Feb 12th, 2024

Light workers whose mission is to bring peace and calmness to the planet

Dear family of love light, the Divine has a message.

The divine says that currently, the divine plan is moving forward and elements of the divine plan are working together nicely. The divine and the company of heaven are very pleased with the progress.

The divine says that planet wide clearing effort is still going on. Light workers world wide are participating in the clearing process. Regions are being cleared and particularly the areas where the density resides, it needs more clearing effort. The divine asks regional leaders to continue the effort and make sure that the clearing is thorough and deep.

The divine says at this moment, there are some residual of the old energies that are coming up and interfering with the divine plan. The divine is carrying out the divine intervention so that the residual can be removed completely. The divine plan moves forward smoothly.

The divine says that there are also areas where the energies are just intense. It needs huge effort to calm down the intensity. The divine asks light workers who are located in intense areas to do the best and be calm so that the region can be peaceful and calm.

The divine says that there are light workers whose mission is to bring peace and calmness to the planet. The divine asks these light workers to conduct their mission and keep bringing in the peace and calmness to the region and planet so that the planet will be peaceful, and humans will be calm.

The divine says once the divine plan moves to the next milestone and the second coming process starts, the planet will need a great deal of peaceful presence. Light workers are going to be asked to be peace and calmness and holding space for humanity. The divine says that it will be a big task and light workers need to be ready for it. Bringing in peace and be the peace is the task that a lot of light workers have been given. And now is time to be the peace and calmness. And now is time for light workers to be ready.

Thank you for your powerful work and peaceful presence. Divine love for you always.

Linda Li the Divine and the company of heaven. Under the law of grace, so it is.

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