February 9th, 2020

Divine Mother on the shifts and the healing break for the second wavers

Dear children on earth, I am your Mother God. I come today to share news. The planet earth is going through great shifts. These shifts are necessary steps for Gaia and humanity. The energetic shift always happens in the time when the planet has astronomical events, Such as now, as the full moon is a perfect timing for the shift. Once the shift happens, the planet and humanity will go through another event which is the midpoint between the full moon and new moon. At the midpoint, whatever is activated during the full moon or new moon, will be fully integrated into the human body and again the body will be getting ready for the next cycle. This is the spiritual cycle for the body, the physical activation and spiritual initiation. Throughout the ages, spiritual journeys have always had this kind of process. The process is required for the souls who are coming home. The spiritual process is the process of spirit descending to the physical body. In doing so, the energies will activate the DNA. Once the human body is activated, the spiritual journey begins. then human body accelerates till the point where all the spiritual DNA is fully activated and utilized. Then the soul has been transcended. The process is basically finished. And a master is born. That is the journey of the Buddha and many other spiritual masters.

However, in this current ascension journey, because it is a mass ascension, the Divine blueprint for this mass ascension is different from the individual enlightenment process. In other words, what the previous ascended masters went through is a different journey - their journey was time consuming. But because the current cycle is very short and much more intense, the requirement for you dear ones, is much different. Yes, you all are the masters in the making. And yes, you are going through the awakening process and enlightening every day. However, your journey is quite simple. The duration of your journey is short. Your journey home has many ramifications, and of you is demanded so much of the work in the middle of the awakening process. That being said, the Divine blueprint for you, at this cycle, is indeed a little less time and more work. What that means is that your journey home is more intense this time. Your journey is full of ups and downs this time. And that is the design. You have been on this kind of spiritual journey before. And this time around, you just have to utilize what you have accumulated and apply the wisdom within without going through much longer learning curve because this time around, your mission is so critical and you have so much to do, and time is limited in this cycle. In other words, you wonít go through decades of the process in order to serve your Divine mission. You have years of awakening and training, and that is about all you need for the starting of the mission.

There are some angels of mine who have been on the path for a longer time. These angels are the first wavers. The time when they came to the planet, the planet was indeed very chaotic. The Divine wasnít sure how much light work the planet needed, or How long these first wavers needed to awaken and start their Divine mission. The Divine had the plan but did not have the specific timeline for these souls. Only in the last couple of decades did the Divine have a better understanding of the situation on the planet, and started the journey here. So the first wavers indeed have been on the journey for a longer time. And they have contributed a great deal to the ascension process. They are the pioneers in this grand journey and at the end of the day, their journey home is the ultimate victory of the Divine.

Now, the second wave of the Divine-sent angels are here, who awakened around the time when we, the Divine started the journey earth bound. These angels are the ones whom the Divine counted on from the day one. The Divine knew these angels individually. And the Divine sent them each for an individual purpose. In other words, each one of these souls has a specific mission. They are highly trained. Their missions are extremely critical to Gaia and humanity at large. The arrival of these souls marked the beginning of the Divine mission on earth. In other words, by the time these souls arrived on the planet, the Divine was determined to come and start the journey to earth. These souls are Divinely inspired, highly advanced souls. They have the Divine mission encoded in their field and they carry the entire Divine plan. The process to get these souls to the planet earth was very critical. These souls know deep down that they have extremely important missions in this lifetime. Their journey is totally about helping the planet and human race. Their personal life is secondary. In other words, their focus was solely on their journey. Every step of the way was designed for the Divine mission and purpose. They are the Divine plan carriers. Their human existence is just a vehicle for their Divine Self. Their life on earth was just for the purpose of serving the Divine. There was no individual gain. Their entire life journey was designed for the soul purpose. And that was the soul agreement they had with the Divine.

These souls are mostly serving the Divine now. They had a quick wake-up process. Their awakening journey was designed to be a short one so that they could start to serve quickly. Because their quick awakening process impacted them quite dramatically, now is the time for these dear angels to heal. The healing of their awakening journey has started. This healing process is needed because we, the Divine have heavily utilized these angels in the past few years. These angels didnít have the luxury of time for themselves. Now, since the process is getting more and more intense, And in order for these angels to go any further, they have to heal themselves inside out. And now is the time. I have particularly asked the Divine to give these angels time to heal. They deserve the time and they literally have come this far without individual time. Now the time has come for these souls to heal themselves. It is a break but well deserved. These angels are the critical ones. Without them, there is no Gaia ascension and without these powerful souls, the Divine canít go anywhere. I love you dear angels on earth. In the next few days and weeks, the ascension of the planet will continue. Gaia and Mother Earth also will continue the releasing process. The planet wide releasing has been going well. And in the time to come, Gaiaís releasing is going to bebmore intense. And that requires you, dear angels to keep up the good work and bring the light to the planet. Keep doing your good work dear ones. And know that the planetary ascension is going well. All is well indeed. I love you. I am your Mother Divine.

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