Feb 25th, 2024

The process has come to a new phase and clearing humans has become so paramount

Dear family of love and light, the divine has detected residual of old energies carried by humans and the divine is carrying out a special divine operation to completely remove these energies.

The divine says that these energies have been hiding in humans. When these humans do energetic work, the hidden energies can come out and do harm to the planet and the divine plan or other souls. That is why the divine is so eager to clear the old densities that are hiding in humans and light workers alike.

The divine has detected old energies that were released from humans when doing light work. The divine says that these energies are severely harmful and they need to be removed right away.

There are also some souls who carry this kind of old energies, the divine asks the divine operations to remove those energies from these souls as well. And the operation needs to be carried out right away and thorough so that it can limit any further damage.

The divine says in order for the divine plan to be successful, the entire planet has to be freed from these old energies completely. It is paramount that the divine and the company of heaven and light workers to remove the old densities completely so that the planet can be peaceful and light workers can have a safe environment moving forward. Therefore, the divine is requesting the divine operations to be thorough and swift when removing the old energies.

The divine is very grateful that the divine operations have done a great job to clear the planet and humans. The divine says that the planet is so much pleasant and humanity is much more at ease now. The divine wants to thank the work that light workers have done and the divine and the company of heaven have made huge efforts in this process. Now the process has come to a new phase, and clearing humans has become so paramount. The divine says that new methods are needed. The divine and the company of heaven need to come up solutions so that the clearing process can be quicker and humans can be cleared much faster.

The divine asks the process to be thorough. And the divine knows that it is a tall order. Realistically, clearing humans can be very challenging and extremely difficult. However, the situation has deteriorated and the process has to be dealt with. The divine says that it is possible that there are some other ways that the divine can figure out so that the clearing process will be effective and timely.

The divine asks light workers and the divine operations to make efforts and hopefully, the clearing process can be done quickly and efficiently so that the divine plan can move forward.

Thank you for your light work and great contribution. Divine blessings to you always.

Linda Li the divine and the company of heaven. Under the law of grace, so it is.

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