Feb 11th, 2024

The Divine has sent out clarion calls to regional leaders and light workers

Dear family of love and light, the Divine says that currently, the planet and humanity are calm and peaceful. And that is partially because of our light worker’s good work. The Divine says since the Divine has sent out the clarion call, a great number of light workers have come forward to clear the planet and humans. The clearing effort has impacted the planet greatly and now the planet is peaceful.

The divine says because there are some regions on the planet where energies are imbalanced and representing the old, there is still a need to continue the clearing effort. However, the effort needs to be localized and for some regions, the clearing is greatly needed, and for others, the need can be different. And that is why the Divine asks regional leaders to do their best and conduct their duty based on the needs of the region that they are representing.

The divine says besides regional leaders, there are also groups of light workers who have the authority to help the planet in the way that is needed. These groups of light workers are special beings. They are here just for this time. They have special abilities and their special abilities are uniquely related to the planet and that is their mission. The divine says that these special groups of light workers have been placed around the planet for a purpose. Their presence is greatly important for the stability of the planet and humanity. The divine asks these special groups of light workers to take action now to make sure that the planet will be stable and peaceful.

The divine says that the time ahead will be challenging for the planet and humanity. It is time for the light workers to take stand and be the light for the world. The planet needs light workers and humanity, too, desperately looks for guidance and help, and it is light worker’s duty to help the planet and guide humanity. The divine says that clarion calls have been sent out. Light workers have been called to stand by. Divine timing is coming. And souls on the planet are looking for comfort and guidance. It is time for light workers to take the job seriously and do the best when everything else seems collapsing. It is time for light workers to stabilize the planet and do whatever it takes to make sure that the planet is peaceful and humanity is steady. Time has come. Be the light and be the peace.

Thank you for your service. Divine blessings to you always.

Linda Li, the Divine and the company of heaven. So it is.

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