February 3rd, 2020

Divine Mother says the planet is about to release the war consciousness

Dear angels on earth, I am your Divine Mother God. I come today to share news with you. The planet, right now, has been uplifted to a stable place. For the time being, the planet is going to stay put and let humanity ascend. The humanity’s ascension is going quite well at the moment. And that is the result that Gaia wants to see.

Now, even though the ascension is going well. But the planet herself and humanity have quite a lot of the releasing to do. And it is the releasing process that is very challenging. The planet needs to release her pent up energies. The way these pent up energies being released is extraordinary. Gaia has been directing the release effort and so far, the releasing has just begun. In other words, there are quite a lot of the pent up energies that need to come up for releasing. Gaia has been doing the releasing little by little and that seems to be helpful. But the speed is slow. In order for the next phase to be completed on time, Gaia has to speed up the releasing process. And that is what the Divine and Gaia work on. After consulting with your Father Christ, he has decided to make the speed of releasing faster. He knows how much of the work is ahead, and how fast the releasing process can go.

Humanity, too, will have to face its own past horrors. The releasing of the war consciousness is coming. The war consciousness is the most malicious energies that needs to be released. From Gaia and planet’s perspective, the releasing of the old wounds of the wars are deeply needed. The devastating effects of the wars and killings are deeply buried in Gaia’s energy body. The planet earth has a lot of the wounds from the wars humanity has experienced. And now these war consciousness is coming out.

As for how the planet releases this kind of consciousness, your Father God and Gaia have a plan. The planet earth knows how to get rid of old energies regardless what types of old energies are. What she knows is to let it go. But since the war consciousness is violent and harmful. The Divine has always been careful about the way the releasing happens. The Divine has warned the planet and Gaia and hope that the releasing of the war consciousness can be manageable.

Since now the planet has the direction from Gaia and your Father God. This time around, we, the Divine have much faith that the releasing of the war consciousness will be impactful but manageable. The planet needs it. Gaia needs it and she has the plan. And that is the next round of the releasing dear ones.

I love you dear angels on earth. I am your Divine Mother. In the next few days and weeks, when the planet starts to let go of the war consciousness, the result can be chaotic. We, the Divine are not looking forward to seeing wars breakout. And quite contrary, wars are not allowed any more. Any attempt is going to face consequences. Especially the leaders. The Divine has sent warnings about the laws, and there is no more wars are permitted. That is the bottom line.

Once Gaia’s releasing of the old wounds and hurts from the killings and wars started, the planet wide ascension will speed up. The mass awakening will be much faster. Humanity is going to start seeking spiritual laws and enlightenment tools. You, as light workers, will be highly in demand. Keep up the good work dear ones. Help your brothers and sisters in need. Your time to shine is coming. Your brothers and sisters depend on you dear angels. Give them the helping hand and know you are the angels the planet desperately look for and it is Divine’s desire that you do your light work and be the light house for the planet and humanity. You are needed. And you have what it takes to do the job. I love you dear angels. I am your Divine Mother. So it is.

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