Feb 13th, 2024

The divine asks light workers to continue the clearing effort

Dear family of love and light, the divine says because light workerís clearing efforts, the planet is much calmer. Humanity feels ease and more relaxed. The divine and the company of heaven are very grateful for light workers and their great work.

The divine says since the clearing effort is worldwide, areas that light workers have great presence are hugely benefited from the clearing process. The divine says on the planet, there are also regions where light workerís presence is limited and yet the demand for clearing is greater. The divine says that that is the issue. The divine and the company of heaven are facing. And a quick solution is needed.

The divine says because there is a need of balance globally. Light workers, globally, are populated evenly by design. However, in certain areas of the planet, great numbers of light workers either have not awakened, or just didnít conduct their divine mission. And that has caused huge consequences. There are spiritual laws in place, however, right now, in the short term, the divine and the company of heaven need to do something about it so that these regions will be cleared as well, and therefore, the entire planet will be cleared and balanced.

The divine says even though there are small numbers of the areas that are still very much in need of clearing. However, the most regions of the planet are much cleaner. Humans have settled with ease and grace. That is great news. The divine asks leaders to continue the clearing effort and keep up the good work so that the planet will be safe and sound when the divine plan moves on to the next step.

Meanwhile, there are huge numbers of light workers who have been tasked to bring love and light to the planet. The divine asks these light workers to keep up the good work and continue to bring more love and light and evenly throughout the planet. There are some regions that need more love and light than others, the divine asks light workers to keep that in mind and distribute love and light evenly throughout the planet. That will bring the balance and even light quote to all areas of the planet. And that is critically important right now.

Besides that, the divine says at this moment, the planet is peaceful, the divine plan is working well. Light workers worldwide are working diligently. And all is well indeed. The divine and the company of heaven are working to move the divine plan forward and the process is smooth. The divine asks light workers to continue bringing in the peace and be the peace. Know that time requires us to be the light so that the planet and humanity will have a sense of direction and a sense of ease. The divine wants to thank light workers for the great service and a job well done. Keep up the good work and time ahead will need light workerís light greatly.

Thank you. Divine blessings to you always.

Linda Li the Divine and the company of heaven. Under the law of Grace, so it is.

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