nicely and elements of the overall Divine plan are moving forward in unison. That is the great news. The Divine is pleased with that aspect of the development.

However, the part of the Divine plan that needs attention is desperately in need of rescuing. The entire planet and humans have great needs of clearing and that is the challenge. The Divine says that clearing will help with the planet and humans. And the need is so great and the Divine is asking light workers to do whatever you can to help so that the situation can improve.

The Divine says that there are also old energies that constantly interfere with the Divine plan and the Divine. So the Divine needs to carry out Divine intervention constantly. And that also needs a lot of the divine attention.

As the Divine speaks, there are energies that are interfering with the divine plan and so the Divine and the company of heaven has started another round of the divine intervention. The Divine says that the planet has the laws in place, and carrying out the spiritual laws are so needed to stop the interference. And the Divine will do whatever it takes to make sure that the Divine is being protected and the Divine plan is intact.

So now the divine is asking light workers to help so that the situation can improve and the divine plan can move forward.

Thank you for answering the call and doing your powerful light work. Divine blessings to you always.

Linda Li, the divine and the company of heaven. So it is.

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