February 17th, 2022

The Divine will activate the seed of Divine government tomorrow in our Kundalini session

Dear family of love and light, our Saturday's kundalini session are Divinely ordained for the Divine purpose of healing, DNA activations, Gaia's remapping, uplifting the planet and humanity, and deploying the spiritual laws and the establishment of Divine government structures on new earth. There are many Divine functions happening in these sessions led by our Mother Father God, the company of heaven, our higher selves and the spiritual hierarchies.

Normally, these sessions are designed to activate our new earth DNAs and rearrange our chakras according to Gaia's new earth design. However, when the Divine plan needs our support and light work, the Divine and the company of heaven will join us so that we, together with the Divine, work in unison to move the Divine plan forward.

This Saturday, in our Kundalini session, the Divine has a special task to accomplish. The Divine and the company of heaven will join us to activate the Divine government systems in us and in every soul on earth so that the physical Divine government can be established after the activations.

The Divine and the company of heaven asks light workers who have a role in the Divine government to join us in the session. Also, there are some critical light workers who carry the keys and codes for the establishment of the Divine government on earth, Mother Father God invites these key carriers to participate in this session so that the Divine government can be activated.

For the ones whose mission is to establish the Divine governing systems on earth, the Divine invites you to come so that your roles can be anchored on new earth. The Divine says that there are ambassadors whose roles are to bridge the Divine and their own soul group or country, and your presence is needed as well.

The Divine says that the final disclosure is at our fingertips. The Divine systems have been deeply anchored on the planet. The Divine government is the last one that the Divine needs to activate. Once this activation is done, the physical establishment of the Divine governing systems will be the next step. The Divine encourages all the light warriors to contribute to the establishment of the Divine government and the new earth.

For the ones who have registered for the whole series, please know that this is the second class in the whole series. In other words, you already registered and have the zoom link. Divine is grateful for your consistent light work and being the pillar for the Divine and your soul self. Thank you for that.

The session will be at 10AM EST on Saturday through zoom. Here is the registration link. Once you registered, the zoom link will be sent to you through email.


Thank you for your powerful love and light and thank you for your contribution to this great class. Divine love and blessings to you.

Linda Li, the Divine and the company of heaven. So it is.

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